Why Are Maine Coon Cats So Big – Mysterious Magnificence

Maine Coon cats are greatly admired for their stunning fur, impressive size, and wide range of colors. These cats are adored for their friendly and occasionally silly personalities. I find it delightful when my Maine Coon happily chirps at a toy or when he notices a bird.But what is the reason behind their status as one of the largest breeds of domesticated cats? We conducted some investigation to address this query, so, why are Maine Coon cats so large?

Maine Coon cats are large because they grow at a slower pace, allowing for the development of bigger muscles and bones. Additionally, their size may be influenced by their ability to retain more body heat, although this idea hasn’t been confirmed. The natural habitat of Maine Coon cats also contributes to their large size.

There are various theories about why Maine Coon cats are so large, ranging from the debunked idea that they may have mated with local raccoons to the possibility that they are descended from Norwegian Forest Cats brought to the area by early Vikings. While the exact reason for their size remains unknown, we have a wealth of knowledge about the breed as a whole and what you can anticipate from these beloved cats.

How Big Is A Full-Grown Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats vary in size, but they are generally quite large. Male Maine Coons are larger than females and typically weigh around 13-20 lbs. on average. Female Maine Coons, on the other hand, usually weigh about 12-14 lbs. Male Maine Coons also have a higher chance of exceeding their average weight compared to female cats.

However, that’s just the typical size. Some Maine Coon cats have weighed up to 30 lbs without being considered overweight!

It is challenging to determine the exact size of a Maine Coon since they can vary greatly in size. However, be prepared for the possibility of having a cat that is as big as a small to medium-sized dog. This is because cats tend to be larger than dogs of the same weight due to differences in their body structure. However, it is also possible for your Maine Coon to stop growing earlier or continue growing beyond that size.

It’s worth mentioning that Maine Coon cats have a longer growth period compared to other cat breeds. While most cats reach their full size around one to one and a half years old, Maine Coons continue to grow until they are three to five years old.

The longer time it takes for Maine Coon cats to grow can also make it more difficult to anticipate their growth. They may reach certain developmental stages at different times compared to other cats. For example, a Maine Coon cat may stay in the awkward teenage phase for a longer period or even skip it altogether!

No need to worry if your Maine Coon goes through some awkward phases during its growth. It takes time to reach that big size, and it may experience uneven growth spurts before everything balances out.

If you regularly take your cat to the vet and the vet is not worried about your Maine Coon’s size, then you shouldn’t be either.

Do All Maine Coons Get Big

Although Maine Coon cats have a reputation for being large, it’s important to note that not all Maine Coon cats are huge. Many cats of this breed are actually of average size compared to other cat breeds, and there are even some Maine Coon cats that are smaller and more like regular domesticated cats.

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There are several factors that contribute to whether a Maine Coon cat will grow to be the big size they are famous for, such as their diet, where they live, their family history, and other factors.

The size of your Maine Coon cat can be estimated by looking at the size of its parents, but there is still a possibility that your kitten may grow up to be much larger or smaller than its parents.

It’s quite normal for cats that are sold or adopted as Maine Coon cats to only have some Maine Coon heritage.

Especially in the US, breeders often sell cats that are only partly Maine Coon.

There are several reasons why people sell mixed breed cats instead of purebred Maine Coons. Firstly, many pet owners are attracted to the appearance and temperament of Maine Coons, but they may not want the challenges that come with owning such a large cat.

If your cat is big, it can be difficult to find furniture and toys that are suitable for their size. When Maine Coon cats are bred with smaller domesticated breeds, the resulting cats are usually slightly smaller but still have the unique coat and personality of a Maine Coon.

Maine Coon cats that come from purebred parents usually cost more than popular breeds like the American Shorthair. Breeders can save money by mating a Maine Coon with a less expensive cat, but still produce valuable kittens.

It’s a common practice to mate different types of cats to avoid inbreeding and ensure that the kittens have a diverse genetic background.

So, it’s likely that your relatively small Maine Coon is a mix of different cat breeds. However, this doesn’t make them any less cute! Don’t stress too much about your cat’s size. Even purebred Maine Coon cats can be smaller than the average size for the breed.

How Big Should A Maine Coon Be At 6 Months

All Maine Coon kittens in this age range should grow at a similar rate, but you will begin to notice that some Maine Coons are bigger than others at this stage.

When Maine Coon cats are 6 months old, they will generally have a similar size regardless of their gender. At this age, you can anticipate your Maine Coon to weigh around 7-10 lbs, and some males may even weigh up to 13 lbs.

Maine Coon Size Chart

Although it’s hard to predict how big Maine Coon cats will grow, we have created this chart to assist you in monitoring their expected growth. However, it’s important to note that male cats, especially those that are large, may surpass the measurements on this chart. On the other hand, mixed-breed Maine Coons and female cats might be slightly smaller due to their natural characteristics.

  Male Cats Female Cats
Newborn .2-.4 lbs. .2-.3 lbs.
Three Months Old .4-.6 lbs. .3-.6 lbs.
Six Months Old 8-11 lbs. 7-10 lbs.
Nine Months Old 12-16 lbs. 9-12 lbs.
1 Year Old 13-20 lbs.* 10-15 lbs.
1.5+ Years Old 15-25 lbs 12-18 lbs.
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Male Maine Coon Cats can reach their maximum weight earlier than female cats, but they will keep growing a little and filling out for the next 2 to 4 years.

These figures are just an approximation derived from breed patterns, but certain Maine Coon cats experience their primary growth spurts at a later stage in life, whereas others attain their maximum size rapidly and cease growing at a younger age compared to their counterparts.

Are Maine Coons The Biggest Cats

If we’re talking about all cats, then Tigers would win the prize for being the largest. They are much bigger than Maine Coon cats.

However, when it comes to domesticated cats, Maine Coon cats are among the largest. While they may not be officially recognized as the biggest domesticated breed, this is mainly due to the fact that there are other breeds that also grow to similar sizes. Nevertheless, Maine Coon cats often appear to be the largest due to their extremely long and thick fur coats.

Other cat breeds such as Ragdolls, Siberian cats, Norwegian Forest Cats, and Chausie cats can also grow to be as big as Maine Coon cats in terms of weight, length, and height. Additionally, Norwegian Forest Cats and Siberian cats have fur that is similarly long and colored in a reasonably similar way.

However, the biggest cat that is currently kept as a pet is a Maine Coon named Barivel. But don’t worry, we’ll discuss him in more detail later.

Maine Coon Size Compared To Normal Cat

When it comes to measuring a cat, weight is a quick and reliable method that is commonly used as the standard size indicator. This is because a cat’s weight can provide valuable information about its size and overall health, surpassing the significance of leg length.

Maine Coon cats are typically bigger than other domesticated cats, weighing around 15-25 lbs, depending on their gender and diet. In comparison, most domesticated cats weigh around 11-13 lbs, while some smaller breeds weigh 6-10 lbs and a few larger breeds match the weight of Maine Coon cats.

An average cat would typically measure around 18 inches in length, excluding their tail. However, it’s important to note that there are cats that can be both smaller and bigger than this average size.

But what about regular Maine Coon cats? They measure around 3 feet from their nose to the tip of their tail, which is equivalent to 36 inches.

Because of their larger size, Maine Coon cats typically have bigger paws to support their weight. While their tails may not be significantly longer than those of other cats, they usually match the size of the cat they are attached to.

Maine Coon cats are usually known for having bigger ears compared to other cat breeds, except for Savannah cats and Bengals, which are also recognized for their larger ears.

Additionally, Maine Coon cats may appear larger than their actual size due to their dense and lavish fur. These cats can have fur that measures several inches in length, requiring more grooming assistance compared to other cat breeds. It is important to introduce brushing to your Maine Coon early on, as it will prove more beneficial in the future, especially when compared to other long-haired cat breeds.

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What Is The Largest Maine Coon Cat On Record

The biggest Maine Coon Cat ever recorded, and the biggest domesticated cat ever recorded, is a Maine Coon from Italy named Barivel.

Barivel, who was two years old, was measured at just under 4ft long, making him the biggest cat alive and the biggest domesticated cat ever documented.

Certainly, it can sometimes be challenging to trace the origins of big cats. In the past, weight was commonly used as a way to determine cat size. However, this method is no longer reliable as it fails to account for the fact that a cat can be larger in other dimensions despite being outweighed by a very muscular or overweight cat.

Therefore, when Barivel achieved the record, he became part of a group of historically big cats, but he was exceptionally large, especially considering that the method of measuring length and height had been recently updated.

There is another cat that is almost as big as (and might even surpass) Barivel’s record. Another Maine Coon called Ludo is just under an inch shorter than Barivel based on their most recent measurements. However, Ludo was measured a year earlier, so it’s quite probable that Barivel will maintain his record since he has had less time to grow compared to Ludo.

Both Barivel and Ludo are famous for being big and friendly cats. Barivel likes to take leisurely walks in his Italian neighborhood using his stroller, while Ludo is a loving older brother to his family’s two young boys (and he’s just as big as them too!)

Can Maine Coon Cats Be Small

Definitely! Although Maine Coon cats are valued for being big, there are also small Maine Coon cats. While it is not usual for purebred Maine Coon cats, sometimes a smaller kitten is born, and certain cats may have slower or stunted growth.

Regrettably, smaller Maine Coon cats can also be caused by inadequate nutrition or mistreatment. This is frequently a contributing factor for rescued Maine Coon cats and even certain wild Maine Coons.

If you have a small Maine Coon cat, it’s not a big deal as long as they are healthy and regularly visit the vet. Some Maine Coons may continue to grow after a few months of proper diet and care, but others may remain small if they don’t receive enough nutrition early on.

Like we said earlier, when different types of cats are bred together, smaller Maine Coon cats can be produced. These cats are not considered true Maine Coons and are usually smaller in size. However, even purebred Maine Coons can be smaller than the average.

Don’t stress about how big your Maine Coon is. Even if you have a super-sized cat, the most important thing is to cherish the time you spend with them and give them the love and care that every cat deserves!

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