Why Does My Cat Sleep Under My Bed – Uncover the Mystery!

Have you ever observed your cat or your friend’s cat choosing to sleep underneath the bed? Regardless of your attempts to encourage them to sleep elsewhere, they stubbornly remain under the bed. This frequently leads to the question: why does my cat sleep under my bed?

Cats sleep under the bed because it’s a nice and comfy spot for them to relax. Other reasons could be that a cat is frightened, sick, expecting kittens, worried, or not feeling happy, which makes them seek comfort under the bed.

Now, let’s delve into the reasons and other factors that can help us understand why cats sleep under the bed. Although it’s usually nothing to be concerned about, there are a few reasons that could be worrisome.

Reasons Your Cat Sleeps Under The Bed

Here are some reasons why your cat likes to sleep under your bed. Some of these reasons are commonly seen in homes with cats, while others may be related to health problems that should be taken care of.

Anxiety And Fear

Your cat might be afraid of a new toy or game you bought for them, which could make them feel stressed and anxious. That’s why they might be looking for comfort under the bed.

If you have a little kid who’s always running around the house, your cat might get scared of all the commotion. That’s why they might hide under the bed to feel safe.

Your Cat Wants To Nap

Cats typically sleep for about 18 hours each day and prefer quiet and dark places to nap. They seek out spots with minimal distractions, which is why they may choose to sleep under the bed. This could be one explanation for why you often find your cat sleeping in that location.

The Weather

Sometimes the weather can be really hot or really cold. The heat from the sun can make the house uncomfortable for cats. That’s why they prefer the cool space under the bed.

In colder temperatures, when it’s chilly all around, cats find the area under the bed warm and comfortable, so they prefer to sleep there. This allows them to adjust to the change in weather and hide under the bed.


Your cat might be preparing to mate or is in the phase of finding a cozy spot to rest. Pregnancy brings about various changes in the body, and animals prefer to handle the process independently.

The reason why cats sleep under the bed is to get ready for their upcoming pregnancy.

Changes In Your Home

If you’ve just redone your house, gotten new furniture, or moved your cat’s litter box or toys, your cat might not be too happy about it. Cats usually prefer things to stay the same, and any changes can make them scared.

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Cats often choose to sleep under the bed because it provides a consistent and comfortable space for them. Being under the bed gives them a sense of familiarity and normalcy.

Health Issues

Cats tend to separate themselves when they are in pain or uncomfortable. This is because they have an instinct to hide their weakness and vulnerability from potential predators.

If your cat suddenly becomes silent and keeps to itself for the majority of the day, it’s important to seek advice from your veterinarian as it may indicate a potential health problem.

Your Cat May Be Afraid Of Visitors In Your Home

If there are a lot of people coming in and out of your house, it could make your cat scared of them, so they might hide under the bed.

Cats are very territorial, so they don’t like it when things change or there’s a lot of activity or noise around them. They feel protective and go under the bed to make sure they’re safe and secure.

Your Cat May Be Afraid Of Another Pet Or Another Cat A Child In Your Home

If you have a dog, bunny, turtle, or any other pet, your cat may be scared of them. This can be a problem if you have multiple cats or kittens because it can increase tension among them and cause your cat to hide.

To address this, you can ensure that your cat has a designated area that is exclusively theirs. This will give them a sense of ownership and control within the household.

If you have a baby in your house, it’s common for your cat to feel scared and shy around them. This can make your cat hide and sleep under the bed. To address this issue, you can take proactive steps like giving commands, rewarding good behavior, and training your cat.

Is It Normal For Cats To Sleep Under The Bed

It’s totally normal for cats to snooze under the bed. They like having their own little hideaway sometimes, and it’s important to respect that. They find the space under the bed comfy and cozy, so that’s why they choose it. Plus, if they’re not feeling well, they might want to be alone and away from other cats.

So, it’s totally normal for cats to sleep under the bed. But if you see any big or sudden changes in their behavior and health, talk to your vet for more info.

Is It Ok For My Cat To Sleep Under The Bed

Cats enjoy the quiet and cozy space under the bed, which is why they choose to sleep there. It’s a normal behavior for them, unless they have significant health issues.

If you see any major changes in your cat’s daily routine, make sure to keep an eye on them and contact your vet right away.

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Why Is My Cat Sleeping Under The Bed All Of A Sudden

First, it’s important to observe whether your cat frequently goes under the bed or if it’s a recent behavior. If your cat consistently chooses to go under the bed, it’s likely because they enjoy the comfortable, cool, and peaceful atmosphere in that area. They consider it an ideal place to relax.

But if you notice your cat unexpectedly going under the bed, it could be because of some important issues that you should figure out and have your vet examine.

Pregnant cats or cats in the nesting phase often choose to go under the bed. Additionally, cats experiencing discomfort or dealing with health issues such as bacterial infections or intestinal blockages may seek refuge under the bed.

One possible explanation for your cat’s sudden decision to crawl under the bed is that they may be scared or afraid of something in their environment.

If you live in a noisy area, or if there’s a party happening or a lot of noise at home, your cat might get scared of the loud environment and hide under the bed to feel safe.

If your house has been infested with fleas or if your cat has been bitten by fleas, they may start crawling under the bed. Fleas can be found on furniture, carpets, and your cat’s bed if there is an infestation.

So, in order to prevent getting fleas, cats prefer to go under the bed for safety.

Should I Let My Cat Under My Bed

If your cat doesn’t frequently go under the bed, then it’s best to allow it to stay there.

But if your cat starts acting differently or showing signs of a health problem, like always running to the room when the doorbell rings or constantly hiding under the bed, it’s best not to allow her to sleep there.

If your cat has any major health issues, it’s a good idea to consult your vet first. Once you have done that, be patient with your cat and use simple commands to teach them. Don’t forget to reward them with treats when they obey your commands.

Even if your cat doesn’t go under the bed very often, it’s still a good idea to teach it not to go there.

One possible explanation for this behavior is that your cat may be seeking shelter from loose splinters or potential harm from dust and spiders under your bed. If your cat’s habit of going under the bed is not excessive, you can try training her to stop.

How To Stop Cat From Sleeping Under Bed

If you want your cat to stop sleeping under the bed, there are a few tricks you can try. Just make sure to do them regularly and consistently for them to work.

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Spend Quality Time With Your Cat

Ensure you dedicate sufficient time to your cat so they receive adequate mental and physical stimulation daily. This will assist in reducing their anxiety and stress levels throughout the day.

To keep your cat entertained and active, try taking them outside or playing games with them as often as possible.

Reward Your Cat After They Obey Your Commands

To stop your cat from hiding under the bed, you can try giving them commands like “Come out from under the bed” and then giving them a reward. This will help them learn that their behavior is connected to the reward, and hopefully, they will stop hiding.

Cover the Space Under Your Bed With Things

To prevent your cat from going under the bed, you can try covering the area with items like boxes, mats, or books. This will make it less tempting for your cat to crawl under the bed.

Things To Consider

If your cat sometimes goes under the bed, it’s not a big deal because they like it as a comfy place to rest. But if your cat starts spending a lot of time under the bed all of a sudden, you should take them to the vet to get checked out.

If your cat has a serious health issue or is pregnant, it’s important to not only ensure they are doing what they need to do and taking their medication, but also to spend enough time with them.

In the end, cats enjoy being petted and played with. This helps them recover from their treatment or cope with it better, benefiting both them and you mentally as playing with your cat can be calming.

Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that when teaching your cat to stop going under the bed, you should remain calm and patient throughout the entire training process.

Similar to babies, pets need time to learn that there is a link between the command and the reward, and that going under the bed is not a good thing. So, if you’re feeling frustrated and your cat isn’t listening or responding to your commands, take a break, come up with a plan, and then give it another try.

If a specific strategy doesn’t work, just take your time and try to approach it gradually. Also, ensure that you stay consistent in your actions because it’s likely to impact the end result.

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