Why Do Cats Like Shoes – Unravelling the Mystery!

I’ve always had naturally curious cats, which is a good sign that they’re happy and healthy, so I’m always happy to let them explore. But I have to admit, I was puzzled when I noticed that my cats kept going back to my shoes to investigate. It seemed like they really enjoyed sniffing my shoes, especially if they were smelly! Naturally, I became curious about why my cats liked my shoes, so I decided to do some investigating. So, what’s the deal with cats and shoes?

Cats are fond of shoes because they heavily rely on their sense of smell, which is much stronger than that of humans. Shoes carry a familiar scent that naturally attracts cats.

Although I appreciated learning that cats aren’t just attracted to the scent, I still wanted to understand why they are so fixated on shoes, especially the smelly ones that I try to stay away from!

Why Do Cats Like Smelly Shoes

Cats often have a strange liking for stinky shoes, whether they are boots, heels, or fancy shoes that tend to have a stronger odor. Even worn-out sneakers can grab their interest, even though many people would prefer to keep them outdoors!

It’s obvious that the smell doesn’t bother your cat. So, why do they enjoy the stronger scents of stinky shoes?

The main idea behind cats being interested in shoes is that they recognize the scents. Even though your shoes may have a stronger smell than you, they still smell like you, which is comforting for your cat. Sniffing your shoes brings them comfort.

The familiar smells are also the main reason why your cat might choose to snuggle up with your shoes!

But that’s not the only reason. Cats can gain knowledge from scents and even experience certain smells and pheromones just by sniffing them. Your cat might find your shoes intriguing because the scents and smells can provide them with information about your day.

For example, if you’ve visited a friend’s place, your cat will likely be able to detect the scent of your friend and their pets on your shoes.

There’s another explanation for why your cat might be curious about your shoes. If your cat enjoys rubbing against your shoes, which is known as bunting, they are likely trying to establish ownership over you!

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When cats rub their face against people, objects, or other cats, it’s a way for them to spread their scent and pheromones. So, when your cats roll around and rub against your shoes, they’re actually sharing their scent with you.

When your cats show interest in your shoes, it means they are trying to connect with you and show their love and protectiveness towards you. This behavior is a positive indication that your cat cares about you, even if they are not generally interested in shoes.

Why Do Cats Like Feet So Much

Lots of cats also give special attention to their owner’s feet. Some might nibble on toes, while others will clean or even snuggle with your feet. When your cat shows interest in your feet at the end of a tiring day, it’s normal to feel puzzled.

It’s even more relatable if you’ve observed that your cat is more interested in your feet after a tiring day when they’re dirty compared to right after a shower when your feet are fresh and clean.

However, cats are attracted to your feet for similar reasons as they are attracted to your shoes. Your feet contain a significant amount of your scent and pheromones, which remind them of you and provide comfort and pleasure instead of an unpleasant smell.

Your feet have natural pheromones that are similar to your cat’s pheromones and catnip, making them even more attractive to your cat. Your feet not only serve as a constant reminder of your presence, but they also have a familiar scent that resembles other cats.

Not all cats are fond of feet, so don’t be concerned if your cat doesn’t show much interest in your feet. It doesn’t indicate a lack of love towards you. It simply means that they may not be as attracted to scents or they express their affection in different ways.

Why Does My Cat Scratch My Shoes

Cats scratch things for the same reasons they sniff or hang out near your shoes. It’s a way for them to engage with the familiar smell. Scratching can also provide comfort and excitement for your cat.

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For cats, when they can’t be with you, scratching your shoes might be the closest they can get.

Regrettably, scratching your shoes can cause them to deteriorate at a faster rate, so it’s not the behavior you should promote.

If your cat is starting to scratch your shoes, you might consider storing them in a place that your cat can’t reach, such as a closet, high shelf, or drawer. Another option is to use a shoe de-scenting product to eliminate or alter your scent to something your cat dislikes.

Once your cat has used a de-scenting product a few times, they will probably stop being interested in your shoes.

Why Does My Cat Want To Lay On My Shoes

When your cat lies on your shoes, it shows affection, as we’ve already mentioned, but it could also mean something else.

When cats feel stressed or worried, they may find comfort in familiar scents. So, if your cat snuggles up to your shoes more often, it could be a sign that they are feeling stressed, especially when you bring a new pet home, move to a new place, or spend more time away at work.

Cats might also snuggle up to your shoes because they’re not feeling good or think that you’re not paying them enough attention.

If your cat begins to show more affection towards your shoes than usual, it’s important to pay extra attention to them and ensure they are receiving adequate stimulation and attention. Look out for other indications that they may not be doing well, such as sudden changes in weight, vomiting, or increased hiding.

Why Does My Cat Attack My Shoes

There are a few explanations as to why your cat might go after your shoes. They might do it out of boredom, as if they’re playing with you. However, they could also attack your shoes simply because they’re bored or because your shoelaces seem like fun toys.

If your cat begins to attack your shoes, the initial action to take is to conceal the laces. Develop a routine of tucking the laces inside the shoe to reduce their appeal to your cat.

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If that doesn’t work, give playing with your cat a shot. If you spend more time playing with them and using toys, they’ll be less inclined to play with your shoes.

If all else fails, attempt to store your shoes in a location that is inaccessible to your cat. Over time, their curiosity will diminish.

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With My Shoes

If your cat becomes overly fixated on your shoes and reacts aggressively, such as hissing or lashing out when you try to remove them, it could indicate that there is an underlying issue.

Anxiety is a major reason why cats develop obsessive behavior. When cats feel anxious, they often seek comfort from shoes and other items that carry your scent, leading to a heightened attachment to shoes.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why your cat is acting anxious. You can ask your vet for help and try different things to help your cat feel better, but it might take some time to find what works.

If left untreated, cats’ anxiety can worsen, leading to an increased fixation on your shoes. This anxiety can develop into symptoms resembling obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and create more issues as it becomes more severe.

Why Does My Cat Bite My Shoes

Interestingly, biting shoes can indicate affection, similar to other shoe-related actions. Keep an eye on your cat to ensure they are not chewing or attempting to bite off parts of the shoe, as this may indicate a desire for salt or another issue. It’s also important to note that swallowing shoe fragments can pose a risk of foreign body ingestion for your cat.

However, if your cat appears to be playfully biting, you can employ any of the techniques we’ve previously mentioned to discourage this behavior without being concerned about any underlying issues.

You can also check this YouTube video about this topic:

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