Do Maine Coon Cats Have Dander – Uncovering Allergy Risks

Maine Coon cats are known for their thick and lengthy fur. Due to their long fur, shedding is bound to happen. However, what about other fur-related issues, such as the potential for dander? It’s common for individuals to worry about their allergies and the dangers of dander, as it can be a nightmare for those who suffer from allergies. Therefore, the question arises: do Maine Coon cats produce dander?

Maine Coon cats can indeed have dander. They are not more prone to dander than other cat breeds. Maine Coon cats are not completely hypoallergenic and have a higher amount of allergens compared to other breeds.

What is Dander, And Am I Allergic

The words dander and dandruff are alike, but they have different meanings. Both words describe when you can see dead skin flakes. However, the difference lies in where the flakes are and what kind of skin is being shed.

Dandruff is the flaky stuff on a human’s scalp, while dander is what comes from an animal’s body. Dandruff is bigger and heavier than dander.

The dander produced by cats is very small and difficult to see. Because it is lightweight, it tends to stay suspended in the air. Certain cats may produce more dander than others, and in certain situations, it may be more visible. For instance, dander on a black cat will be more noticeable compared to dander on a white cat.

Dander isn’t really a problem. It’s normal, just like dandruff in humans. However, excessive dander can indicate an underlying problem.

Additionally, it’s not as if people are allergic to dandruff, but we can have allergies to dander. The cause of our allergies is not the skin itself, but rather a protein present in cats. We will delve into this further shortly.

What Causes Dander In Cats

There could be various explanations for why your Maine Coon is displaying dander. Keep in mind, it’s normal to have a certain amount of dead skin flakes. However, if there is an excessive amount, it may indicate some underlying issues.


These reasons are unrelated to your cat’s health. Typically, they are easier to address and less concerning than internal factors.

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When it’s hot, your Maine Coon’s natural oils can dry up and make their skin flaky. The same thing can happen when it’s cold and dry, just like how our lips get chapped in winter.

Skin mites

Skin mites can cause irritation for your cat.

Lack of grooming

Cats that are overweight are particularly prone to this. If they are unable to reach a place to clean themselves, they will probably have dry skin.


These factors can indicate possible health issues for your cat. These issues are related to your cat’s well-being. The main reason is usually a deficiency of important nutrients in their food. However, if you have eliminated that possibility, there are other things to consider.

Diet issues

If you don’t have enough good fats or important vitamins like zinc

Thyroid, Arthritis or bone pain

This can stop your cat from grooming itself correctly

If you think your Maine Coon cat is having any health problems, make sure to take them to the vet right away.

How Can I Relieve Dander

To begin with, it is crucial to seek advice from your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can eliminate any health issues such as thyroid problems. Once serious concerns have been ruled out, there are steps you can take at home to assist with dander.

Groom your cat

You can try different methods like brushing to reduce the amount of dander that gets into your home. It’s best to do this outside if you can. Remember to wash your hands before and after.

Bathe your cat

If you really have to, you can give your cat a bath, but it’s better to avoid it if possible. If you do decide to bathe them, make sure to use cat shampoo. If you prefer a simpler approach, you can just use a wet cloth to clean them.

Limit the space

I enjoy cuddling with my furry pets in bed, but it results in hair and dander spreading everywhere. It’s a good idea to restrict your cat’s access to certain areas.


It’s clear and simple. Just make sure you regularly clean and remove dust.


Although we can’t see it, our carpets contain a significant amount of dust and dander. It’s important to regularly vacuum to keep them clean.

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Are Maine Coons Hypoallergenic Cats

Many people believe that cat allergies are caused by cat fur and dander floating in the air, but this is not entirely accurate. However, there may be some truth to it. Cats secrete specific proteins called Fel d1 and Fel d4, which means that there is no cat that is completely hypoallergenic. Certain cats may shed less and produce less dander, which can help reduce allergic reactions.

The proteins that are released are primarily present in spit, body oils, and pee. The only thing that cat fur really does is irritate the eyes and nose, leading to sneezing and watery eyes. It makes sense that cats without hair (such as the Sphynx) or with short hair (like the Russian Blue) are less likely to trigger allergies.

Maine Coon cats are not hypoallergenic because their long and shaggy coats shed often. The fur and dander they release into the air can lead to watery eyes and itchy noses. Even if you don’t think you have an allergy, cat fur can still cause irritation.

There are certain cat breeds that are considered to be more hypoallergenic, such as Sphynx, Russian Blue, Devon Rex, and Cornish Rex.

Basically, individuals can have genuine allergies to various proteins that cats produce. Nevertheless, fur and dander can still cause irritation. As a result, cats with short or no hair are generally more hypoallergenic (although not completely) compared to long-haired cats like the Maine Coon.

What Should I Do If My Cat Is Causing Me Allergies? 

When determining your next course of action, the initial question to consider is whether it is the protein or the hair that is causing the issue. If it is the dander and fur that are the culprits, you can find guidance on alleviating dander in the relevant section. In many cases, taking additional measures to clean and groom your cat can be highly beneficial. If you are in search of a cat, you may want to contemplate getting a hairless or short-haired cat.

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If the usual remedies aren’t working, it’s possible that you could be allergic to the proteins in a cat’s body. A true pet allergy is more than just annoying sneezes and watery eyes. If you have any of the following signs, you may be allergic to cats:

● Congestion

● Facial pain

● Chest tightness

● Itchy throat

● Throat tightness

● Shortness of breath

● Weezing 

● Skin rash or hives

If you have any of these symptoms, they can be really dangerous, so it’s important to take them seriously. If you’re experiencing any of these, it’s best to leave and see a doctor right away.

If you have a real cat allergy, it’s best to avoid owning or being around cats.

Final Thoughts

Cats often have dander, which is tiny and lightweight, allowing it to float in the air and land on different surfaces. Maine Coon cats are equally prone to dander like any other cat. There are various factors that can lead to excessive dander in your cat.

These can range from minor and easily solvable issues like dry skin caused by weather, to more serious conditions like thyroid problems. Regardless of the cause, it is advisable to seek advice from a veterinarian to determine why your cat is producing excessive dander. Apart from addressing your cat’s health, it is also important to take additional measures to clean your home and minimize the presence of dander on surfaces.

True allergies are caused by proteins, not just things that irritate. If you have any serious health problems when you’re around a cat, it’s important to leave and get medical help.

Regrettably, Maine Coon cats are not hypoallergenic. However, by taking good care of them, you can minimize the amount of dander and create a healthy environment for both you and your pet.

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