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The personality of Siamese cats is well-known for being sociable, energetic, and strongly attached to their owners, making them a highly sought-after pet. However, there are several types of Siamese cats that differ in color and breeding. When a Siamese cat is bred with an American shorthair tabby that has red or orange fur, the result is the rare Flame Point or Red point Siamese. Due to their rarity, many questions arise about these felines, including how they behave.

The Flame Point Siamese cats are known for their charismatic personalities. They possess the best traits of both the Siamese and American Shorthair breeds, making them loving, funny, and adaptable companions. Some may have unique behaviors, but they are still great pets that require lots of love and attention. Exercise is also important for these cats, so they may not be suitable for everyone.

If you’re not looking for a feline companion that demands a lot of attention, then Flame Point Siamese cats may not be the ideal choice for you; however, in this article, we will analyze the essential aspects of their personality and requirements to help you determine if a Flame Point Siamese cat is the right fit for you.

How Are Flame Points Bred

Flame Point Siamese cats are a cross between a purebred Siamese and an American shorthair with reddish hues. Cream or white cats with “points” on their ears, faces, tail, and feet are known as purebred Siamese. The Chocolate Point Siamese cat is the most common type of this breed, but there are three other point colors that are considered purebred: Lilac, Seal, and Blue. These different colors appear in the same places but give each cat a unique look.

To create a Flame Point, a Siamese must be crossed with a red or orange tabby cat. This results in the points taking on an orange hue, which is how the breed got its name. They usually have cream or white bodies and keep the characteristic blue eyes that Siamese cats are known for

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It wasn’t until the 1930s that Flame Point Siamese cats were intentionally bred, and it took some trial and error to maintain their distinctive coloring and desirable traits. Despite some classification challenges among cat breeding organizations over time, the Flame Point Siamese is now a recognized and cherished breed. It’s worth noting that approximately 75% of Flame Points are male.

What Is The Personality Of A Flame Point

Flame Point Siamese and red/orange tabby American Shorthairs are both recognized for their amiable and lively personality traits. The reason behind their friendliness is not entirely clear, but it could be attributed to the extensive admiration and attention that Siamese cats have always received, while for tabbies, it may be due to the red gene, which was one of the earliest genetic mutations in domesticated cats, giving them more time to adjust to human interaction.

Owners of both Siamese and Flame Point Siamese cats have frequently reported that their pets are affectionate and quirky, making the already distinctive personality traits of a Siamese cat even more pronounced in a Flame Point.

The Flame Point Siamese possesses many of the distinctive personality traits and behavior of Siamese cats, such as being highly vocal, constantly active, and requiring a considerable amount of attention. If you are willing to engage with them, it can be an enjoyable experience; however, if you are not prepared for their needs, it can be overwhelming. These felines are always in motion and necessitate your complete focus for playtime and exercise throughout the day. They enjoy leaping and attacking, which may result in them getting stuck between couch cushions or caught in blinds due to their intense curiosity.

As Flame Point Siamese cats are predominantly male, they exhibit certain gender-specific characteristics inherited from their Siamese lineage. Unlike female Siamese cats who tend to be more moody, males are generally more relaxed and easy-going, which is also observed in orange or red tabby American shorthair males. As a result, Flame Point Siamese cats are adventurous and curious felines who enjoy exploring new things.

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According to Flame Point Siamese cat owners, these felines exhibit peculiar yet amusing actions such as assaulting their owners’ feet, craving specific types of petting, displaying dominant personalities over other pets in the household regardless of species, following commands, colliding with objects, emitting loud meows persistently to gain attention from their human companions, showing excessive affection and enjoying playing with fellow cats.

As Flame Point Siamese and American shorthair cats age, they typically maintain their affectionate personality, which means that if you adopt a sociable Flame Point, you can anticipate receiving numerous years of love, meowing, and silly antics.

Do Flame Points Have Special Health Considerations

Flame Point Siamese cats usually inherit most of the physical and health traits of regular Siamese cats. As they age, they may develop retinal atrophy because of their blue eyes. Additionally, like other Siamese cats, they are susceptible to PICA, a compulsive disorder that causes them to lick or eat fabrics and unusual objects. Lastly, due to their high energy levels, Flame Point Siamese cats may experience arthritis, hip dysplasia, and hyperesthesia.

 It is recommended that Flame Point Siamese cats consume a diet rich in protein and animal fats to match their active lifestyle, as with all cats.

 As Flame Point Siamese cats get older, they may experience common feline health concerns such as dental and urinary problems due to their American shorthair genetics. It is crucial to take them for regular check-ups with the veterinarian to detect any issues early and provide appropriate care.

Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Rare

Flame Point Siamese are a unique breed that can be difficult to find. To add one to your family, consider checking shelters in your area that specialize in Siamese cats. Although it may require some travel, these shelters typically list their available animals on their websites for you to browse beforehand.

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If you’re fortunate enough to locate a Flame Point Siamese Cat, it’s not wrong to call ahead and inquire what the adoption center knows about the feline and whether it is still available. Since they are so uncommon, they are often taken quickly from shelters. You can also use petfinder.com to search for cats in your vicinity and check if you’re lucky enough to find a Flame Point Siamese Cat. The website allows you to apply filters to refine your search.

Some Siamese cat breeders may also have Flame Point Siamese. Since many Siamese breeders are only breeding show-quality cats, Flame Points won’t be their priority as they are not considered purebred. This list includes breeders that could potentially have some nonstandard varieties like Flame Points.

Before getting a Flame Point Siamese cat from a breeder, it is crucial to conduct thorough research. This includes checking for positive online reviews, verifying documentation of exams and vaccinations, ensuring the cats are raised in a healthy environment, and have been adequately socialized. It may also require traveling to another state if there are no breeders nearby.

If you desire a feline companion with an exceptional personality, the Flame Point Siamese is an ideal choice. These distinctive cats possess remarkable personal traits resulting from the crossbreeding of affectionate Siamese and affectionate red or orange tabby American shorthair. It is crucial to have sufficient time and energy to reciprocate their love if you decide to adopt one.

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