Prices Of Sphynx Cats – Cost Chart And Owners Guide

If becoming an owner of a Sphynx cat is your desire, be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money as they come with a high price tag. Therefore, what is the cost of Sphynx cats?

The cost chart for Sphynx cats shows that purebred ones can be purchased for a price range of $1760 to $4400, while some breeders may charge up to $9800 for rare colors or higher quality. Adopting a Sphynx cat is relatively cheaper, with prices ranging from $75 to $135, but the cost increases if you opt for a kitten instead of an adult cat.

Although Sphynx cats come with a high price tag, there are various methods to become an owner without breaking the bank. This guide will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of all the expenses involved in owning a Sphynx cat and additional information.

Sphynx Cat Price Range Chart

A Sphynx cat can cost anywhere from $1760 to $4400, depending on various factors such as its quality, size, coat color, and rarity. For your convenience, we have provided a useful cost chart for both adult and kitten Sphynx cats.

Reasons Sphynx Cats Cost So Much

The reason why Sphynx cats are expensive is due to their purebred status, and finding them from trustworthy breeders can be challenging.

Furthermore, there are several other variables that impact the costs of Sphynx cats, which we will elaborate on below.

Sphynx Kitten $75 – $175 (for adoption) to up to $2000 (to buy)
Sphynx Adult $75 – $175 (for adoption) to up to $4400 (to buy)
Rare Coat Color Sphynx Cat  $4400 – $10125

Breeder Reputation & Cat Quality

Buying a Sphynx cat from a breeder indicates that the pet will be of superior quality, but it is crucial to ensure that the breeder is reputable since not all breeders are equal; therefore, it is recommended to opt for breeders who invest more in the cat’s care.

The costs incurred by breeders comprise items like:

  • Food
  • Veterinary Care
  • Litter
  • Toys
  • Boarding Space
  • Additional nutrients for expecting Sphynx felines
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Advertising

For Sphynx cats, the cost of specialized care can range from $500 to $2000 annually to ensure their well-being.

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It should be emphasized that the pregnancy stage of a female Sphynx cat can incur high expenses due to the necessary testing, which encompasses examinations for:

  • PKD1, a condition affecting the kidneys characterized by the growth of multiple cysts.
  • Sphynx cats may suffer from a condition called Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).
  • Sphynx cats can be affected by a viral disease called Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP).

Conducting a significant number of tests is an expensive process for Sphynx breeders. However, specialized doctors must perform the most crucial tests listed below.

  • The test for heart disease known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).
  • PCD, also known as Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia.

The primary expenses for breeders of Sphynx cats are related to testing for heart disease, specifically HCM and PCD. These tests can be quite costly, at around $60 per test, which can add up quickly for breeders with a large number of cats.

Cat Quality (Show Cat Vs. Pet Cat)

The costs of a Sphynx cat can be influenced by the quality of the cat, which is determined by certain features.

  • Healthy coat 
  • Strong, muscular build
  • Size and athleticism
  • No cosmetic flaws

When purchasing a Sphynx cat from a breeder, you may encounter two types of cats: show quality and pet quality. It is important to note that the former will be more expensive than the latter.

Rarity Of The Cat

Sphynx cats can be challenging to come by, as they are not commonly found in local pet stores; instead, you will have to visit a trustworthy breeder who specializes in this breed.

Despite being from a trustworthy breeder, certain uncommon Sphynx cats can be more expensive than the average feline. As a matter of fact, numerous breeders have to put customers on a waiting list due to the limited availability of Sphynx cats compared to other breeds.

When it comes to the rarity of Sphynx cats, it is primarily determined by the color of their fur.

There are seven uncommon hues of Sphynx felines:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Cream
  • Chocolate
  • Tortie
  • Lavender

Sphynx cats are renowned for their unusual eye colors, which differ from those of other cat breeds. It’s not uncommon to find Sphynx cats with gold, blue, or copper eyes, whereas these hues are quite rare in other felines. 

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Typically, Sphynx felines can exhibit a variety of coat colors and patterns, including tabby designs and even two-tone combinations.

Gender & Reproduction

When it comes to the cost of a Sphynx cat, the gender plays a significant role in determining the final price. An unspayed cat, particularly a female one, is considered more valuable and expensive compared to its neutered counterparts, regardless of their breed.

Male cats are unable to reproduce, while unspayed female Sphynx cats have the ability to do so. However, if a female Sphynx cat is spayed, the cost will not differ significantly from that of a male cat.

Are Sphynx Cats Worth The Money

The cost of Sphynx cats is justifiable because they are a purebred and uncommon cat breed, making them of higher quality compared to other breeds. This is due to the fact that Sphynx cats cannot be easily found at any regular breeder.

Acquiring an unspayed female Sphynx cat may be costly, but it can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you plan to breed your own family of Sphynx cats with a male companion, which can significantly reduce the expenses associated with adding more feline members to your household.

Sphynx cats are known for their wonderful temperament and are generally low-maintenance pets that can be raised from kitten to adult with ease. While they can eat the same food as other cats, it may be more advantageous to provide them with a nutritious, raw diet as they get older.

Although Sphynx cats are worth it, it’s essential to be aware that they are more prone to health issues than other cat breeds. Without a coat, these cats can become cold, making them susceptible to catching colds and injuries. They need regular care and attention as well. Heart disease and digestive problems are also common in this breed.

Provided that Sphynx cats are given a high-quality diet, their skin can remain healthy and less oily.

It’s important to remember that Sphynx cats can leave oily residue on furniture and surfaces in the home, so if your Sphynx has particularly oily skin, you’ll need to clean up after them as it can be just as troublesome as hair.

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Costs Of Owning A Sphynx Cat

While the initial expense of buying a Sphynx cat is significant, it’s equally crucial to be aware of the expenses associated with owning one. As compared to a regular cat, a Sphynx cat requires more care, which may result in higher costs for similar items. From purchasing a kitten to covering medical, food, cleaning, and other expenditures, here’s a cost breakdown for owning a Sphynx cat.

Prices of Sphynx Cats:

The expenses associated with purchasing a Sphynx kitten:

Item Price
Adoption/Purchasing Cost $75 – $175 (for adoption) to up to $2000 (to buy)
Spaying/Neutering ~$50-175 (Based on where you go)
Other Necessities (Cat litter, beds, toys, etc.) $50/month (May be more with more cats)
Food ~$30/week
General Vet Services ~$350/year

 Chart of Expenses for Mature Sphynx Felines:

Item Price
General Vet Services ~$350/year
Food ~$30/week
Other Necessities (Cat litter, beds, toys, etc.) $50/month (May be more with more cats)
Potential Grooming Costs ~$0/month (Not a necessary cost)

Where To Buy A Sphynx Cat

Now that you are aware of the costs associated with owning a Sphynx cat, it’s important to locate a reliable source for acquiring one. Although checking at your nearby pet store is an option, it’s unlikely that they will have any available. Your best bet would be to search for a local breeder who specializes in breeding Sphynx cats. This guarantees that the cat is in good health, has received all necessary vaccinations, and is worth the investment.

Be sure to take a look at the TICA website which provides a list of reliable Sphynx breeders by state.

Obtaining a Sphynx cat is a more economical choice if you are financially constrained. I recommend visiting this website to search for Sphynx cats that can be adopted in your locality. When adopting, make sure to have all the medical records you need beforehand.

You can also check this YouTube video about this topic:

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