Why Does My Cat Guard Me – Unveiling Its Secrets

Cats are incredibly protective pets. They are great to have around, but sometimes they may guard you without any apparent reason. Even when you have friends or family nearby, they won’t allow anyone to approach you, which can be worrisome. This makes you question why your cat acts as a guard.

Cats protect you because they want to defend their space. Cats who feel anxious when separated from you are more likely to stick by your side and watch over you. Guarding is a way for cats to show their love and it’s something you can expect from them.

Protecting their owners is something that cats do more often than you might realize. In the following paragraphs, we will explain how cats go about guarding their owners and what you can generally expect to observe.

Reasons Your Cat Guards You

Cats protect humans for various reasons. However, there are a couple of main ones that you’ll likely notice repeatedly. Here are a few to remember.

Your Cat Loves You

If your cat protects you, it could mean that they love and care for you. Cats sometimes see their owners as special and important, similar to how they treat their favorite toys. When your cat guards you, it’s their way of showing that they respect you and consider you valuable in their life.

Cats show their loyalty and protect you no matter what. Sometimes, they guard you by purring softly, rubbing their heads against you, and giving you gentle licks.

Your Cat Wants To Close The Space

Cats are highly perceptive of their surroundings. If they sense something is amiss, they will promptly approach that area to regain their sense of comfort. If you are in the same room as your cat and make a sudden movement, they might swiftly come to your side to protect you and ensure their territory remains secure.

Just like when you change their litter box or move things around, cats notice and might think something is off. To make sure you’re safe from the weirdness of the room’s setup, your cat will come and protect you.

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Cats also exhibit this behavior when moving between rooms or exploring a hallway. Whenever they sense any potential threats, they will assume a protective posture until they feel secure in their territory once more.

Your Cat Is Afraid

Cats can get scared by loud noises, big shadows, or any sudden surprises. When they feel afraid, they will quickly come to your side to protect you and defend the area. They believe that together, you are unstoppable.

It’s adorable to witness your fluffy buddy doing that, but it’s also worrisome because your cat is scared.

It’s Part Of Your Cats Routine

Just like how cats have their daily routines of eating, running around, playing with toys, and jumping on furniture, guarding is also a part of their routine. Some cats enjoy doing it!

Many times, you will observe this occurring when you engage in activities such as

  • Go to the bathroom
  • return home from work
  • turn on the TV
  • Let the guest in by opening the door.

Whenever something occurs, it triggers a reaction in your cat’s mind. And naturally, they will come and protect your area. Usually, it doesn’t last long, and it’s always in response to a signal the cat receives.

Your Cat Has Separation Anxiety

One of the main reasons why a cat will protect you is because it gets anxious when separated from you. This is common among cats, especially if they are left alone for a long time or confined to a specific area.

When you come back home from shopping or work, your cat will probably come running to protect you. Even when you just need to use the bathroom, your cat may not like being separated from you for those few moments.

You’ve Encouraged The Behavior

When your cat protects you, it is often seen as a cute thing and is encouraged. This may lead you to give them treats, pet them, play with them, and engage in other activities.

However, this behavior is actually encouraged. So, if you’re okay with it, they will keep doing it, hoping for attention or food as a reward.

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Can Cats Be Protective Of Their Owners

Indeed, cats have the ability to guard and protect their owners.

Many times, cats guard their owners when they sense danger or feel uneasy. This behavior is instinctual due to their territorial nature.

This behavior can be observed in both male and female cats. Actually, most of the time, they exhibit protective behavior when it comes to defending against other cats rather than humans or other pets.

Do Cats Protect You While You Sleep

There are cats that guard and protect you while you’re sleeping.

Have you ever woken up to see your cat staring at you while standing on your chest? They’re not just making sure you’re still alive, but they’ve probably been observing you all night.

Certain cats may even wait by the bedroom door until you fall asleep before they go back to their own space for the night.

Often, a cat chooses to sleep at the end of the bed rather than beside you. This is because they find that spot more comforting and secure. It provides them with a protected area and enables them to stay vigilant in case of any potential threats.

Why Does My Cat Guard Me In The Bathroom

Your cat protects you when you go to the bathroom because it gets anxious when you’re not around.

Typically, when we go to the bathroom, we shut the door on our cat. This is a big deal because they can’t see us anymore. As a result, it’s common to hear your cat meowing and reaching its paws under the door in an attempt to find you.

Just picture it – you go to take a shower, wash your hands, or flush the toilet. Suddenly, all those loud noises become really bothersome for your cat. And when they’re stuck on the other side of the door, they feel scared and powerless.

So, what frequently occurs is that a cat will swiftly join you in the bathroom and sit at your feet while you’re in there. Some cats may even position themselves by the door, keeping watch.

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Have you ever experienced a situation where your cat protects you while you take a shower? If not, it’s only a matter of time! Cats may not be fans of water, but they recognize that you are in a vulnerable state and will keep an eye out for you while you cleanse yourself.

For your cat, it’s all about instincts. They need to be close to you because they feel the need to protect you from any potential dangers, like the noises in the bathroom.

Signs Your Cat Is Overprotective

Although guarding is an adorable behavior that cat owners usually like, it can sometimes become excessive. Some cats take it to the extreme, resulting in an overly protective cat.

Here are a few indications that your cat is being overly protective of you.

  • Large eyes
  • Hissing/growling
  • Huffing
  • Arched back
  • Rapid tail movements
  • When cats bite and scratch aggressively towards people and other animals

Final Thoughts

It’s a bit of a mixed bag when your cat guards you. It feels good to know that your pet wants to protect you, but it can also be overwhelming when you’re trying to sleep or use the bathroom and they invade your personal space.

Sometimes, the protection can become excessive, and someone close to you might get hurt by a scratch or bite.

In the end, it’s about finding a balance with your cat. You should focus on improving their behavior and encouraging them to engage in various activities. Additionally, make sure your cat feels comfortable by leaving doorways open, not disappearing for extended periods of time, and promoting other behaviors to reduce their guarding tendencies.

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