What Is A Ragamese Cat – Unveiling Its Mysterious Charm!

Ragamese cats are super fascinating pets. Besides having a cool name, they have a distinct appearance that sets them apart from other cats. They actually look like a mix of two different cat breeds. But there’s more to them than meets the eye. So, what exactly is a Ragamese cat?

The Ragamese cat is a combination of a Ragdoll cat and a Siamese cat. This mix creates a cat that is talkative and playful like a Siamese, but also loving like a Ragdoll. In terms of looks, the Ragamese is a beautiful longhaired cat with Siamese markings.

Even though the Ragamese is a combination of two different cats, it is not officially recognized as a breed. It is just a name that has become popular slang when these two cats are bred together. This article will provide all the information that cat enthusiasts should know about the Ragamese hybrid cat breed.

What Are Ragamese Cats?

The Ragamese cat is a mix of a purebred Ragdoll cat and a purebred Siamese cat. This creates a cat with long, beautiful fur like the Ragdoll and coat colors and markings similar to a Siamese cat. Like Siamese cats, Ragamese kittens are usually born with white fur and their colored points appear as they grow older. Ragamese cats typically have blue eyes too.
The typical lifespan of Ragamese cats is around 15 years, but it’s not unusual for them to live even longer. These cats are generally quite healthy.

However, Ragamese cats can occasionally experience problems with their digestion, urinary system, and certain medical conditions that are common in cats, like Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Buying your Ragamese kitten from a trustworthy breeder can reduce the chances of your cat developing these conditions.

Ragamese Cat Price 

The typical cost of a Ragamese kitten from a reputable breeder is around $800 to $1200. However, there are instances when Ragamese cats can be found in shelters and rescues, and these cats are usually more affordable. Compared to other hybrid cat breeds, the price range for purchasing a kitten from a breeder is considered average to low.

Besides the price of buying the cat, here’s a table that displays different expenses related to owning a Ragamese cat. It includes things like the cost of food, veterinary care, and more.

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Item Average cost
Cat Food (Natural, with no fillers) $100
Secure Carrier or Pet Cage $40 – $50
Bed $15
Pet Toys $15 – $25
Yearly Vet checkup $185 – $200
Grooming Brushes or Gloves $45 – $65

Ragamese Cat Size 

The Ragamese cat typically reaches a height of 8 to 12 inches at the shoulder when it reaches adulthood. Their weight can vary greatly, ranging from 8 to 20 pounds. This makes Ragamese cats fall into the category of medium to large-sized cats. It is important, like with all cats, to maintain their ideal weight to avoid obesity-related health issues.

Potential Health Problems With Ragamese Cats

Just like any other type of cat, Ragamese cats are more likely to experience specific health issues.

Here are some health problems that can impact Ragamese cats:

  • UTI: Abbreviation for urinary tract infection, this condition can affect different types of cats, not just Ragamese. It can affect various parts of the urinary system, including the bladder, urethra, and kidneys.
  • Digestive Problems: Cats with longer fur are more prone to experiencing digestive problems. This is also true for Ragamese cats, as their fur can lead to the formation of hairballs and the accumulation of bacteria. Consequently, your cat may exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, gagging, and regurgitation.
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD): If your Ragamese cat has PKD, it is probably passed down from its parents. PKD leads to the creation of cysts in the kidneys, which are fluid-filled pockets. As these pockets grow larger, it can eventually lead to kidney failure. By conducting tests and obtaining information about the cat’s parents from the breeder, you can identify this condition at an early stage.
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM): HCM leads to the thickening of the heart muscles in cats, resulting in a decrease in their heart’s ability to function properly. It can be challenging to identify HCM, but you should watch out for symptoms like fast breathing and overall fatigue. Additionally, if you notice your cat panting, it is a clear indication of HCM. You can find more information about this condition here.
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Some other health problems that are frequently seen in Ragamese cats are:

  • PRA
  • FelV
  • Heartworm
  • High-rise syndrome

Ragamese Cat Temperament 

Most Ragamese cats have a combination of the Siamese cat and Ragdoll cat personalities. Similar to Ragdolls, Ragamese cats are friendly and loving, making them an ideal choice for cuddling. However, they are also known for being talkative and adventurous.

While Ragdolls typically don’t exhibit these traits, Siamese cats are known for them. The Ragamese inherits these behaviors from the Siamese, resulting in a cat that is both playful and silly like a Siamese, yet sweet and affectionate like a Ragdoll.

Because they are friendly and like to play, Ragamese cats are a great option for families with kids. Just make sure to keep an eye on how your cat and children interact to keep everyone safe. Also, Ragamese cats usually get along with other cats and dogs that are good with cats.

The Ragamese cat thrives in a lively home environment as they enjoy socializing and may experience separation anxiety.

Do Ragdoll Siamese Cats Shed

Ragamese cats have a dense double coat, so they have a tendency to shed a significant amount of fur twice a year. This shedding process, known as seasonal shedding, takes place during the spring and fall seasons for Ragamese cats. During spring, Ragamese cats shed their thick winter coat to prepare for the summer, while in the fall, they shed their lighter summer coat to make way for the growth of their winter coat. Consequently, you will probably observe a greater amount of hair being shed by your Ragamese cat during the spring compared to the fall when they are shedding.

Are Ragamese Cats Hypoallergenic

Ragamese cats are not considered hypoallergenic and they do shed quite a bit. While there is no officially hypoallergenic cat, some people with cat allergies say that certain cat breeds don’t affect their allergies as much. Unfortunately, neither the Ragamese nor the Ragdoll cat breeds are included in this hypoallergenic cat breed list. So, if you have cat allergies, you might want to avoid getting a Ragamese.

Things To Consider

When it comes to the Ragamese hybrid cat breed, there are a few other factors you need to keep in mind. This includes finding a reliable Ragamese cat breeder, understanding the care needs of Ragamese cats, and determining if the Ragamese cat is a suitable fit for you and your family. Here are some important aspects to consider about Ragamese cats.

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What To Look For In A Ragamese Cat Breeder

If you’re searching for a Ragamese cat breeder, it’s important to do your homework and make sure they’re ethical and trustworthy before getting a kitten from them. This not only ensures you’re doing the right thing, but also helps you avoid buying a sick kitten or one that may have genetic issues in the future. A responsible breeder always prioritizes the health of their cats and strives to produce kittens that are healthy and have good temperaments.

Care Requirements For Ragamese Cats

Prospective owners should be aware of the general care needs of Ragamese cats before bringing one into their home. This primarily involves taking care of their grooming needs. Ragamese cats have long, smooth fur that should be brushed regularly to prevent knots and tangles. It is recommended to brush your Ragamese cat’s fur at least twice a week. Additionally, you may need to clean their ears and eyes, as well as trim their claws.

When it comes to what they eat and how much they exercise, Ragamese cats are pretty similar to other cats. To keep your Ragamese cat healthy, make sure to control their food portions and give them plenty of opportunities to stay active. It’s important to note that some Ragamese cats might have problems with digestion, so they might need a special diet in those cases.

Is The Ragamese Cat Right For You

Before bringing a new cat into your family, it is important to conduct thorough research to ensure they are a suitable addition. The Ragamese cat is an excellent choice for households with a busy atmosphere, as they thrive on social interaction and may experience separation anxiety. It is crucial to note that Ragamese cats are highly vocal, enjoy playing, and crave attention.

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