Adorable 142 Grey Tabby Cat Names

Choosing a name for your grey tabby cat is a big deal. The name you choose will stick with your cat for a long time, so it’s important to love it. It should also match your cat’s appearance and personality.

To simplify this task, we have compiled a complete list of our top cat names for a grey tabby cat, arranged alphabetically from A to Z!


  • Aiden- Aiden is a powerful name that comes from Celtic roots. This name is linked to the god of the sun, which makes it an ideal choice for a fiery cat. 
  • Angel- This name is perfect for a calm and obedient cat.
  • Ajax- A strong and powerful name inspired by Greek mythology, this would be an ideal choice for a courageous cat.
  • Ash- If you’re looking to honor your cat’s gorgeous coat color, this name is a fantastic option! 
  • Aslan- Aslan, from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, is undeniably one of the most well-known cats in literature. It’s an ideal choice for a cat that embodies purity and nobility. 
  • Astro-Grey Tabby cats have stunning fur colors that resemble the beautiful variations seen in the night sky.


  • Bébé-This is the French term for baby. Cats are like little babies with fur, so it’s a perfect match!
  • Beast-A strong and manly name for a cat that always has lots of energy.
  • Binx- This is a unique and creative cat name for fans of the Halloween movie Hocus Pocus. Biscuit- Biscuit is a cute name, ideal for a cat residing in the Southern region. 
  • Blade- A cool name for a strong male cat. It also suggests a sharp blade, which is a great fit for a grey cat.
  • Blaze- If your grey tabby has a lively and energetic personality, you might want to think about choosing this name.
  • Boots-This name would be perfect for a cat with unique markings on their paws or feet.
  • Bowie-A super cool name for someone who loves David Bowie a lot.
  • Brody-This name for a boy has become more popular in recent times.
  • Bruno-Call your cat Bruno if they are self-reliant and persistent.
  • Burrito- Why choose this name? Cats enjoy the warmth and coziness of blankets and find comfort in being wrapped up like a burrito. 


  • Cactus- If your cat is prickly on the outside but cuddly on the inside, this name would be a playful choice!
  • Canyon-A cool name for someone who loves nature and pets.
  • Carol-Carol is a classic and everlasting name for a girl.
  • Chandler- This name is not only suitable for any gender, but it’s also a great choice for those who love the TV show Friends. 
  • Cheetah-Give your cat a name inspired by its larger cousin, the cheetah!
  • Charlie-This classic and adorable name is perfect for a male cat.
  • Claw-Cats are famous for using their sharp claws to climb or scratch.
  • Cocoa- If you got your cat in the winter, give them a name inspired by a tasty winter beverage!
  • Colby-This name is suitable for both male and female cats.


  • Daisy – A happy and flowery name is just right for a cat that brings joy to your face.
  • Donkey-If your cat has a silly and playful nature, consider naming them Donkey!
  • Dorito-  A yummy treat that can be a cool name for your cat. 
  • Cat- Cats are a lovely and attractive animal that can sometimes appear to be grey in color. 
  • Duke – A fancy name for a majestic cat.
  • Dusky-At times, the fur of a grey cat can have a dusky appearance.
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  • Earl –This name is a fun reference to earl gray tea, making it a great choice for a cat with a grey coat.
  • Eclipse – Eclipse is another name related to colors and it brings to mind a mystical dark cat.
  • Eeyore – The gray donkey character from Winnie the Pooh.
  • Einstein- Does your cat have a brilliant mind? Give them a name inspired by one of the most intelligent individuals in history. 
  • Elaine– This name signifies a “bright light” in French, making it an ideal choice for a cat owner who sees their kitty as the most important thing in their life.
  • Elske-A special name of Dutch origin that is a shorter version of Elizabeth.
  • Elvis-An ideal name for someone who adores Elvis music.
  • Mystery- This name is a great option because we can never really figure out what our cats are thinking.

  • Kitten- A kitten is a term used to describe a cute baby cat, and that description seems appropriate for a tiny cat. 
  • Fitz-This is a great name for someone who loves history.
  • Flynn – Flynn is a Scottish name.
  • Woodland- A nature-inspired name is ideal for a cat that enjoys climbing trees.
  • Fowler-This is the perfect name for a cat that adores birds. It signifies a cat who is skilled at catching wild birds.
  • Sly- At times, your cat may exhibit the characteristic of being “sly like a fox,” making this name suitable.
  • Freddie- This name is a shortened version of Frederick and comes from the German word for “power”. 
  • Freya- This name is associated with the meaning “goddess of love” and has a glamorous vibe.


  • Garfield-Choose a name for your cat inspired by one of the most famous cats ever.
  • Gato-This is the Spanish term for a cat.
  • George- You can’t make a mistake with a classic name like this.
  • Specter-An ideal name for a cat that always disappears. Great for a distant and independent kitty.
  • Gina- The name Gina comes from Italy and it signifies “queen.”
  • Granola- A sweet name for someone who loves to take care of their pet’s health
  • Grayson-This cool name for a boy cat perfectly captures the gray color of your furry friend.
  • Grigio-This name signifies the color “grey” in Italian.
  • Griswald-A cool German name for a male cat that signifies “from the grey forest.”
  • Grizabella-Choose the name Grizabella for your cat, inspired by the amazing cat character in the popular Broadway show Cats.


  • Hamilton-An awesome name with a historical touch for a smart cat.
  • Hamlet- Ideal for someone who adores Shakespeare.
  • Hazel- If your cat has stunning hazel eyes, this name suits them perfectly.
  • Hemingway –Ernest Hemingway, the famous writer, was also a fan of cats.
  • Hermione-A powerful name for a female cat, inspired by the character created by J.K. Rowling.
  • Hunter- Cats enjoy displaying their hunting skills.

  • Isla-This name, pronounced as “eye-la,” is a modern and unique choice that is not commonly used.

  • Jade-If your cat has green or hazel eyes, you can give them a name inspired by this lovely gemstone.
  • Jasmine- A great name for a unique cat that you spoil like royalty.
  • Jet-This name is a playful twist on the idea that cats are constantly wandering away.

  • Katniss- This name gained popularity from the book series The Hunger Games. It’s a great fit for your cat because it contains a word that sounds like “cat”. 
  • Keaton- This name shows love and a funny personality. 
  • Keira-A pretty and special name for a girl. This name can also be a tribute to Keira Knightley.
  • Koala-This name has a cute and cuddly vibe, just like the adorable animal it’s named after.
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  • Queenie-If you pamper your cat and treat her like royalty, this name is perfect for her!
  • Lennon-This name comes from Ireland and it means “beloved.”
  • Lily-Choose the name Lily for your cat, inspired by the lovely lily flower.
  • Lloyd- This is another name that matches the color of your cat well. Lloyd is a name of Welsh/English origin that signifies “grey.”
  • Luna-Choose the name Luna for your grey tabby cat, it’s a lovely and heavenly option.
  • Lyric- Choosing a music-inspired name is a lovely option for a talkative cat.

  • Mango-Choose this yummy tropical fruit as a name for your cat.
  • Maple-Ideal for a cat that was born during autumn or enjoys spending time in the forest.
  • Marlin- An awesome name option for people who enjoy fishing. 
  • Melody- Have you ever noticed that your cat seems to really enjoy listening to a catchy song? Give them a name that reflects their love for music!
  • Mia-A perfect choice if you want a cute and simple name.
  • Mickey-This name is great for a male cat who has a lively character. It’s also a playful choice for a family that adores Disney.
  • Minnie- The girl version of Mickey Mouse. It would be enjoyable to have a male and female cat named Mickey and Minnie.
  • Misty- This name has an air of mystery and seems like it would be a great fit for a grey cat. 
  • Monkey- Does your cat always do funny things that make you laugh? Call them Monkey!
  • Mowgli- A name that gained popularity from The Jungle Book. 
  • Mouse- Cats absolutely adore chasing mice.
  • Muffin- This name perfectly captures the adorable and affectionate nature of a cat. 


  • Nacho-A cool and goofy name for a cat that loves to play!
  • Nash- An awesome name for a male pet if you’re a fan of Nashville, Tennessee. 
  • Nelson-This name signifies a winner and is a fantastic option for a male kitty.


  • Okakota-This name is not commonly heard. What’s great about it is that it signifies “friend” to the Sioux community, and we all desire our cats to be our friends.
  • Olive-This name is perfect for a cat with hazel eyes.
  • Onyx- It’s a great option if your grey tabby has any black markings on their coat. 


  • Pandora-Just like Pandora’s box, your cat will bring never-ending curiosity and enigma into your life.
  • Papillion- A lovely name that signifies “butterfly” in French. 
  • Pearl-A fantastic name choice for a cat that is grey and white, based on its color.
  • Peanut-This cute cat name is really well-liked for a good reason!
  • Pillow-This name isn’t commonly used, but it’s a wonderful choice for a cuddly and fluffy companion.

  • Queenie-Cats behave as if they are in charge of the house, so why not choose a name that suits your cat’s regal attitude?
  • Queso-Choose the name of your cat inspired by the tasty cheesy snack!

  • Raya-This means queen in Slavic.
  • Reese-A cool short name that works for both male and female cats.
  • Remington-If you like names that sound more formal, this is a fantastic option.
  • Rhett- A cool name inspired by the character Rhett Butler from literature, perfect for your cat.
  • Ruby – Ruby is the birthstone associated with July, making it a playful choice for a cat born in that month.
  • Rufus-This name seems perfect for a playful and quirky kitty.
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  • Sammy- A cute name for a lovable cat named Samuel.
  • Scamp- This name is perfect because your cat is likely always running around everywhere!
  • Sebastian- Just like the guppy fish in The Little Mermaid, your cat is your loyal companion!
  • Shiva – Shiva is the Hindu term for the “God of destruction,” which is ideal for an energetic grey tabby cat.
  • Silas- This name signifies a male cat who enjoys spending time outdoors and is connected to nature.
  • Silverado- A awesome name for a cat that celebrates their gray fur color. 
  • Simba –This name is inspired by the character from the Disney film The Lion King.
  • Spike-A really special name for a boy cat that you don’t usually hear.
  • Squirrel- If your cat enjoys climbing trees, you can call them Squirrel!
  • Stella – Stella is a cute name for a girl that has become more popular in the past decade.
  • Stone-A cool name option that matches the gray shade of your cat’s fur.
  • Summer-This name is great if you got your cat during the summer.

  • Tank – Tank is a great name that fits well for a big-sized tabby cat.
  • Tigger- Choose this name for your cat inspired by the adorable Winnie the Pooh character who was always full of energy! 
  • Thumper – This is a cute name for a grey cat, and it’s also a nice tribute to the Disney movie Bambi.
  • Tripp-This name signifies moving or jumping, which is ideal for a cat that is constantly energetic and playful.
  • Tom-Similar to a “tom-cat” or the well-known Tom and Jerry animated series.
  • Trout-Such a cute name for a small grey tabby cat that has a fondness for fish!
  • Tuna-Cats are well-known for their fondness for this fishy delicacy, so why not give your grey tabby a name that reflects their love for it?

  • Ursula-This name signifies “small bear” in Latin.

  • Vargas-If you want a name that is both different and suitable for any gender, this is the perfect choice!
  • Velvet- Both your cat and this fabric are soft when you touch them. 
  • Venus- Venus is the queen of love, and hopefully, your grey tabby will bring a ton of love into your life! 
  • Vivian-This name has a classic charm that remains modern.

  • Willow- An awesome name for a thin cat with a delicate physique. 
  • Wilson- If you’re searching for a classic name, Wilson is a fantastic choice for a male cat.
  • Wolf- It’s really enjoyable to give your grey cat a name that is related to another grey animal. 

  • Xavier- It’s rare to come across many cats with names starting with “X”. 

  • Yasen-An ideal name for a grey tabby cat because it signifies “ash tree.”
  • Yasmin-This name comes from Persia.
  • Meowster- Is your cat always meowing? This is the perfect name for them! 


  • Zoey- The name Zoey signifies “life,” and cat owners are aware that their cats bring immense happiness into their lives. 
  • Zara- This name is perfect for a unique and powerful female cat. 

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