What is a Lynx Point Siamese Cat – Breed & Unique Features

The Lynx Point Siamese cat is known for its unique personality traits that are either adored or disliked by people. These cats are chatty, nosy, inquisitive, and enjoy receiving attention from their owners. If you appreciate the distinctive character of a conventional Siamese but dislike their combative nature, then the Lynx Point Siamese breed offers you a perfect combination of both.

The Lynx Point Siamese, also called Tabby Points or Colorpoint shorthairs, is a combination of traditional Siamese and tabby cats. Unlike the typical Siamese cat, this breed has a relaxed and calm personality, making them low-maintenance and friendly. Although uncommon, their tortoiseshell appearance is highly valued.

History Of Lynx Point Siamese Cats

The Lynx Point Siamese is a man-made breed that originated in the 1940s or 1950s. It was created by breeding a seal point siamese with an American shorthair. The breed didn’t become popular until the 1960s.

At some point, an individual presented the siamese to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) in London, England, which subsequently acknowledged it as a variation of the siamese breed.

The Lynx Point Siamese cat can be referred to as the tabby point or colorpoints, and these names are used interchangeably depending on the location, serving as a means of categorizing the different colors and patterns of the breed, much like how car manufacturers offer various models.

What Does A Lynx Point Siamese Look Like

The Lynx Point Siamese has a physique that is quite similar to the classic Siamese. They have a medium build, strong body, and an overall slender look. These cats can weigh anywhere from 6 to 12 pounds, with males usually being bigger than females like in many other breeds. This breed is delicate, with small oval paws and a slim frame and tail; however, they are surprisingly muscular underneath which makes them very athletic.

While the Lynx Point Siamese doesn’t have many unique physical characteristics, it does come in a variety of color options with a distinctive pattern. These colors include apricot, cinnamon, red, caramel, seal, blue, lilac, and chocolate. Additionally, Lynx Point Siamese cats have color rings on their cheeks, legs, and tail that become darker as they age.

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The tortoiseshell pattern is thought to be one of the rarest among all the color and coat varieties. Therefore, if you are looking to own a Lynx Point Siamese cat with this pattern, it will likely be quite costly. However, you may get lucky and find one at an adoption center.

One of the unique features of Lynx Point Siamese cats is that they have a distinctive ‘M’ marking on their foreheads, which is a result of their stripes. Additionally, the color of their stripes is usually visible around their ears.

Lynx Point Siamese Cat Personality

Lynx Point Siamese cats possess a unique and distinguishable temperament. They are known for their loving nature, inquisitive behavior, and constant desire to engage with their owners.

Lynx Point Siamese cats are curious animals and tend to explore their surroundings when left alone, often causing chaos. It is typical for owners of this breed to take measures to safeguard their homes as if they were childproofing for a toddler. Additionally, Lynx Point Siamese cats are known for being affectionate towards humans.

As a cat enthusiast, you may be familiar with the peculiar characteristic of Lynx Point Siamese cats. They have a strong desire to participate in every aspect of your life, regardless of its nature. These felines are known for their chattiness and will communicate their daily experiences, viewpoints, and ideas to you. While some individuals find this endearing, others consider it bothersome. Nevertheless, there is no denying the unique personality of the Siamese breed.

The Lynx Point Siamese possesses similar characteristics to the traditional Siamese, but it is a milder and less intense version of the breed.

Although Lynx Point Siamese cats are still sociable, talkative, and inquisitive, they are not as noticeable or intrusive as their Siamese counterparts, and you may not need to take extra precautions to protect your children. For those who find traditional Siamese cats bothersome, this breed is an excellent alternative.

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Lynx Point Siamese vs. Regular Siamese 

The Lynx Point Siamese and a regular Siamese cat have few variations in their physical structure, with the primary difference being their distinct patterns. While Siamese cats are limited to seal point coloration on their paws, tail tips, face, and other extremities, Lynx Point Siamese exhibit a high contrast between their pattern and the rest of their body.

The most remarkable contrast is in the character. Siamese cats are renowned for being talkative felines; extremely vocal and at times irritating. They are resolved to connect with their people through consistent meowing or body language. In some cases, it can be seen as aggressive. Lynx points are the relaxed sibling of the Siamese. They still appreciate the consideration yet are a lot less forceful about it. 

Do Lynx Point Siamese Cats Shed

The Lynx Point Siamese breed of cat has short hair, which may result in less shedding compared to other cats. Additionally, their shorter hair makes grooming a simpler task and reduces the likelihood of airborne irritants such as fur and dander.

Although no cat can be completely hypoallergenic, people usually associate cat allergies with symptoms like sneezing and watery eyes caused by irritants such as those mentioned above, which can be minimized by keeping short-haired cats or maintaining cleanliness. However, a genuine cat allergy is triggered by a protein present in a cat’s saliva, oils, and urine that leads to skin rashes, respiratory problems, watery eyes, and sometimes hives.

To put it briefly, the Lynx Point Siamese is an ideal feline companion for those who are sensitive to cat allergens as they shed less and require minimal grooming. Nevertheless, if you have a genuine allergy that is beyond your control, it’s advisable to steer clear of all cats.

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Average Lifespan Of A Lynx Point Siamese Cat

Typically, purebred cats have a shorter lifespan than mixed breed cats, but there are some exceptions such as the Siamese cat. The Lynx Point Siamese is even luckier because it is considered a mixed breed, which gives it excellent genes from the Siamese and provides protection against various genetic diseases that may have been present otherwise.

The lifespan of a Lynx Point Siamese feline can range from 15 to 20 years, which is significantly lengthier than the average cat’s lifespan, and with appropriate care, it is not unusual for them to live beyond 20 years.

How Much is a Lynx Point Siamese

To find a Lynx Point Siamese, you can easily search for breeders online, and the cost of adopting a kitten with all necessary medical care and microchip is around $500, while those without complete medical attention may cost between $200 to $300.

To find a breeder for Lynx Point Siamese cats, it is advisable to choose one who prioritizes the health requirements of the kittens and ensures their well-being and contentment.

Final Thoughts

Lynx Point Siamese felines are a milder form of the unadulterated Siamese breed, exhibiting equal levels of fondness and inquisitiveness but with a less intrusive demeanor. They present an array of color options, including the classic contrasting hues typical of Siamese cats. Opting for these cats is ideal if you have allergies since they shed less than other breeds, resulting in fewer airborne irritants. These cats are perfect for fulfilling the desires of all cat enthusiasts.

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