Why Do Siamese Cats Have Crooked Tails – Uncovering the Mystery

Throughout the years, you’ve probably come across numerous tales about Siamese cats. You’re aware that they possess a sleek and unique look. However, there’s one aspect of these cats that you may have overlooked – their tails. A common question arises: What is the reason behind Siamese cats having crooked tails?

The reason why Siamese cats have crooked tails is due to a unique genetic trait that occurs as a result of inbreeding. Additionally, tails can become bent as a result of trauma, nerve damage, or infections. If a tail is injured and doesn’t heal correctly, it can also become crooked.

There is a well-known story that explains why Siamese cats have crooked tails. According to this legend, they were protecting a valuable royal goblet, which caused their tails to become permanently bent. In this article, we will explore various reasons why Siamese cats have crooked tails. We will also provide answers to common questions and offer tips on how to recognize cats with broken tails.

Reasons Your Cat Has a Crooked Tail

Siamese cats have crooked tails for several reasons. Here are the main reasons why their tails are crooked:


One of the main reasons why Siamese cats have crooked tails is because they can experience trauma. Similar to their limbs, a cat’s tail can be broken or dislocated, causing pain. If the tail heals incorrectly, the cat may have a permanently crooked tail.

If a cat experiences an injury and the tail becomes fractured, there is a strong possibility that the tail will not heal correctly.

If the tail doesn’t heal properly, it can end up permanently bent. However, the good news is that bent tails are usually not a problem.

It’s not easy to tell if a cat has a broken tail. You have to watch for slow movements and sensitivity in that area. If you see those signs, the cat will need surgery to fix the tail before it can heal completely. Even though the tail may appear straight when it’s broken, it will gradually start to bend and become more crooked over time.


Each cat has its own unique set of genetic characteristics that are passed down through generations, influencing their physical appearance. This is also true for Siamese cats.

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Most Siamese cats have crooked tails, which is usually passed down through their genes. The main cause of crooked tails in cats, in general, is inbreeding.

For instance, many Siamese cats have a bent tail due to a genetic trait. However, it’s important to mention that not all Siamese cats have curved tails. In reality, most of them have straight tails.

In addition, it is extremely uncommon nowadays to come across a Siamese cat with a bent tail. The genetic characteristic has been eliminated through selective breeding.

Nerve damage

One reason why cats can have a bent tail is because of nerve damage. The nerves in a cat’s tail are responsible for controlling the muscles in their tail.

If a cat’s tail is injured or affected by a disease, it can end up permanently bent or crooked.

The tail can also become limp or completely lose its ability to move.

Occasionally, the nerve damage can cause unexpected movements in the tail. This implies that your cat has no ability to control it. It’s a distressing sight, but you can prevent it by regularly observing your cat and examining for injuries, especially if your cat is highly active.

Fortunately, thanks to advancements in medical technology, it is possible to address nerve damage in cats’ tails, improving their functionality in case of serious injuries.


This is a very unusual reason why some cats have crooked tails. Cats that do this often have a condition called obsessive-compulsive disorder.

As a cat owner, it’s important to closely observe your cat. The reason why your cat is biting its tail might be related to a skin problem. It could also be due to Pica, which is when your cat lacks certain nutrients.

If you see something strange your cat is doing, don’t wait to contact your vet.


Considering the numerous diseases that exist, it is completely possible for your Siamese cat to contract an infection at some stage.

A Siamese cat’s tail may appear bent due to an infection in that area. Unlike fractures or trauma, this bending doesn’t happen suddenly but develops gradually over time.

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If you find the infection early, it’s unlikely that your cat will have a crooked tail.

The chances of your Siamese cat developing a tail infection are very slim. If your cat stays indoors, the risk is almost non-existent. However, if you have an active cat that also goes outside, there isn’t much you can do to prevent possible infections and parasites.

Is It Normal For Siamese Cats To Have Crooked Tails

It’s unusual for Siamese cats to have bent tails. However, many Siamese cats actually have a bend in their tails.

In addition to their crooked tails, Siamese cats are also recognized for having crossed eyes, poor teeth, and various other issues.

Crooked tails are not as appealing in today’s world as they once were in the past.

Breeders of Siamese cats have chosen to remove this characteristic by breeding Siamese cats that do not have a bend in their tails.

Siamese cats first came from Thailand, which was previously called Siam. Nowadays, you don’t see as many cats with crooked tails in Thailand as before.

Can Cats Be Born With A Kinked Tail

Indeed, certain cats are born with a twisted tail. Numerous Siamese cats typically possess twisted tails. However, having a kink in their tail does not impact the cat’s overall well-being.

There are many different tail problems that can happen to cats. A cat’s tail might be twisted or curved. Most tail problems in cats are usually passed down from their parents.

It has been observed by experts that cats with crooked tails often skip a generation before reappearing in the next one!

According to a study, it is believed that a short or twisted tail in Asian cats is a common characteristic caused by a genetic mutation.
Siamese cats usually have three types of crooked tails.

● Minor kink

● Medium kink

● Extreme kink

Minor bend: a condition in which a cat’s tail is slightly shorter (25cm long) and has a bend at the end.

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A medium kink refers to a tail that is noticeably shortened (10-20cm long) either at the base or the tip.

A bobtail with severe truncation (less than 10 cm long) and multiple kinks is referred to as an extreme kink.

Can A Kinked Tail Be Fixed

No, you can’t fix a crooked tail. Trying to fix it would probably cause a lot of pain for your cat.

There’s no right way to straighten a crooked tail. Since a crooked tail doesn’t cause any harm, there’s really no reason to try and fix it.

Another commonly used method is to break the tail bones in a painful way in order to move them into a different position. If this technique doesn’t work, cutting off the bent part of the tail is another choice.

If your Siamese cat has a bent tail because of an injury and it’s not serious, all you have to do is make sure your cat gets enough rest.

Crooked tails in Siamese cats, caused by injury, often have the ability to heal without intervention.

How Do You Tell If Your Cat Has A Broken Tail

If a Siamese cat’s tail is injured, it will become limp and cause the cat a lot of pain.

Some other indications that your cat may have fractured its tail include the following:

● Lack of tail movement

● Bleeding

● Puffy tail

● Not being able to control pooping and peeing

● Hiding and crying

If you see some of these symptoms in your cat, make an appointment with your vet.

Prior to seeing your vet, ensure that your cat gets sufficient rest.

Damage to the base of a cat’s tail can be even more risky because it can harm the nerves and blood vessels.

You can also check this YouTube video about this topic:

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