Why Does My Kitten’s Breath Smell Like Poop – Uncover the Mystery!

Yuck! What has the cat brought in this time? It doesn’t have a pleasant smell! you can’t help but think as you open the living room and are hit with a strong odor. However, when you check your cats, they appear to be fine. To your horror, you realize that it’s your kitten that smells like a freshly fertilized cornfield. Not only that, but the foul odor is coming from her mouth. What could this possibly mean? Is she unwell? Is it because of something you did? You turn to the internet and ask, why does my kitten’s breath have the scent of poop?

Kittens have breath that smells like poop because they are exposed to poop in their surroundings or have issues with their digestive system. Kittens may play with or consume poop, causing their breath to have a feces-like odor. If your kitten is vomiting excessively, it could be a sign of gastrointestinal problems that can also lead to a poop smell.

This article will talk about various reasons why your kitten’s breath smells like poop, if you should be worried, and what you can do to fix it.

Reasons Your Kitten’s Breath Smells Like Poop

If your kitten’s breath smells like poop, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Here are six possible reasons for this unpleasant odor:

Your Kitten’s Litter Isn’t Clean

The most obvious and easily fixable problem is that you’re not cleaning the kitty litter often enough.

Most people clean their cat’s litter box every day, but some owners can get away with cleaning it every other day. If you don’t clean your kitten’s surroundings, there’s a good chance she’ll come into contact with dirty things.

Your Kitten Isn’t Good At Grooming Yet

Kittens are in the process of learning how to be cats, and one aspect of that learning involves taking care of their grooming. If a kitten accidentally steps in poop, they may forget to clean themselves or they may clean themselves and end up with feces stuck in their mouth.

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No need to worry! Your cat will eventually learn how to groom herself. If you see poop on your cat, you can use baby wipes or wet cloths to clean her. If the cat’s mother is around, she might also help in grooming her baby.

Your Kitten’s Diet Is Poor

If you changed your kitten’s food brand and now she has a smelly smell, it’s likely because of the food. Kittens, like babies, have very sensitive stomachs.

Immediately switch your kitten back to the previous brand, and if the smell of poop is caused by her food, it should go away soon.

Furthermore, cats who only eat wet food have been found to have smellier breath than cats who eat solid or semi-solid food. Solid food is associated with healthier teeth in adult cats, so it might be worth considering a diet change!

Your Kitten Has Eaten Something She Wasn’t Supposed To

It’s a common error – you accidentally left a super spicy chip within reach of your kitten’s curious paws. Being the curious little creature she is, she would gobble it down! Of course, there are some things that even humans can barely tolerate, let alone a delicate kitten.

It’s possible that your kitten might vomit if they eat something unnatural, causing their breath to smell like poop.

Your Kitten Is Vomiting Excessively

If your cat vomits frequently and her breath has a foul odor resembling poop, it is advisable to take her to the veterinarian. The vet, being an expert, will be able to identify the issue and provide appropriate treatment for your kitten.

Your Kitten Is Playing With Her Poop

Oh no! It’s super gross, but it’s actually true. Kittens are really curious, especially when they don’t have anything interesting to do (like in a living room without any toys). Because of this, they might end up doing something extreme like eating their own poop.

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If you see your cat playing with your poop, you should go to the pet store and get some toys that won’t make her smell like she was in the dirty parts of your backyard.

Is It Normal For Kittens To Have Bad Breath

It’s common for kittens to have stinky breath sometimes, so don’t worry if your kitten’s breath smells bad. However, it’s important to check if your kitten’s surroundings are clean, safe, and interesting. If any of these things are missing, your cat might end up near her poop.

What Disease Is Associated With Feces Smelling Breath

If your kitten has any illnesses that make them vomit, it could result in their breath smelling like poop.

Do Kittens’ Breaths Smell While Teething

Definitely! When kittens are teething, they might get gingivitis, which can make their breath stink. The best thing to do in this situation is to wait it out – the bad breath will go away on its own once your kitten is done teething.

How Do I Get Rid of My Kitten’s Bad Breath

To avoid your kitten having smelly breath, you should identify the cause. If you maintain a clean and organized environment, take your kitten for regular check-ups at the vet, and provide her with a nutritious diet, any instances of bad breath should eventually go away! In the meantime, it might be a good idea to think about brushing your kitten’s teeth.

A lot of people suggest brushing your cat’s teeth, similar to how you brush your own teeth. If you start when they’re young, you can help them get comfortable with having their mouth touched by rubbing yummy stuff on their gums, like the gravy from a can of wet cat food.

After your cat gets comfortable with you touching her gums, you can start brushing her teeth. Regular pet toothbrushes are usually too big for kittens, so it’s better to use clean gauze wrapped around your finger. Remember to use toothpaste made specifically for pets, as human toothpaste can be harmful to them!

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Things To Consider

Typically, a cat’s stinky breath is not a big deal. It’s usually because they’re going through a stage, like teething, that can make their breath smell bad. However, there are also some things in their surroundings that can contribute to the stench.

The first issue can be resolved with patience and time, while the second issue can be addressed by ensuring a clean environment and removing anything that could upset the cat’s stomach. However, neither of these problems are usually serious and can be easily resolved.

There are many things in your cat’s surroundings that can make their breath stink, but the main thing is to keep their environment clean! Make sure to clean the litter box at least every other day, if not more frequently.

Ensure that you tidy up any food that has been spilled so that your kitten doesn’t get into anything she shouldn’t. If your kitten is curious and playing with her poop, make sure to provide some toys to divert her attention away from it.

If you see your cat with poop on her butt, be sure to clean it off using baby wipes or pet wipes.

But if you think your cat has a tummy problem, you should bring your little kitty to the vet. The vet will figure out what’s going on with your cat and how to fix it.

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