Are White Maine Coons Rare – Uncovering the Mystery

When I first laid eyes on a white Maine Coon, I was amazed by its stunning beauty and fluffy appearance. It was at that moment that I became aware of the fact that I had never come across a white Maine Coon before, which made me wonder about the rarity of this particular cat color.

Although I had encountered Maine Coons with various exquisite coat colors, a completely pure white one had eluded me thus far. Hence, the question arises: just how uncommon are white Maine Coon cats?

White Maine Coons are not commonly found within the Maine Coon breed due to the intricate genetic manipulation required for breeding them. To be entirely white, a Maine Coon must possess a heterozygous gene. There are specialized and knowledgeable breeders who carefully breed white Maine Coons in a controlled setting.

White Maine Coons possess a remarkable attractiveness because of their captivating characteristics, such as their strikingly white and fluffy fur, their size, and the juxtaposition of their large, vibrant eyes with their fur.

Although breeding white Maine Coons can be challenging, they are sought after and highly coveted. Their appeal stems not only from their breed and white fur but also from the variety of eye colors they can have, including gold, green, copper, blue, or even odd-colored eyes (known as complete heterochromia). These characteristics together create an intriguing and elegant appearance for the cat.

Can Maine Coon Cats Be White

Well, it means that a white Maine Coon cat may have different colored eyes, paw pads, and nose leather. This is why they are so unique and special. The price of a white Maine Coon cat will depend on the color of its eyes, fur, and paw pads.

Absolutely!! Maine Coon cats come in at least 86 distinct coat colors, including white. White is considered a non-color. Interestingly enough, the fact that the fur itself lacks hue does not mean that the cat does not have a color and pattern. What does this mean?

Well, it implies that a white Maine Coon cat may possess different colored eyes, paw pads, and nose leather. This is why they are so exceptional and special. The cost of a white Maine Coon cat will depend on the shade of its eyes, fur, and paw pads.

Cats have 19 pairs of chromosomes, which consist of numerous genes responsible for various traits such as color, gender, size, and shape. White Maine Coons have a specific gene known as the White Masking Gene. In simple terms, when a cat carries this gene in a heterozygous pair – one dominant and one recessive White Masking Gene – it results in a fully white Maine Coon.

To be considered a white Maine Coon, at least one of the parents must be white. However, even with a white parent, the resulting kittens can either be white or display the color and pattern that is hidden by the white parent’s masking gene. In order to ascertain whether the kittens will indeed be white, it is necessary to identify and differentiate the concealed color and pattern, while closely monitoring the breeding process in a controlled setting.

As a kitten, a white Maine Coon often has a visible colored spot on its head, which indicates the hidden color and pattern caused by the Masking Gene. This spot also gives an idea of the potential pattern/color combination that its offspring might have. However, as the cat matures, this colored spot gradually disappears.

The Cat Fancier’s Association states that in order for a Maine Coon to be considered white, its fur must be completely pure and shiny white, and it should have a nose and paw pads that are pink in color.

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Are White Maine Coons Deaf

Although not all white Maine Coons are deaf, there is a higher likelihood of deafness in white cats. Typically, if deafness is present in white cats, it is a congenital defect, indicating that they were born deaf. This suggests that the inner ear canal’s structure did not develop properly or is deteriorating, and this condition started during gestation. Deafness can affect one or both ears.

The White Maine Coons, known for their white fur, can also exhibit various abnormalities or distinctive characteristics due to the presence of the White Masking Gene (W). This gene affects the melanin-producing cells called Melanocytes, resulting in blue eyes commonly seen in white cats.

Cats with white fur and blue eyes have a higher chance of being deaf compared to cats without blue eyes. The presence of blue eyes suggests a greater likelihood of abnormality in their Melanocytes, which could indicate potential deafness.

If you own a white Maine Coon cat that doesn’t appear to react to sounds or its name, there is a possibility that it might be hearing-impaired. If you suspect your white Maine Coon cat may have hearing loss, a vet can conduct a BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) test. During this examination, an auditory stimulus is administered, typically through headphones, while the vet measures and documents brainwaves and their connection to the auditory stimulus using three subcutaneous electrodes.

Even if the findings indicate that your cat is completely or partially hearing-impaired, it can still lead a thriving existence.

Make sure to closely monitor your White Maine Coon when it is outside to guarantee its well-being. Additionally, think about teaching it using visual signals.

Personality of a White Maine Coon Cat

Similar to all Maine Coons, white Maine Coons possess a robust character. In general, Maine Coons are affectionate, sociable, and lively. The white Maine Coon usually exhibits good behavior and proper manners, occasionally showing a playful and mischievous side.

Maine Coons are frequently called the canines of the cat realm because of their size and temperament.

White Maine Coons possess a gentle and loyal nature.

White Maine Coons are known for their friendly nature towards families and children, as well as their ability to get along with dogs and other animals when introduced at a young age. What sets them apart from other cat breeds is their high trainability.

White Maine Coons are known for their affectionate nature and their ability to form strong connections with their owners. Although they may not be typical lap cats, they have a tendency to stay near their owners and frequently accompany them wherever they go.

Although white Maine Coons are loving, they do not require excessive care in terms of seeking attention and also tend to be self-reliant. They simply enjoy relaxing with their family.

Maine Coons are known for their large size, long fur, and big paws. They come in a variety of colors, including white. But are white Maine Coons rare? Let’s uncover the mystery.

Maine Coons come in many different colors, including white. White Maine Coons are not particularly rare; however, they can be more expensive than other colored cats due to their eye color and fur color. The price of a white Maine Coon will depend on its eye color and fur color.

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If you’re looking for a white Maine Coon cat, it’s important to do your research first. A good guide is to look at the cat’s eyes and fur color before making a purchase decision. White Maine Coons with blue eyes and light fur tend to be more expensive than those with green eyes or darker fur.

Maine Coons were initially bred for farm life and outdoor environments, which means they are hardy and adaptable creatures that can adjust quickly to their surroundings. They have strong hunting instincts as well, so if they aren’t overly pampered or spoiled, they will keep these skills intact and make great mousers.

Maine Coons are renowned for their large size, long fur, and big paws. They come in an array of colors – including white – but how rare is this particular shade? Let’s investigate further.

White Maine Coons aren’t especially uncommon; however, they may cost more than other colored cats because of their eye hue and coat shade. The price tag of a white Maine Coon will depend on its eye coloration and coat tone.

If you’re searching for a white Maine Coon, it’s essential to do your homework first. A helpful tip is to check out the cat’s eyes and coat shade prior to making any purchasing decisions. White Maine Coons with blue peepers and light coats usually cost more than those with green eyes or darker coats.

A White Maine Coon is undoubtedly a devoted and affectionate companion.

How Should I Care For My White Maine Coon’s Coat

Owning a white Maine Coon is similar to owning a white car, as they are more prone to displaying dirt compared to cats with colored fur.

Due to this fact, white Maine Coons necessitate additional care in order to maintain the stunning whiteness of their fur.

Cats, including white Maine Coons, can gather dirt, dust, urine, feces, and other stains in their fur, particularly if they have long hair. To maintain the bright whiteness of your white Maine Coon’s coat, it is advisable to introduce them to bathing at a young age. This way, as they grow older, they will be more cooperative during bath time. You have the option of either bathing them personally or seeking the assistance of a professional groomer.

When bathing your White Maine Coon cats, it is recommended to use a high-quality shampoo specifically designed for cats. Afterward, make sure to dry them quickly to maintain their warmth. Depending on your preference, you can bathe them weekly or biannually. To keep them clean in between baths, simply use a warm, damp cloth to wipe away any stains or dirt.

Although cats groom themselves regularly, owners of long-haired, white Maine Coons may need to provide extra attention to prevent knots and tangles in their fur. To maintain your cat’s hair, various tools such as rubber grooming gloves, a file card brush, a de-shedding tool, and a de-matting rake can be used. Regular brushing of your cat’s fur will contribute to maintaining a sleek coat. As your cat ages and self-grooms less frequently, it becomes even more crucial to consider brushing or potentially opting for a haircut.

Feeding your white Maine Coon a high-quality diet is essential for maintaining the health of its coat. A well-balanced and nutritious diet will supply the necessary nutrients to promote a glossy coat. Opting for a raw diet consisting of ground chicken and ample protein is an excellent strategy for ensuring a healthy coat.

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How Big Do White Maine Coons Get

One of the largest Maine Coons ever documented weighed nearly 50lbs. Nevertheless, the majority of white Maine Coons will typically weigh between 8-30lbs. Adult females generally weigh around 8-12lbs, while adult males usually fall within the range of 15-30lbs. In terms of height, they can reach approximately 10-14 inches tall and measure 31-48 inches in length.

There are other considerations that contribute to the weight and size of your white Maine Coon, such as their pedigree, diet, and exercise. Pedigree refers to their documented ancestry or family tree. If they were bred for show purposes, they would probably have been selectively bred to achieve a particular size, which can be inherited through genetics.

To ensure the health of your white Maine Coon cat, it is important to provide them with high-quality food. This can include homemade or raw options, like raw ground chicken. Additionally, monitoring portion sizes is crucial in order to prevent obesity in your white Maine Coon.

White Maine Coons enjoy playing and it is important to ensure they get enough exercise. Make sure to allocate 20-40 minutes each day for playtime with your cat. Additionally, you can use a cat harness to take your white Maine Coon on walks, which can be purchased online or at a nearby pet store.

White Maine Coon Price

White Maine Coons come in a range of prices, but they are generally quite costly when bought from breeders. When buying a kitten, breeders typically ask customers to make a reservation, which incurs an additional fee on top of the purchase price.

  Reservation Fee Cost
Kitten – Pet $200-$500 $1500 -$2550
Kittens with Breeding Rights $200-$500 $3500-$5000
Retired Cat – generally over 5 years old   $500 and up

What is the reason behind the high price of white Maine Coons? Breeders take great pride in producing the healthiest cats, which means that by the time you receive your cat, it has likely undergone numerous tests, vaccinations, microchipping, and received registration papers from TICA or CFA. Depending on the breeder, it may have also had its BAER test conducted.

Where Can I Find Reputable White Maine Coon Breeders

Reputable breeders of white Maine Coon cats can be found worldwide. Below are a few sources to help you locate trustworthy breeders:

  • Are White Maine Coons Rare – Uncovering the Mystery
  • – This website offers a comprehensive list of breeders from all over the world
  • Uncovering the Mystery of White Maine Coon Cats
  • – Metatroneyes, an Arkansas based breeder, specializes in breeding White Maine Coons, as well as other coat colors of cats. 

Where Can I Find A White Maine Coon For Adoption

If you are interested in adopting a white Maine Coon cat, there are several resources available that can help you find the perfect furry companion for your home. Instead of purchasing from a breeder, adoption is a wonderful option that allows you to provide a loving home to a cat in need. Here are some helpful sources to explore:


You can also check this YouTube video about this topic:

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