Can Brown Cats Have Blue Eyes – A Surprising Possibility?

Cats, unlike humans, do not have a variety of eye and fur color combinations. While there are exceptions, most cats have specific eye colors based on their coat color. If you’re thinking about getting a new cat, you might wonder if brown cats can have blue eyes.

It is possible for brown cats to have blue eyes. All cats are born with blue eyes, but typically their eye color changes as they grow older. Although there is a small chance that your brown cat could have blue eyes, it is highly unlikely once they reach adulthood.

Unfortunately, if you’re searching for a brown cat with blue eyes as a pet, it might take a while to find one. We’ll keep things simple in this article to avoid confusion. But if you want to know if your brown cat can have blue eyes, stay with me till the end to find out!

What Color Eyes Do Brown Cats Have

Typically, a brown cat will have eyes that are copper or orange in color.

When you observe a brown cat, you will most likely notice a copper or orange hue in their eyes.

Some brown cats might have green eyes, but very few brown cats will have blue eyes.

Almost all brown cats will have this eye color, whether you realize it or not.

When you see a brown cat next time, make sure to check out their eye color.

If you believe your cat’s iris is dull and copper-colored, take a closer look. You might notice specks of orange and brown in their eyes as well!

Is It Rare For A Cat To Have Blue Eyes

It’s not common for a grown-up cat to have blue eyes.

When a baby cat is born, you’ll see that most of them have blue eyes. It’s interesting because cats are born without color in their eyes, so they have blue eyes.

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It’s not common for cats to have blue eyes, so it’s rare to see a grown cat with them.

When your cat is around six weeks old, its eyes typically begin to transition to the color they will have as adults.

While most cats will lose their blue eyes as they grow older, it is possible for a cat to retain its blue eyes even at one year or three months old, although this is quite rare.

What Is The Rarest Eye Color In Cats

The most uncommon eye color in cats is a shade of orangey amber.

While we did say that brown cats often have orange-colored eyes, a genuine amber shade with a touch of orange is the least common eye color in cats.

If you want to see what I mean by eye color (because it’s a subtle difference), search for pictures of a British Blue Shorthair cat.

The British Blue Shorthair has a stunning amber eye that stands out against their gray, almost blue-colored fur.

The reason why this eye color is so uncommon in cats is because it is only found in this particular breed of cat. It’s unlikely that the stray cat you see around your neighborhood will have the same eye color.

Once again, this distinction might appear quite insignificant to you (and even to me!), but this will be the eye color that you will observe the least in all cats.

What Eye Color Is Most Common In Cats

The most frequent eye color in cats is a copper shade.

When you observe most cats, you’ll likely see that they possess eyes with a coppery hue.

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We discussed how cats can have blue eyes due to a lack of melanin, while cats with brown eyes have the opposite effect.

If your cat has a lot of melanin, it will have darker eyes, including brown ones.

As your cat ages, you may observe that their copper eyes become progressively darker, but there’s no need to be concerned about this.

Even though your cat’s brown eyes may look pretty, they are not uncommon or one-of-a-kind.

Brown Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

When you begin to examine purebred cats, you will notice specific characteristics, such as the uncommon occurrence of a brown cat with blue eyes.

It can be difficult to find a purebred cat that is solid brown and has blue eyes.

These are cats that are brown in color and have blue eyes.


When people think of a cat with blue eyes, the Siamese cat is usually the first one that comes to mind.

Typically, Siamese cats don’t have a completely brown coat, but the “pointed” Siamese cats have brown faces, ears, legs, and tails. The rest of their body can be a light to medium tan color that complements their pointed characteristics.

In my opinion, Siamese cats are one of the smartest types of cats and they are also very inquisitive. I hardly ever come across a Siamese cat that doesn’t enjoy meowing at its owners.

Speaking in terms of physical appearance, I can’t help but notice how thin and tall they appear!


Balinese cats resemble long-haired Siamese cats. Balinese cats originated from a mutation in Siamese cats!

The Balinese cat can be brown and have vibrant blue eyes.

If you have children, brown cats are a fantastic choice because they are intelligent and enjoy playing, which means they will keep your kids entertained for hours.

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The Balinese cat might be a more suitable choice for a family pet compared to the typical Siamese cat.


There are various colors of Persian cats, but it’s possible to come across a brown one with stunning blue eyes. It might be more challenging to find a non-white Persian cat, but it’s not impossible.

When I imagine a Persian cat, I always picture their squished faces and wild whiskers. Although I’m not a fan, you might find it cute!

While some families may choose to have Persian cats, I would suggest this particular breed for individuals who have fewer obligations or commitments.

Persians are an affectionate type of cat, but because of their thick, lengthy fur and tendency to be laid-back, you’ll need to dedicate time to grooming and spending quality time with this cat!


The Ragdoll is a really chill type of cat, and you might even come across one that has brown fur and blue eyes!

Many Ragdoll cats have long fur and it can be found in different colors. It’s unlikely to find a Ragdoll with completely brown fur, but you can definitely find one with brown markings.

The Ragdoll cat is a social and energetic pet that can bring hours of fun for you and your family.

You can also check this YouTube video about this topic:

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