Maine Coon Cat Personality – Unveiling the Mystery

The Maine Coon is one of the most beloved cat breeds out there. In 2019, it was the fifth most popular breed in the US, and for a few years it’s been in the top five. This ranking is based on how many cats of this breed are registered.

It’s fair to say that Maine Coons have always been an awesome cat for families and will probably continue to be highly regarded.

Maine Coon cats have often been described as having a “dog-like” personality. Unlike many other cat breeds, they can be trained quite easily. They are responsive to their name and are generally friendly and sociable. Additionally, they display unique cat behaviors, such as a fondness for water.

It’s obvious that each Maine Coon has its own character, just like humans. Every cat you meet is different, and that’s what makes them so cool! A cattery can tell you about the personalities of their Maine Coons. They range from independent to super cuddly.

Maine Coon cats are super adorable, but their personality can be influenced by different factors like gender, age, and how they were raised.

Maine Coon Temperament 

A Maine Coon cat is usually a great companion for humans and surprisingly, they also get along well with other animals. Just like humans, their personality can be influenced by certain factors.

We can confidently say that Maine Coon cats have a fundamental temperament that consists of:

● Similar to dogs – Maine Coon cats are great companions, can be trained, and are very affectionate.

● Maine Coon cats are very affectionate and love their owners just as much as their owners love them.

● Maine Coon cats are known for their playful nature, which lasts throughout their entire lives, even though they are more energetic when they are kittens.

● Maine Coon cats have a gentle nature and are excellent companions for children.

● Maine Coon cats are sociable and easily form connections with new individuals.

● Quirky- These cats have a unique love for water and swimming. They possess personalities that are hard to forget.

Kittens are more active compared to adult cats. They have a natural curiosity and desire to explore their surroundings. Additionally, they are in the process of developing important skills for adulthood, so they tend to engage in a lot of play. In contrast, adult cats have typically outgrown their playful phase. Nevertheless, many individuals claim that Maine Coons are essentially large kittens. Therefore, it can be assumed that the personality of your Maine Coon kitten will remain consistent as they age.

Moreover, the way someone takes care of a kitten greatly influences their behavior as an adult. If a cat doesn’t receive enough exposure to people, its surroundings, or other cats, it won’t be as friendly when it grows up.

We will also explore other factors such as their interactions with humans, their unique characters, and their gender.

Are Maine Coons Friendly?

Maine Coon cats are famous for being friendly. They have earned the nickname “The Gentle Giants” for a good reason! Some traits of a friendly cat include being loving, kind, excellent with families, and tolerant.

A lot of desirable Maine Coon Cat traits revolve around how they interact with people. The atmosphere they were raised in is essential. If a cat is exposed to caring humans early on, it is more likely they will be loving towards people. Sun Valley Animal Shelter, located in Arizona, is a great example of properly introducing cats to humans. They have a cat room where the cats are free to roam. People can come in and pet or play with the cats. They introduce kittens to the room once they are old enough to eat adult cat food. 

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It’s important to take into account the Maine Coon’s individual character and show it respect. Just like you can’t make someone be someone they’re not, you can’t do the same with a cat. If you try to make them more cuddly, they’ll probably fight back. A study discovered five different personalities based on a range of characteristics.

● Neuroticism – This characteristic pertains to a cat’s level of shyness. Cats with high scores tend to be more anxious and require extra hiding spots. On the other hand, more confident cats enjoy having ample space to explore.

● Maine Coon cats with a high level of extraversion tend to be more inquisitive and intelligent. However, older Maine Coon cats with cognitive problems may have lower scores in this area. Extraverted Maine Coon cats require more playtime and toys to keep them engaged.

● Cats that have low impulsiveness tend to be calm. They don’t have many outbursts or behave disruptively.

● Agreeableness – a highly agreeable cat is a cat that is friendly and sought after by most people.

● A cat with low dominance is friendly and gets along well with other animals.

In the upcoming section, we will delve into these characteristics from a negative perspective. It’s crucial to comprehend the attributes that contribute to a cat’s personality and what makes them pleasant. A pleasant cat would possess traits such as being calm, somewhat outgoing, not impulsive, friendly, and not overly dominant.

In general, Maine Coons possess desirable characteristics. These cats have exceptional personalities, surpassing those of any other breed. They are sociable, affectionate, and exhibit dog-like traits. For families, Maine Coons make great pets. They are both gentle and large in size.

Are Maine Coons Mean?

Usually, Maine Coon cats that are perceived as unfriendly are not loving, hostile, solitary, and timid. Once again, a cat’s overall character is influenced by their upbringing and initial interactions with humans.

Understanding socialization is crucial. Socialization refers to a cat being friendly and sociable towards people. It is essential to begin this process during the early stages of kittenhood. The earlier the socialization, the higher the chances of the cat enjoying human companionship.

Stray cats and feral cats are not the same. Feral cats have little or no contact with humans and are unfriendly towards them. They see humans as a danger. On the other hand, stray cats are more accustomed to people. They have had some interaction with humans, but they don’t have a home.

Experienced breeders typically breed Maine Coon cats, so it’s unlikely that they are not socialized. However, there is a possibility that they were bred illegally or by inexperienced individuals. These cats are not properly taken care of and may end up being abandoned on the streets. This can be a very distressing experience for a kitten and can lead to behavioral issues.

One of the most common behavioral issues that cats can display is different forms of aggression. While Maine Coons are not typically known for being aggressive cats, it is still possible. The most recognizable form of aggression is referred to as petting-induced aggression. This occurs when your cat desires to be petted, but the stimulation becomes overwhelming, leading them to attack. Other forms of aggression can arise from the surroundings or the cat’s health.

Maine Coon cats have a unique personality that can be hard to uncover. Habitualization is a key part of their behavior; they need to be comfortable in their environment to avoid feeling stressed, which can lead to aggression or unfriendliness. To help unveil the mystery of the Maine Coon cat personality, this ultimate guide provides an in-depth look at their behavior.

Every cat has its own special personality. Now, we’ll explore the five characteristics that define a cat’s personality and discover what causes a cat to be unfriendly.

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● Neuroticism – A timid cat tends to seek hiding places. They are not fond of unfamiliar people and would rather be left undisturbed.

● Maine Coon cats with a less outgoing personality tend to be less inclined to engage in playtime with other cats. This is a common characteristic among cats, except for older ones who may not be as agile as their younger counterparts.

● Being impulsive – If a cat is impulsive, it means they are stressed. These cats tend to be reckless and are often seen as disruptive. Just picture those cats that stare at you while knocking over all your prescription bottles.

● Agreeableness- Cats that are not agreeable are not friendly. They don’t like being around people and prefer to do their own thing.

● Dominance – Dominant cats are like bullies. They don’t want other animals in the house or any disturbance in their space.

Unfriendly cats have a lower level of sociability and friendliness. They tend to be more assertive, anxious, and impulsive. If provoked, these cats may display aggression.

Maine Coon cats are not naturally mean. It requires a special mix of circumstances and personality for a Maine Coon to become temperamental.

Male Maine Coon Personality 

According to many breeders, male and female Maine Coons differ not only in size but also in their personalities.

Male Maine Coon cats often embody the saying “boys will be boys.” They tend to have a playful and attention-seeking nature, sometimes even resembling dogs in their behavior. They have a greater desire for affection compared to female cats.

Due to these behaviors, they are often chosen as pets. There is no correct or incorrect choice when it comes to your cat, it simply depends on your personal preference.

If you have plenty of room for fun and can give lots of love, the male Maine Coon cat might be the right pick for you.

Female Maine Coon Personality

Female Maine Coon cats are a little more shy. They enjoy observing the males’ playful behavior and usually choose not to participate. They also have a nurturing and motherly nature, which is unique compared to other animals. Typically, it is the males who are protective and watchful.

Female Maine Coon cats can also be a little more naughty. Since they are more reserved and smaller in size, they have the ability to squeeze into narrow spaces that male cats cannot access.

While female Maine Coon cats tend to be more reserved, they are still loving and affectionate pets. If you’re looking for a pet that is both lovable and independent, and can be left alone at times, a female coon might be the perfect choice.

Prepping Your Home For A Maine Coon

When bringing home a new cat, it is important to prepare your living space. Keep in mind that a cat needs to feel at ease in their environment. If a cat doesn’t feel comfortable, they will become stressed, which can affect their friendliness. Therefore, make sure to dedicate some time to creating a cozy and welcoming area for your cat.


Before getting a Maine Coon kitten, you’ll need to gather a couple of essential items.

● Kittens, especially Maine Coons, are energetic and require plenty of interaction and playtime. It’s recommended to provide them with toys such as balls, stuffed mice, or even an unshelled walnut. However, it’s important to be cautious of potential choking hazards like rubber bands and threads. If you’re looking for affordable cat toys, you can check out this extensive list.

● Every cat needs a designated spot to do their business. Just make sure to avoid using strong chemicals when cleaning the litter box.

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● Maine Coon cats have long fur that requires regular grooming throughout their lives. It’s important to start getting your cat used to grooming from a young age.

Scratching posts are essential for kittens as they provide exercise and grooming opportunities.

Additionally, it’s important to make your home safe for your kitten. If you don’t take precautions, you may end up with furniture that’s scratched, carpets that are ripped, and valuable items that are broken. Kittens are similar to babies and require special measures to protect them. Some simple ways to help your kitten include picking up loose items and securely closing jar lids.

Adult Cats

Getting your adult cat familiar with your home is a simpler task. I’ve assisted numerous kittens in adjusting to their new residence. Once you have the essential supplies, gradually introduce your cat to their fresh surroundings.

Start by confining the cat to a single room. Once the cat has settled in and is willingly exploring, you can open the door and let them venture out. It’s usually best if nobody is in the house during the cat’s initial exploration of their new home. Over time, your cat will become at ease in their new surroundings and also with your presence.

Making Your Maine Coon More Friendly

While Maine Coon cats are usually affectionate, there may be times when they display a mean behavior. In such situations, there are measures you can take to encourage your cat to become friendlier.

● Knowing their personality – You can’t make a cat change its personality. Certain cats are just more timid than others. If the cat isn’t being mean or causing any trouble, give your cat some space. If you try to force yourself on the cat, they will probably not want to be near you.

● If your cat is showing affection, you can reward them with treats to encourage them to keep behaving that way. It’s like giving them a little psychological boost!

● Give them additional attention – The amount of time you spend with your cat will depend on their personality. If they are more timid, it may be beneficial to simply be in the same space as them. If they are highly active, dedicate more time to playing with them.

● Show your cat some love while they eat – Some cats enjoy being petted while they eat. Use this opportunity to give them affection and let them know that a good petting is just as satisfying as their meal.

● Cats enjoy playing. Kittens play to learn and form bonds.

● Socialization is crucial, especially for kittens. In order for a cat to be friendly towards people, it is important for them to have lots of interaction with as many people as they can.

Maine Coon cats are famous for being big and gentle. They are patient, lovable, and have a gentle nature. Just like people, each cat has its own unique personality. Factors such as age, gender, and how they were raised can influence a cat’s behavior.

Fortunately, the inherent nature of Maine Coons simplifies the process of teaching them to be more sociable. There is no definitive or incorrect Maine Coon temperament; it ultimately depends on personal preference. Regardless, it is fair to assert that Maine Coons are among the most affectionate cats you will come across.

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