Loudly: 9 Common Reasons Cats Meow In Other Room

Cats use meowing as a way to communicate with humans. Knowing why they meow excessively can improve the harmony between you and your cat. It can be worrisome when your cat meows loudly in another room. So, have you ever asked yourself why your cat meows loudly in a different room?

Cats meow in another room to communicate. They meow when they’re hungry, thirsty, or want attention. They may also meow if they’re sick, injured, stressed, or in need of assistance. Meowing is often an emotional reaction for cats.

It’s important to understand how loud and the way a cat meows because not all meows are equal. Sometimes, a meow can indicate something is seriously amiss, and as a pet owner, you should be attentive to these sounds. Here are nine possible reasons why your cat may be meowing loudly from another room and how you can assist.

Your Cat May Have An Illness

Kitties usually do a great job of concealing any physical signs of being sick. But there are times when they can’t hide it. Certain diseases can cause a change in their appetite, making them hungrier or less hungry. So, cats will meow loudly at their owners when they’re hungry for more food. If there’s a breed-specific disease that might be causing an appetite change, it’s likely the cat will meow in the other room.

When cats get hurt, they usually don’t meow. Instead, they tend to keep their distance and stay quiet. They only start meowing when they want to be checked or treated. Pay close attention to their body language while they meow, as it can reveal their mood and emotions.

If your cat is meowing loudly in another room, the best thing you can do is take them to the vet right away. After that, make sure to give them the right care and take them for regular checkups.

Cats Meow For Attention

Certain cats, like the Siamese breed, can be quite demanding when it comes to seeking attention. Siamese cats are known for being extremely vocal. I once had a cat that was very assertive and direct in expressing his desire for attention, often accompanied by frequent meowing. If he wanted to be petted and I wasn’t scratching him in some way, he would make it known. Some cats are very vocal about their need for attention, especially if they are confined to a single room.

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If your cat is meowing loudly for this reason, try to increase the amount of time you spend with them, either by playing or petting. However, you may also want to consider modifying this behavior. They will begin to understand that meowing will result in them getting whatever they desire. If this becomes a problem, begin teaching your cat that you will only give them attention when they are quiet and at specific times.

Your Cat Is Aging

As cats get older, some of their bodily functions, particularly eyesight, begin to decline. Many cats experience a loss of eyesight as they age. This may not be an issue during the day when there is more light and you are around to assist them. However, at night or when they are by themselves, it can be a different situation altogether.

If a cat is unable to see its surroundings or understand what is happening, it may become anxious and start meowing loudly. I had a cat that did this when she was 21 years old! During the night, she would let out long and deep meows that could be heard throughout the entire house.

If your cat is meowing loudly due to age-related problems, try to keep them near you if possible. They will be able to sense your scent or hear your voice, which may help them relax.

Cats Meow When They Are Lonely

Even though cats are independent creatures, they can feel lonely, especially in today’s busy world with school, work, social activities, and a hectic schedule. When we are not with our cats, they can experience separation anxiety, which is more commonly associated with dogs but can also affect cats.

Cats can feel anxious, bored, and lonely when they are alone without you. If you are in another room and your cat doesn’t realize you are home, you might hear them making long and distressing meowing sounds. If your neighbors start complaining about your cat’s loud cries, it could be because your cat is missing you and wants you to come back home.

When your cat meows loudly in another room, there are several things you can do to address the issue. Firstly, make sure there are enough toys available for your cat to play with, as they may be bored. If that doesn’t solve the problem, consider asking a pet sitter, friend, or family member to visit and give your cat some attention. Another option is to provide your cat with a perch near a window so they can watch birds, people, and leaves moving in the wind, which can help keep them entertained.

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Stressed Cats Tend To Meow Loudly

Cats can easily get stressed out. The main things that stress them out are moving to a new place, having a new baby in the house, or when there’s a lot of people around. If a cat’s routine gets messed up, they will probably feel stressed.

Cat carriers are really stressful for cats. They connect it with a negative experience and then have to be put inside it again when going to the vet or being relocated to a new place.

The great thing is that cats will eventually get used to a new home, a baby, or new people. The not-so-great thing is that it can lead to a lot of meowing.

If your cat is meowing because of stress, try to identify the main reason for the stress and eliminate it (if you can). While you can’t get rid of a new baby, you can limit the baby’s interactions with the cat. Another approach is to spend more quality time with your cat to help her relax.

Your Cat Is In Heat

When cats let out long yowls, it’s a way of letting potential mates know that they’re ready to mate. They often do this by raising their tail and sticking their rear end up in the air.

To avoid issues like spraying and overpopulation, it is recommended to have most indoor cats spayed or neutered. If your cat is not fixed, it’s best to wait until the heat has passed before getting them fixed.

Stuck in something

This might not happen often, but it can still occur. I’ve had cats that get trapped while trying to climb through curtains, blinds, or couch cushions. They sometimes stay there until someone discovers them, but other times (and more commonly), they meow loudly.

Another common reason why cats meow in other rooms is because they enjoy hiding and sleeping in closets. It’s tempting to close the door and leave them be, but when they wake up, they’ll make it known that they’re trapped. Kittens are especially prone to meowing when they’re stuck, and they tend to get stuck more frequently.

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The most effective way to assist with this is to help them get out of that situation!

Cats Want To Be Social 

Cats that are friendly enjoy welcoming you when you come home, just like dogs. Sometimes, they may meow a lot because they are excited to see you!

I used to have a cat that enjoyed napping in my closet. Whenever he heard the sound of keys in the door, he would quickly start meowing and come out to welcome me. If your cat does the same, consider yourself fortunate! You have an affectionate cat that truly adores you.

You can’t change it, it’s just how your cat is.

Your Cat Needs To Go Outside

If you have both indoor and outdoor cats, especially with dogs around, your cats might learn from the behavior of other animals. For example, if your dog barks to alert you to come back inside after going potty, your cat will likely notice and learn from this.

Nevertheless, your cat may meow by the door to grab your attention, indicating that they want to be let in or out. I once had a cat that thoroughly enjoyed going outside. Each evening, he would position himself next to the door and meow. If anyone stood up from the sofa and appeared to be heading towards the door, my cat would follow them while meowing.

If you want to stop this behavior, try setting specific times for your cats to go outside. While you can’t control when they come back home, having scheduled outdoor times can help decrease their meowing.

When a cat meows, it’s their way of communicating with you. Make sure to listen and understand their needs, and do what you can to keep both you and your furry friend content.

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