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Observing cats explore and discover their surroundings is one of the pleasures of owning them. However, it can become bothersome when your feline friend becomes too clever for their own good by learning how to open doors. In such cases, you may need to seek tips on how to stop cats from opening doors.

To prevent your cat from opening doors, you can make the door handles child-proof by installing a new lock or replacing the existing ones.

With some ingenuity, you can establish a system that is impervious to cats. In the following paragraphs, we will explore why cats open doors, how common it is, and effective tips for preventing this behavior.

Is It Normal For Cats To Open Doors

Cats have a tendency to open doors, and although not all cats possess this skill naturally, it is a common behavior that they can learn on their own. Due to their curious nature, cats will go to great lengths to gain access to a room or be closer to their owner if they are motivated enough.

While most cats can easily push open partially closed doors, it’s a different story when it comes to fully closed doors, which require them to learn a new skill.

Several factors can influence whether your cat will learn to open a door. For instance, if you reside in a house with tall doors, your feline may not be able to access the handle.

The level of success in preventing cats from opening doors may vary based on their agility and activity preferences, as some may enjoy jumping and climbing while others may have a more laid-back personality.

Why Does My Cat Keep Opening Doors

If your cat keeps opening doors, it’s probably because they’re unhappy about being locked out of a particular room. To figure out their main motivation, take some time to observe which doors they repeatedly try to open. Are they attempting to gain access to the room where their food is stored? Or are they trying to enter your office during the day so that they can spend more time with you?

Understanding your cat’s reasons for opening doors can assist you in finding a solution to the issue. One possible solution is to refrain from closing doors unnecessarily during the day, which may cause your cat to feel excluded and alone.

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Furthermore, certain cats find it thrilling to overcome the obstacle of a closed door. They relish in discovering new surroundings and crave inclusion in any activity.

Cats have a natural instinct to hunt and explore their surroundings, which leads them to want to “patrol” their area. Allowing your cat the freedom to inspect their environment by leaving doors open can satisfy this desire and increase their happiness (Door Buddy).

Are Cats Smart Enough To Open Doors

When motivated, cats can learn how to open doors due to their intelligence and adaptability in their home environment.

Their natural instinct to explore and investigate is still very much alive, and this includes opening doors. If you’re looking for helpful tips on how to stop cats from opening doors, then you’ve come to the right place.

Their skills can be traced back to a time when cats were not domesticated. As a wild creature, cats had to be aware of their environment and always stay alert. Even though your home is far from being a jungle, your cat still considers it as its own territory that needs protection.

Their natural curiosity and inquisitiveness are still very much alive, which includes trying to open doors. If you’re searching for useful tips on preventing cats from opening doors, then you’ve come to the right place.

The capability of cats to open a door provides them with the liberty to explore their surroundings and stay alert about any activities happening around.

Moreover, cats are highly sociable animals and will resort to extreme measures to grab their owner’s attention when they feel neglected, such as learning how to open a door if they know their owner is on the other side.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Opening The Lever Door

If your cat has learned how to open a lever door, it can be quite bothersome, especially when you need to keep them out of a specific room. One option is to keep the door locked while you’re inside, but this may not always be practical if you have multiple lever doors or cannot lock them.

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If your cat keeps opening doors, you can explore other alternatives such as replacing lever doors with knob-style handles, which are more difficult for cats to grasp and less likely to be opened frequently.

If you wish to avoid altering the doorknobs or are a renter, your most suitable solution would be to acquire an extra form of external lock that can be placed around the door.

Can Cats Open Screen Doors  

Cats have the ability to open screen doors with their claws, and sliding screen doors are the most vulnerable to their opening tactics. Your cat can learn how to open the door depending on the type of screen door you have. Sliding screen doors are particularly easy for cats to master, especially if they are not fully closed, as your feline friend will eventually figure out how to push the screen.

Furthermore, certain cats have a tendency to scale screen doors by using their claws, which can unintentionally cause the door to open. This behavior is also problematic as it may result in your screens being ripped or torn. To prevent further damage to your screens, you can opt for a pet screen fabric that is made of a more durable material if you have encountered this issue previously (Youtube).

Can Polydactyl Cats Open Doors

Yes, polydactyl cats can easily open cabinets and doors. Polydactyl cats have extra toes on each paw that function like a thumb. These additional digits give them the ability to grip handles in a similar way that humans do!

Due to their additional toes, polydactyl cats tend to engage in more mischief than regular cats with four toes on each paw, such as turning on light switches, opening drawers, and other unexpected activities.

5 Tips To Stop Cats From Opening Doors

After discovering that your cat has mastered the art of opening doors in your home, the next course of action is to find ways to deter this behavior when it becomes undesirable. Below are some helpful tips on how to prevent your cat from persistently opening doors: 

  • Stop your cat from opening doors by avoiding unnecessary door closures. This eliminates the temptation for your feline friend and reduces their interest in doors altogether.
  • To prevent your cat from opening doors, you can purchase an external latch that is made of a plastic adhesive and requires pressing a button to unlock it. This clever tip will not only outsmart your feline friend but also prove useful if you have young children at home.
  • Train your cat‘s behavior to discourage them from opening doors by teaching them that it is not an acceptable action. Just like any other disciplinary training, if you catch your cat opening a door, reprimand them and let them know that this kind of behavior is not allowed.
  • You can deter cats from opening doors by adding a bell or any object that produces a loud sound to the door handle, as cats are easily startled by sudden and loud noises, which will discourage them from further attempting to manipulate the doors.
  • To prevent your cat from opening doors, you can use a scent that they dislike such as bitter apple, lavender, or peppermint and spray it around the door handle. This will discourage them from approaching the door in the future.
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Realizing that your cat has the ability to open doors may seem like a daunting issue initially, but there is no need to worry. Similar to how a cat can acquire a habit, you can implement measures to prevent their door-opening shenanigans. At the minimum, take it as a compliment that your feline friend is willing to go above and beyond just to be in your presence!

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