How Tall Are Cats Standing Up – Fascinating Stats & Facts

Discovering new information about their cat’s appearance is something most cat owners enjoy. One peculiar observation many owners make, particularly with cats that tend to hunch and curl, is the difficulty in determining their height. Therefore, the question arises: what is the average height of a cat when standing up?

Typically, the average height of cats is around 8-10 inches when measured at the shoulder and approximately one foot tall when standing on all fours. However, if a cat stands on its hind legs, it can reach up to 2ft in height, but this additional length is due to stretching.

It’s impossible to determine the height of your cat without measuring them since some cats may be smaller or larger than the average. This article provides insights into your cat’s height and general information about the sizes of domesticated cats.

Can Cats Stand On Two Legs

Although it may be adorable to see cats standing on their hind legs, whether in pictures from cat gatherings or due to being startled by a stray cucumber or zucchini, these images raise a significant inquiry: Is it possible for cats to stand upright?

Humans have a natural fascination with animals that can stand on two legs, as it was one of the traits that contributed to our evolution.

Regrettably, cats are unable to maintain a standing position on two legs for extended periods due to the strain it puts on their back and joints.

Cats, similar to other four-legged animals, are not built to support their entire weight on two legs due to the structure of their pelvis and lower back, making it challenging for them to stand upright.

Cats can stand upright for brief periods, but it is not advisable to maintain the position for an extended period as it may cause strain on their muscles and joints. Additionally, it is unrealistic to expect cats to walk on two legs like humans do.

Teaching your cat to stand on two legs can be a fun trick, but it’s not something they will likely do frequently.

How Tall Are Cats At The Shoulder

Measuring the height of a cat can be difficult as they tend to move around a lot. However, determining their size by measuring their shoulder height can provide an estimate that is useful for planning their nutritional requirements or selecting appropriately sized furniture such as a cat tree or bed. Nevertheless, obtaining an accurate measurement can still pose a challenge.

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When it comes to determining the height of a cat, relying on an average measurement can prove to be useful.

On average, cats stand at a height of 8-10 inches at the shoulder, with larger breeds such as Maine Coons and Bengals measuring between 10-12 inches, although there may be some shorter individuals.

Cats that are classified as teacup or miniature breeds typically have a height of 6-8 inches when measured at the shoulder.

It is possible for a cat to be smaller than the average height if they have experienced malnutrition or stunted growth.

It is advisable to measure your cat accurately if they are an atypical size, whether too big or small. If you encounter difficulties measuring them, consulting with a veterinarian may be helpful.

Average Cat Length With Their Tail

Height and length are two different measurements that describe a cat’s physical features. While height refers to the distance from the ground to the top of a cat’s head, length measures how long a cat is from its nose to its tail. The average length of most cats falls between 10-14 inches, but some breeds and body types can result in cats being as long as 18 inches or more.

However, the aforementioned height does not include their tail, which typically adds another 12-18 inches to their body length, and certain breeds of cats may have tails that measure 2 feet or more.

Consequently, the total length of your cat could be approximately 3 feet or shorter, taking into account both their body and tail. While the length of a cat’s body is relatively consistent, their tail length can vary slightly, with certain breeds such as Maine Coon cats having longer than average tails.

Fortunately, determining the length of your cat’s tail can be less challenging than measuring their other body parts, provided they remain stationary.

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Are Male Cats Bigger

When it comes to cats, people tend to consider the distinctions between male and female cats in terms of their character and healthcare requirements. However, have you ever wondered about their size? Do male cats have a greater height than female cats?


Typically, male cats are marginally bigger than female cats, but the variances are not significant. A male cat is generally 1-2 inches lengthier and taller than a female cat of the identical breed. Nevertheless, there are outliers where some female cats may surpass a small male, and some male cats may be considerably larger than average and overshadow a female cat.

Why Do Cats Stand Up On Two Legs

Cats may stand on their hind legs for different purposes. Frequently, they assume this stance to observe objects that are slightly taller than them or to gain a better view of something.

Cats typically don’t stand up to improve their long-distance eyesight as it is not very effective.

Cats often stand on two legs as a threat posture, especially when confronted by another cat or encountering something new, to appear larger and more intimidating.

Why Is My Adult Cat So Small

Cats can vary in height, with some being smaller than average due to being runts or having mutations or health conditions that affect their size compared to others of their breed.

While a smaller cat may not necessarily be problematic, it is important to seek veterinary attention if they are significantly below the average height for their breed, as this could indicate health issues or malnutrition. Your vet can conduct tests and provide specialized care to ensure your cat’s well-being.

Which Cat Breeds Are The Tallest

There are certain cat breeds that have a reputation for being taller than others, and the following is a compilation of the tallest domestic cat breeds:

  • Maine Coon
  • Savannah
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Chausie
  • Bengal
  • Ragdoll
  • Ragamuffin
  • Persian

Not only are these cats the tallest among other breeds, but they also tend to be some of the biggest overall, with a weight that is typically 2-3 times that of an average feline.

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Things To Consider

While domesticated cats make great companions, it’s important to take into account their size, as they prefer toys, beds, and other objects that fit them well; for example, a particularly large Maine Coon might find a small dog bed more comfortable than a cat bed or require an XL cat tree instead of the standard size.

Providing cats with appropriately sized toys that are comfortable is crucial as they prefer compact spaces, but not excessively cramped ones.

When it comes to cats, size matters. But how tall are cats standing up? The average height of a cat standing up is around 8-10 inches, depending on the breed. Some breeds like the Maine Coon can reach up to 16 inches in height.

The same applies for small cats. A larger area may seem like a great idea, but many felines prefer to have an environment that matches their size, so you should plan accordingly when buying toys and accessories for your pet.

Size is an important factor when it comes to cats. So how tall are they when standing? Generally speaking, the average height of a cat standing up is between 8 and 10 inches, depending on the breed. Certain breeds such as the Maine Coon can even reach heights of up to 16 inches.

Cat size can also be influenced by their diet, making it crucial to provide them with high-quality and protein-rich food, particularly during their kitten stage. If you notice that your kitten is not gaining weight or growing as expected, it’s advisable to consult a veterinarian. You can express your concerns about their growth to the vet and inquire if supplements or alternative food options could aid in their development.

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