Why Is My Cat Hiding And Not Eating – Uncovering the Mystery

Cats are super cute pets with their own special traits and behaviors that are just so adorable. One of these cute behaviors is when your cat decides to play hide and seek. But you might wonder why your cat is hiding and not eating.

Cats may hide and refuse to eat because they feel stressed, anxious, or scared. If there is a sudden change in their daily routine or environment, they might choose to hide. This can result in a loss of appetite.

So, let’s talk about why your cat is hiding and some other things that are connected to it, which you should know about.

Reasons Your Cat Hides And Doesn’t Eat

Here are the main reasons why your cat is hiding and not eating. If this behavior continues for a really long time, we recommend seeing a vet.

Your Cat Might Be Suffering From Illness Or Pain 

If your cat is constantly hiding and refusing to eat, it’s likely that she is dealing with an underlying illness.

Your furry friend doesn’t like to show when she’s in pain, so she hides away. Your cat could be dealing with a nasty cold, arthritis, or another ongoing health issue.

These illnesses also cause a loss of appetite, so your cat will begin to hide and refuse to eat.

If your cat starts behaving differently all of a sudden, it’s important to take them to the vet as soon as possible to check for any potential health issues.

Your Cat’s Routine Has Been Changed

Cats are creatures of habit. They like things to stay the same every day. So, if something in their routine changes, they might get upset and refuse to eat, and they might even hide away.

Some examples of changes in routine could be going to the vet or having a new person visit your home.

When you take your cat on a car trip, she will usually not want to eat for a while because cats don’t really like traveling. Some cat owners also say that their cats feel sick to their stomachs after being in a car.

Your Cat Is Undergoing Stress And Anxiety

Despite their tough appearance, cats are actually quite sensitive. Even a minor negative experience can cause stress and anxiety in your beloved pet.

You might not even realize it, but simple things like being late from work or having friends over for a snack can stress out your cat.

Sometimes, when you bring a new pet home, it can make your cat feel more anxious. When this happens, your cat might hide and not want to eat.

If you notice your cat acting like this, try to figure out what might be making her really nervous and try to make her feel better and more relaxed.

But keep in mind that if your cat is hiding and not eating because of stress, it’s usually not a long-lasting problem. However, if your cat keeps doing this for a while, it’s best to see a vet.

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Your Cat Does Not love Its Food

Cats and their well-known fits of anger! This had to be mentioned. Your cat is likely not enjoying the food you give her and therefore hides when it’s time to eat.

Furthermore, you can also anticipate this behavior to bring about the introduction of a different type of food to your cat. If that’s the situation, you need to be patient and consistently attempt to motivate your cat to give the new food a try.

If your cat completes her new meal, you can also try using a reward system by giving her a treat!

The Placement Of Food Bowl Is Not Apt

Cats are choosy. So, don’t anticipate them to eat their food if their food bowl is placed next to the litter box. After all, they value cleanliness, and the same applies to their meals.

Keep in mind that where you place the food bowl will greatly affect how many tantrums your cat will have while eating.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you place the food bowl in a suitable location, away from the litter box and any areas that could generate loud sounds.

Your Cat Is Scared

Cats can become frightened for various reasons. The sound of a new vacuum cleaner or even just rearranging furniture can be enough to scare your cat.

When a cat is scared, it will try to ignore loud noises or anything that frightens it by hiding. This will also affect its desire to eat, and you can always assume that a scared cat won’t eat until it feels more relaxed.

Is It Normal For Cats To Hide And Not Eat

It’s totally normal for cats to hide and not feel like eating when something in their surroundings changes. So, if you’ve recently brought home a new cat, don’t be surprised if it hides away for a while.

If your cat has a history of being nervous or stressed, it may hide and refuse to eat. This can happen when your cat is feeling stressed and tense.

If your cat is hiding and not eating, it’s important to be cautious and patient while making sure your cat feels comfortable and confident.

If you spend enough time with your cat, give her new toys and treats she enjoys, eventually she will trust you, stop hiding, and eat a good meal.

Why Is My Cat All Of A Sudden Hiding

Cats are smart animals, and they don’t easily display signs of pain. Therefore, if your cat suddenly starts hiding, it’s likely that she’s experiencing discomfort or not feeling well.

If your cat is coughing or experiencing joint pain from arthritis, you may notice her limping. Additionally, if she has a chronic condition like kidney failure, she may hide and lose her appetite.

If your cat suddenly starts hiding and continues to do so for a long time, don’t wait too long and go see a vet right away. Taking quick action can help prevent the development of a chronic illness.

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How Long Can A Cat Hide Without Eating

If your cat is hiding for reasons other than being chronically ill, it’s likely that she will only hide for a day or two at most. Once she starts feeling hungry or thirsty, she will come out of her hiding spot to eat or drink something.

The reason we say this is because, on average, a cat can go without eating or drinking for 24 to 48 hours.

While it is possible for cats to go without eating for up to two weeks as long as they have enough water, they typically can only last 3 to 4 days without getting enough protein, even if they have access to water.

Will My Cat Come Out Of Hiding To Eat

If your cat wants to eat, she will only do so when she feels secure and at ease. Many cat owners say that when they bring home a new cat, the anxious cat will only come out to eat and use the litter box when there are no people around, or possibly in the middle of the night.

As time goes by, your new cat will start feeling more at ease in your home and around you, and eventually, she will stop hiding. But until then, it’s important to be patient!

Will A Scared Cat Starve Itself 

Indeed, a frightened cat has the potential to refuse food and go hungry. When a cat is extremely scared, it may choose to stay hidden and not even venture out to use the litter box.

If your cat is hiding in a place where there is no food or water, they may not come out to eat or drink. Sometimes, your cat may also get scared if she sees a new pet in your home.
If your cat is hiding, you can try putting the food and water bowls near her hiding spot. This might make her feel more comfortable and encourage her to come out and eat when she’s hungry.

Should You Force Feed A Cat That Won’t Eat

If your cat doesn’t want to eat, it’s important not to try to make her eat. Using a syringe or dropper to force her to eat should be avoided at all costs!

If your cat refuses to eat for more than 48 to 72 hours, it’s important to take them to the vet. They could be experiencing health or dental problems that are causing them pain when they try to eat.

What Do You Feed A Cat That Refuses To Eat

If your cat is not eating the food, you can try making it more tasty. Here are some options you can try if your cat doesn’t want to eat.

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● Look for canned wet food with seafood flavors that have a strong smell to attract your cat.

● You can attempt offering some baby food made from meat.

● Increase the attractiveness of their food by including water from the tuna can.

● One option is to mix in some warm, low sodium chicken broth with your cat’s food. You can add it to both dry kibble and canned food. Just make sure to avoid broths that have onion, garlic, or chives, as these can be harmful to your cat’s health.

● You can heat up your cat’s food in the microwave or add warm water to it. Just be careful not to make it too hot and burn your furry friend’s tongue.

● Enhance the taste of your cat’s food by sprinkling some grated parmesan on top. The salty and cheesy flavor is sure to catch your cat’s attention.

● Give your cat some of their favorite treats.

Do Cats Hide When They Are Sick

Cats have a tendency to become more secluded and hide when they are feeling unwell. However, this can also vary depending on the individual cat’s personality.

When cats are not feeling well, some of them may choose to hide, while others may seek more attention and care.

How Do You Feed A Cat That Is Hiding

If your cat is hiding, put some food and water close to where it’s hiding. And if you have other pets, make sure they’re not around.

After your cat stops hiding, try to motivate her to eat by feeding her separately, without any other pets around.

If your cat has a cough and cold, you can try wiping her nose to clear the discharge and improve her sense of smell. This may help encourage her to eat.

Be patient and consider hand-feeding your cat. Because your cat trusts you, she may be more willing to eat when you offer the food with your hands.

Things To Consider

It’s important to pay attention to how your cat hides and eats. While cats often hide, it could be a sign of a serious illness.

It’s important to always make sure your cat has access to food and water, and you should have their food and water set up close to where they like to hide.

If your cat suddenly stops eating, it’s important to act quickly and take them to the vet. The vet can give them medicine to help them regain their appetite and check for any hidden illnesses.

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