Maine Coons vs. Normal Cats – A Feline Showdown

If you’ve ever considered getting a Maine Coon cat and wondered how they differ from regular cats, you’re not alone. These cats are highly sought after for their luxurious, fluffy fur and stunning eyes. Understanding what sets them apart from other cats can assist you in making an informed decision about pet ownership. So, what exactly distinguishes Maine Coon cats from their normal counterparts?

Maine Coon cats are much bigger than regular cats and grow faster. They also have some special characteristics and a unique personality. These cats are very smart and can adapt to different climates because of their thick fur. Additionally, they tend to be healthier than other cat breeds.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between Maine Coon kittens and other cats at first. This guide will help you understand what to look for when you bring home a cat and how to raise a healthy and strong Maine Coon.

What Makes A Maine Coon Cat Different

When you compare a Maine Coon with a regular house cat, it’s crucial to understand the factors that set a Maine Coon cat apart. The main distinguishing features are:

  • Size
  • Fur
  • Personality
  • Intelligence

A regular house cat is usually a domestic shorthair or something similar. It’s not exotic or visually striking, just a normal shorthair cat. On the other hand, a Maine Coon cat has an incredible amount of fur. They are shaggy and can have tabby coloring and patterns as well. Add their distinctive ears, long whiskers, and beautiful eyes, and you get a one-of-a-kind cat.
Most normal cats are small. They usually measure around 18 inches long and weigh about 7 pounds. However, Maine Coon cats are the complete opposite. They are enormous and can weigh over 18 pounds! We will discuss their physical build in more detail later on.

Regular house cats are loving in their own way, but they don’t possess some of the distinct qualities that you’ll find in a Maine Coon. Each cat has its own individual personality. It’s possible that a regular cat can perform all the same actions as your Maine Coon. Discover more about the personality of a Maine Coon here.

Maine Coon cats are very easy to train compared to most house cats. These cats can quickly learn tricks and are usually more friendly towards families. Whether it’s a regular house cat or not, the way you raise them determines how they respond to training and how affectionate they are.

Is My Kitten A Maine Coon?

It can be difficult to determine the breed of a kitten unless it comes from a reputable breeder. Many kittens look alike when they are young, but there are certain factors that can help you identify the type of cat you have.

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Maine Coons are much bigger than the average cat. These kittens will also be a bit larger and have a bulkier bone structure than other felines. Maine Coon cats, and kittens, have rectangular bodies. This means they might not look slim or delicate. Their paws will probably be bigger and look a bit strange for a kitten too. 


One thing that sets Maine Coons apart is their long and messy fur. Not many kittens have this, but Maine Coons do.

However, other cats can also have long and attractive fur. The key characteristic that distinguishes the fur of a Maine Coon is its shagginess. Certain areas of the fur may be longer than others. For instance, the belly and legs have more extended hair compared to the shoulders, and there is a prominent ruff around the chest region.

It may take some time to figure out if they are Maine Coons or Normal Cats when they are still kittens and their fur grows longer. Another indication is if there are clumps of fur on the ends of their ears, which typically appears early on.

It’s important to know that not all Maine Coons have an ‘M’ on their foreheads, which is a common misconception. This marking is specific to tabby patterned cats, which can be found in any breed. While tabby is the most prevalent pattern in Maine Coons, they can also have a solid color or a completely different pattern.

Growth Rate

Maine Coons take longer to reach adulthood due to their large size, but they actually gain size and weight at a faster rate. It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s true! On average, a Maine Coon grows by approximately one pound per month. And it doesn’t end there; it’s not uncommon for a kitten to gain 2 or 3 pounds per month.


While it may not be an official designation, a cat’s personality can indicate its breed. Maine Coons are recognized for their heightened affection and sociability compared to other cats. However, this doesn’t imply that other breeds don’t have friendly cats, just that it’s less prevalent.

Sometimes, your Maine Coon might not show affection, but there are ways you can help them become more sociable as a cat owner.


Here are some other traits that can help you figure out if your kitten is a Maine Coon.

● Large and round paws

● Clumps of hair inside the cat’s paws.
● Big and expressive eyes

● Oval shaped eyes

● Squared/long muzzle

● An extra toe

These traits and characteristics might not be as noticeable or present in every case. Sometimes, your kitten might only exhibit a few of these traits. It’s possible that they are a crossbreed. A purebred Maine Coon will have a distinctly square-shaped face and big paws. On the other hand, a mixed breed kitten might have a gentler-looking face and no tufts of fur on their paws.

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Maine Coon Growth Stages

Maine Coons are known for being both easy to take care of and demanding. Their friendly and affectionate personalities make them popular pets. They enjoy the company of humans and remain playful even as they age, which makes them low maintenance. Keeping these cats happy doesn’t require much effort.

Furthermore, they are pretty tough cats. Although they may have certain health issues that are common among purebred cats, overall they are in good health. They can handle a lot!

Taking care of their fur is a big responsibility for Maine Coons. Their long fur needs to be regularly brushed and groomed, which can be time-consuming. Even with proper care, you’ll still find cat hair all over the place! So, be prepared to have lint rollers as your new best friend to keep your living space clean.

What Makes a Maine Coon Unique

When you compare a Maine Coon to a regular cat, you’ll notice two big differences: their personality and their body structure.


The main reason why people are drawn to owning a Maine Coon is because of their unique personality. These cats are often described as being distant, silly, and similar to dogs. They are one of the rare breeds of cats that can actually be trained! If you have any knowledge about training cats, you know that it is almost impossible. The fact that you can make progress with a Maine Coon, teaching them tricks and proper behavior, is truly captivating!

Maine Coons are also known for being very affectionate cats. They make great pets for families and are usually friendly towards other animals. In contrast, regular cats don’t seem to have this trait as much. Maine Coons enjoy being around people and being involved in their lives. It’s not uncommon to find them eagerly waiting outside the bathroom door or lounging on the couch when you return home from work. They are definitely cats that thrive in a family environment.

Body Structure Of A Maine Coon

Maine Coons are the biggest type of cats. They usually weigh between 8 and 18 pounds! They also have a long body. It’s normal for these cats to be around 3 feet in length. Typically, female Maine Coons are smaller compared to males.

These cats are tough and can handle a lot. Their thick fur and fluffy patches help keep them warm in chilly temperatures.

Are Maine Coons Good Cats Pets

In short, yes! However, it ultimately relies on you and your circumstances.

Just like anything else, owning a Maine Coon has its advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, these cats are great with children, loving, intelligent, and playful. They are independent but enjoy having company. However, the downside is that their fur requires a lot of maintenance, and you have to be comfortable with finding cat hair on your clothes. They are not hypoallergenic, so you can expect a lot of dander in your home.

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Here are a couple of things to think about:

    If you’re not a fan of cats that are too clingy, then the Maine Coon might not be the right cat for you.
    If you have a family and kids, this cat would be a perfect addition.
    If you like cats that are cuddly and loving, then this is the perfect cat for you.
    If you want a clean and neat space, a Maine Coon is not the right cat for you.
    If you’re always on the go or not often at home, this cat isn’t the right fit for you either.

Before deciding to get a Maine Coon, ensure that you have enough time to give your new cat the attention they need and that you have enough lint rollers to last a lifetime.

Average Lifespan Of A Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coons typically have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. They are a robust breed, which explains their longer life expectancy. Several factors contribute to the average lifespan of a pet. Similar to humans, certain factors can reduce a cat’s lifespan.

Taking care of your pet’s diet and exercise is important for their overall well-being. However, Maine Coons have certain health issues that can potentially affect their lifespan.

If you think your pet might not be feeling well or have a problem, it’s important to take them to the vet. All pets should have regular check-ups to ensure they stay healthy and live a long time.

Final Thoughts

Maine Coon cats are way cooler than regular house cats. They look amazing, are super smart, and are just a blast to have as pets.

If you’re unsure about your new kitten, take a look at its size, personality, and fur. As time goes on, you’ll be able to better determine if it’s a Maine Coon or not. If you decide to keep your Maine Coon kitten, it’s important to be aware of the various advantages and disadvantages that come with owning one. Overall, these cats are special and adored by many.

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