Do Cats Like Cold Water – Surprising Answers!

Perhaps you’ve come across those adorable videos of cats licking huge ice blocks on the internet, or maybe you’re searching for ways to keep your cat cool during the scorching summer season. While cold water may be your preference, what about cats who have adapted to finding fresh water from natural sources in the wild? Do cats enjoy cold water?

Cats enjoy drinking cold water because it is refreshing, safe for them, and helps keep them hydrated. They can even drink water with ice cubes. However, some cats may not like water that is too cold or below room temperature.

Let’s explore why cats occasionally enjoy cold water, why they may not always like it, and what precautions you should consider when offering your cat very cold water.

Is Ice Cold Water Bad For Cats

While cold water is one thing, there is a difference when it comes to ice cold water. Ice cold water, whether it’s straight from the freezer or with added ice cubes, is much colder than water from the tap. This extreme coldness can sometimes make cats more inclined to drink it, but in other situations, they may prefer to wait for the water to warm up a bit.

Cold water is not dangerous for cats, but it can lead to certain issues. The main problem that arises when cats drink water that is too cold is brain freeze. Cats experience a sensation similar to the brain freeze humans get from eating too much ice cream, and this can discourage them from drinking more water.

Typically, cats don’t have a problem staying warm with ice cold water. This is because their fast metabolism and fur help them regulate their body temperature. However, cats generally prefer a slightly warmer environment than humans do. So, your cat may not be interested in cooling off in a room that’s a bit too warm for you.

If the room is a little cool, your cat might not want to drink cold water because they’re already cold.

So, even though freezing cold water probably won’t hurt your cat, it could make them feel uneasy. Since cats often struggle to stay hydrated, it’s important to think about whether the temperature of their water might stop them from drinking an adequate amount.

Is It OK For Cats To Drink Cold Water

Cats can drink cold water without any problem. Some people think that cats might like cold water because it appears more refreshing and cleaner to them. This could be because cats may have found it safer to drink from freshwater sources like rivers and streams, which are usually colder than stagnant water.

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Nevertheless, some cats are a bit peculiar and actually prefer their water to be warmer or at room temperature. It’s important to observe the temperature at which your cat is most likely to drink water, and it’s probably best to provide water at that temperature regardless of whether it’s hot or cold.

However, there’s no need to be overly concerned if your cat’s water is consistently slightly cool. As long as they are properly hydrated, they likely prefer it that way.

Can Cats Have Ice Cubes In Water

Certainly, cats can enjoy water with ice cubes. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to ensure that the ice cubes are of a suitable size to prevent your cat from choking on them.

You might have come across adorable videos of cats being captivated by big chunks of ice and baking trays. But don’t fret, ice is harmless for cats and can actually serve as an enjoyable plaything. Adding a couple of ice cubes to your cat’s water could be a clever trick to encourage them to drink more and stay hydrated, especially if they prefer cooler water.

However, there are risks involved in adding ice cubes to your cat’s water.

The main danger of ice cubes in water is brain freeze, which is not too serious but can make your cat uncomfortable. Another issue is that the ice cubes may harm your cat’s teeth if they try to eat them while drinking.

Because a cat’s teeth are smaller than human teeth, they are more susceptible to damage. If you see your cat attempting to bite an ice cube, it’s best to remove it to prevent any dental issues and maintain your cat’s oral health.

What Temperature Should Cat’s Water Be

The ideal water temperature for your cat is between 50 – 72 degrees. This is the same temperature at which humans drink cold water, and it is generally suitable for cats as well. However, cats may have their own preferences, so it’s best to observe their reaction when you turn on the faucet to determine their preferred water temperature.

However, stagnant water can cause problems, particularly as it gets warmer during the day. This could imply that you should add a couple of ice cubes to your cat’s water fountain, adjust the water temperature to be slightly warmer than usual, or simply offer your cat room temperature water.

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If your cat is not drinking enough water, you need to be concerned about the temperature of the water. In such cases, your vet may recommend adjusting the temperature of the water, using different types of water bowls or fountains, or trying other methods to improve your cat’s hydration. It may take some experimentation to find the right combination of water temperature and presentation that encourages your cat to drink an adequate amount.

Do Cats Like Warm Water

While most cats like their water to be room temperature or colder, there are some cats that actually prefer warm water. However, it’s important to remember that your cat may be an exception to this general preference.

We don’t really know why this happens, even though most cats like cold water that is flowing rather than warm water that is still. However, if your cat prefers warm water, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with them. Just ensure that they have enough water available and that it is the right temperature for them to drink.

Why Does My Cat Only Drink Warm Water

It’s difficult to give a definite answer to this question without having specific information about the cat in question, but we can discuss a few potential explanations here.

Certain kittens may have a preference for warm water over cold water, potentially due to its resemblance to their mother’s milk. While the exact reason for this preference is uncertain, it is a common enough occurrence to be considered a plausible explanation.

If that’s the reason why your cat enjoys warm water, especially if they’re a kitten or a young adult cat, they might eventually grow out of it and start preferring room temperature or cold water.

Your cat might also like warm water because the temperature in your house isn’t warm enough for them to feel comfortable. In this case, they use the warm water to keep their body warm.

Lastly, your cat might like warm water more because they can get brain freeze, especially if you have given them cold water before. If you think this is why your cat prefers warm water, try not giving them ice for a few months, and they should go back to being okay with room temperature water.

Can Cats Drink Boiled Water

Certainly, cats have the ability to consume water that has been heated and subsequently cooled. Nevertheless, cats are unable to consume water that has not been cooled or right after it has been boiled. This can result in severe harm and burns.

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If you don’t have a filtered water connection at home, boiling water can be a good option to provide your cat with a safer water source.

Ensure that the water you serve your cat is cool, at room temperature or colder. You don’t want your cat to be discouraged from drinking by offering them warm water.

Final Thoughts

Cats have a tendency to develop kidney problems because they are not naturally inclined to drink large amounts of water. Throughout their evolution, cats adapted to obtaining most of their hydration from their diets, so they only needed to drink water in small amounts. Additionally, stagnant water can be risky for cats from an evolutionary standpoint as it is often a breeding ground for parasites and diseases.

If you’re having trouble getting your cat to drink water, the temperature might not be the only issue. Cats have evolved to prefer running water over still water, so using a cat fountain could be a great way to encourage your cat to drink more.

Cats also have a preference for water sources that are not too close to where they eat. This is because cats are meat-eaters, and their food can quickly become contaminated in the wild. To prevent dehydration, you can try moving your cat’s water bowl away from their food bowl.

When selecting the temperature of your cat’s water, it’s crucial to take into account the time of year. While certain cats may enjoy cold water during the summer, they may not show any interest in it when it’s chilly during the winter.

Just like with anything else, making sure your cat stays hydrated and healthy is all about finding the right balance between what they need and their surroundings. Keep trying different approaches until you find what works, and don’t be disheartened if your initial efforts don’t succeed.

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