Why Do Kittens Sleep A Lot – Uncover the Mystery!

Whenever you feel like playing with your kitten, you might see them snoozing away. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your kitten, and it’s actually pretty normal for them to sleep for long periods. But this still leaves many people wondering: why do kittens sleep so much?

Kittens sleep a lot because they are growing and require necessary rest. Depending on how old they are, kittens may require up to 22 hours of sleep, with most sleeping for at least 16 hours per day.

Here’s the scoop on why kittens sleep so much and when you should start worrying about their snooze time.

Reasons Why Kittens Sleep A Lot

Kittens have numerous reasons for needing to sleep, but here are the top 10 most common and significant reasons.

Kittens Naturally Sleep Most of The Day

Just like adult cats, kittens have to sleep a lot. When they are born, kittens spend most of their time sleeping, eating, and getting cleaned by their mom. These important activities fill up their entire day, with 22 out of 24 hours being spent asleep!

As kittens grow older, they might stay awake for slightly longer periods, gradually increasing their time spent awake until they reach adulthood. However, kittens tend to take short cat naps and have sleep cycles of varying lengths, which makes their sleep patterns a bit more unpredictable.

Don’t stress if you discover young cats snoozing in odd places – it’s normal for them to doze off in unexpected spots.

Your Kitten Is Growing

Kittens tend to sleep more during periods of rapid growth, which explains why they spend a lot of time sleeping when they are young. Additionally, they may increase their sleeping time again right before another growth spurt.

Once kittens reach the age where they can be adopted, which is usually around eight weeks old, their growth rate starts to decrease. However, they still have a significant amount of growing left to do. As a result, your cat may continue to sleep for a few additional hours every now and then in order to conserve energy for their growth.

Your Kitten May Be A Teenager

Just like teenagers, kittens also sleep more than adult cats. Even though kittens don’t go through puberty like human teenagers, their bodies are still growing and changing during their teenage phase.

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That’s the reason why adolescent cats go through various stages of growth, such as having long legs, an extra-long tail, or exceptionally large ears.

If you see your cat eating and sleeping more than usual, chances are they’re either growing or preparing to grow.

They Are Bored 

Kittens require plenty of entertainment. While most kittens are full of curiosity and energy, a bored kitten may opt for sleep instead of engaging in exploration or playtime. If your kitten appears disinterested in their environment or frequently napping, it’s beneficial to provide them with additional toys to stimulate their curiosity.

Kittens won’t be harmed by boredom, but it can make them less interested and energetic in the future. This could make it more difficult to maintain their weight and overall health as they grow up.

Your Kitten Needs More Nutrients In Their Food

If kittens don’t get all the necessary nutrients from their food, they might sleep excessively. Sleeping helps them save energy and resources, allowing them to grow as much as possible despite lacking essential nutrients.

Sometimes, kittens can have problems if their owners switch them from kitten food to adult food too early. This can lead to a lack of calories or nutrients. Another issue could be if your kitten has food sensitivities or allergies that you don’t know about. Also, if you choose flavors that your kitten doesn’t like, it can cause problems.

To assist your kitten, you can provide them with different types of food and monitor their eating habits and quantity. If your kitten is excessively sleeping and appears underweight, it could indicate the need for a different food or a visit to the veterinarian.

They May Be Stressed Or Scared

It may seem strange to doze off when you’re frightened, but that’s exactly what some kittens do. Many cats take a nap when they feel stressed or scared as a means of escaping the cause of their anxiety.

Fortunately, the majority of kittens do not experience sleep disturbances unless they have some level of assurance that they will not be harmed. However, frightened kittens may tend to hide and sleep more compared to confident and content kittens.

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One reason why kittens may sleep more for a few days after being adopted or moving to a new home is because of the stress they experience. However, if the signs of stress persist for more than a day or two, it may be necessary to separate your kitten to help them calm down. If this doesn’t help, it is recommended to consult your veterinarian for further guidance or to ensure there are no other underlying issues.

The Weather May Make Them Sleepy

Kittens can also be quite affected by the weather. Extreme cold or snow can make kittens feel more tired and lazy, even when they are inside. This happens because their natural instincts tell them to save energy and find a cozy and warm place to rest.

Your Kitten May Have Gotten Something Toxic

Regrettably, the excessive curiosity of kittens can occasionally lead them into trouble. If kittens appear extremely sleepy or lacking energy without any other explanation, it could indicate that they have come into contact with something toxic. It is important to investigate any known toxins in your home and consider whether you have used onions, garlic, or any other substances that they may have accessed.

If your kitten doesn’t get better fast and you think it might be because of something poisonous, it’s a good idea to contact your vet or bring them in for an urgent visit.

They Might Be Sick

If your cat is a kitten, they are generally healthy, but they can still get sick or have an infection. If your cat seems tired and lacks energy, especially if they are not eating or playing while they are awake, it is recommended to take them to a veterinarian for a check-up.

If your kitten seems sick or extra tired, you can reach out to your vet for advice and they might be able to help you figure out what’s going on.

Your Kitten Is Digesting A Big Meal

Kittens might sleep more than usual because they are busy digesting a large meal. This sleepiness is most often seen in younger kittens or after increasing their daily food intake.

Most veterinarians suggest allowing kittens to eat freely and consume as much food as they desire in order to support their healthy growth and development. However, consuming large meals occasionally can cause them to feel a bit sluggish.

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The great thing is that your kitten will return to their usual state once they wake up after eating a large meal.

Should I Worry If My Kitten Sleeps A Lot

Usually, it’s not a problem if a kitten is sleepy. Kittens tend to doze off in odd places and positions and spend most of their day sleeping. Unless there are other indications of a problem, you don’t need to be overly concerned about kittens sleeping.

A skinny kitten that doesn’t play or appears unhealthy is a bigger issue than a kitten that rests a lot.

Is It Normal For A Kitten To Sleep All Day

Kittens usually adapt their schedules to be awake when their owners are present, but it may take some time for them to get used to it.

If your kitten spends most of its time sleeping and shows no interest in eating, using the litter box, or playing, it could be a cause for concern.

Keep an eye on your kitten for any signs that they’re not doing well besides sleeping, and make sure to monitor how much they eat and play. Eating and playing are two important signs of normal growth in most kittens.

Things To Consider

When kittens are babies and toddlers, their sleep patterns can be unpredictable and sometimes cause concern. It’s hard to predict how much your kitten will sleep in the first few days after bringing them home, and their sleep schedule may change as they get older.

It’s only when your cat reaches around two years old that its sleep patterns become more consistent. However, even at that age, you may still catch your beloved cat snoozing in unusual positions or at unexpected times of the day.


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