Why Are Bengal Cats So Expensive – Price Chart & Guide

In recent years, Bengal cats have become increasingly popular as an exotic breed, but this popularity has come with a high price tag. Bengal cats are among the most costly cat breeds globally, with an average cost ranging from $600 to $2750 depending on their coat coloration, leaving many people wondering about the reasons behind their high expense.

The reason behind the high price of Bengal cats is their rarity compared to other domesticated cat breeds. These cats are a hybrid of Asian Leopard cat genetics, which makes breeding and raising them more difficult and expensive for breeders. As a result, the combination of their unique coloring, rarity, and the costs associated with breeding and raising them all contribute to their elevated cost.

Bengal cats are one of the pricier breeds of felines to own. It is possible to get a more economical cat by buying an adult, particularly a retired breeding cat (commonly referred to as Kings and Queens by Bengal catteries), but kittens usually cost around a thousand dollars (USD) or more. Let’s take a peek at some of the prices associated with different kinds of Bengal cats. 

Bengal Cat Costs: Price Comparison

The Price Chart & Guide provides an approximate cost of Bengal cats from various catteries, but the actual price may vary depending on the availability and expenses related to taking care of a Bengal cat in your locality.

The price of a Bengal cat is determined by its age and the rarity of its coat color. This guide will help you estimate the cost of owning one, though they can be as expensive as $3,000 or more. To get an idea of what to expect, take a look at the Price Chart & Guide.

Bengal Type Brown Spotted Brown Marbled Seal Lynx Spotted Seal Lynx Marbled Silver Spotted Silver Marbled Mink Spotted
Kitten $1,750 and up $1,500 and up $1,750 and up $1,500 and up 2,750, and up $2,000 and up $2,500 and up
Adult $700 and up $600 and up $750 and up $700 and up $800 and up $750 and up $850 and up

It is important to note that various breeders may use different terms to describe the coats of Bengal cats, although these are standard designations, and you may come across the same coloration referred to with slightly different terminology.

The cost of a Bengal cat rises with the amount of medical attention it receives and the additional equipment provided by the cattery, such as toys and litter boxes.

It is evident that the Bengal cat’s price increases with the rarity of its coat color, with a spotted or marbled Bengal cat with an uncommon coat color costing over $2000. Conversely, more common colors like brown are less expensive as they are more readily available from breeders.

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It is worth noting that Bengal cats that are still kittens are much pricier than their adult counterparts. To save on costs, it may be wise to opt for a cat that is at least 2-3 years old as the older the cat, the lower the price.

Are Bengal Cats Rare

As previously stated, Bengal cats are uncommon in comparison to other domesticated felines, but this does not necessarily imply that Bengals are rare in the conventional sense.

When you compare Bengal cats to other uncommon breeds of felines, such as the Savannah cat and the less frequent Maine Coon, Manx, and Norwegian Forest Cats, it’s easy to see why they are so pricey. Not only are they rare, but they also require special care due to their larger size.

Bengal cats are not difficult to locate, but they are less common and more costly than smaller non-hybrid breeds.

Consequently, the Bengal cat comes with a substantial price that you should be prepared to pay.

Bengal Cats Are A Hybrid

Similar to Bengal cats and Savannah cats, hybrid felines are relatively uncommon compared to other cat breeds due to the challenges involved in their breeding process. Additionally, hybrids typically require more upkeep than other breeds, which contributes to their lower population.

Typically, breeds have restrictions on cats that are too distantly related to a wild cat. This implies that a Bengal cat’s great-great-grandchild may qualify for breed inclusion, but their great-great-great grandchild may not be eligible unless they are bred to an Asian Leopard cat or a Bengal that is more closely related to an Asian Leopard cat.

Bengal Cats Aren’t Universally Legal

The legality of Bengal cats is a hindrance to their population growth as they are subject to stricter regulations in some states and prohibited from breeding or ownership in a few.

The presence of legal obstacles creates challenges for ethical breeders to establish themselves, resulting in a relatively scarce Bengal breed.

High Breeding Standards + Breeder Incentive to Keep Bengals Rare

The high breeding standards of responsible catteries and the limited selection of Bengals that meet these requirements are crucial factors in determining the price of Bengal cats.

To avoid inbreeding, catteries put in a lot of effort as we have learned about the consequences of inbreeding from some purebred cats and dogs, which has increased our awareness of its expenses.

To maintain healthy Bengal cats, catteries face limited options for suitable breeding matches due to the avoidance of inbreeding.

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Due to the high costs of care, breeders have a motivation to maintain the rarity of Bengal cats, as cheaper prices would result in many catteries not being able to cover their expenses. By keeping the breed relatively scarce and creating more demand than supply for Bengal kittens, breeders can uphold their standards for genetic excellence and feline welfare.

The reason why Bengal cats are pricey is that reputable breeders have dedicated a significant amount of resources, time, and effort to ensure the well-being of their kittens.

Typically, Bengal breeders will spay or neuter their cats before selling them to new owners, in addition to providing initial vaccinations, disease screenings, and possibly genetic testing for optimal health.

Kittens of the Bengal variety, particularly those descended from Asian Leopard cats, may need additional effort to be socialized and trained since they are a hybrid of a wild cat breed that is not as trusting of humans as domesticated breeds.

It is probable that your Bengal cat breeder has already taken the necessary steps to litter train your kitten and may have also provided basic training to prevent biting or scratching of people.

Where To Buy A Bengal Cat

To purchase a Bengal cat, it is advisable to find a trustworthy breeder and avoid local pet stores unless they collaborate with shelters to sell rescued cats. Although some pet stores acquire their animals from reliable breeders, several do not.

It’s important to find a trustworthy cattery when looking for Bengal cats, and visiting the kittens and their parents before adoption is recommended.

It is advisable to inquire about the training and medical attention provided to Bengal cats as reputable breeders collaborate with veterinarians to ensure the well-being of their felines.

How Can I Buy A Bengal Cat

The majority of Bengal cats are typically bought from a cattery, and it’s common to reserve a kitten from a present or future litter before meeting the feline. Examining the conditions of your agreement is crucial because only a portion of your deposit may be reimbursed.

In case you decide not to adopt your Bengal kitten at the last moment, you may have to pay a portion of their adoption fees as the breeder will have to take care of and accommodate the kitten until they can find another potential owner.

To stay informed about the availability of new Bengal kittens, it’s advisable to follow your breeder on social media and subscribe to their newsletter (if available) as many breeders start taking reservations once a litter is confirmed.

Should I Buy A Bengal Cat

The argument about whether to purchase or adopt cats is just as contentious as the same argument for dogs, and ultimately, the decision depends on your preferences, financial resources, and the type of pet you wish to bring into your home.

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Getting a Bengal cat has some definite benefits. Here are a few of the most noteworthy advantages to think about:

  • When buying from a Breeder, you will receive the cat’s health records.
  • Details regarding your Bengal cat’s ancestry will be provided
  • It is probable that your Bengal cat has received essential medical attention.
  • When you buy a Bengal cat, it is more probable that they have been spayed or neutered.
  • It is possible that your feline companion is already officially recognized as a Bengal breed.

The extra expenses of owning a Bengal cat are justified for some individuals who value the assurance of their pet’s good health and lower risk of serious illnesses.

Having a Bengal cat as a pet necessitates that you are ready to take on the responsibility of raising them. Caring for a Bengal is not an easy task and requires considerable financial investment throughout their life. You will need to provide them with nutritious food, toys, shelter, regular vet visits and more.

Although Bengal cats are not commonly available for adoption, there are still some benefits to adopting one as your new pet.

  • Opposing excessive breeding
  • Assists in alleviating the strain on animal shelters

Bengal Cat Adoption

One of the significant reasons for the high price of Bengal cats is that the adoption fee covers not only the expenses and care provided to your kitten by the cattery but also contributes to the cost of caring for your kitten’s parents.

If you’re interested in adopting a Bengal, it’s great news. These felines can be quite demanding and can create a lot of pressure on shelters that house them. Due to their wild ancestry, many Bengals end up in wildlife rescues instead of traditional shelters.

To adopt a Bengal cat, it is recommended to inform your nearby shelter about your interest in this breed. Although some shelters may notify you when they have one available, you might have to explore multiple shelters as not all of them accept Bengal cats. Additionally, keeping an eye on the shelter adoption page can also help you find a Bengal cat since not all shelters will contact potential adopters when one arrives.

You can also check this YouTube video about this topic:

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