How Much Does Cat Litter Cost Per Month – Uncovering the Hidden Costs

If you have a cat or are considering getting one, you’re probably thinking about cat litter. There are many different types of litter available at various prices. We all want to save money on cat litter, especially since we have to dispose of it frequently.

The monthly cost of cat litter can range from $10.00 to $40.00. Factors such as the brand, the number of cats you own, how well you manage the litter, and the type of litter you choose all influence the monthly expenses for cat litter.

Although we all want to save money, there are various kinds of litter with different characteristics. The monthly cost of cat litter will depend on the choices you make regarding the type of litter you want. If you opt for a basic and affordable cat litter and have only one cat, you might spend approximately $10-$12 per month. However, if you choose litter with additional features like scent, clumping, or organic materials, your expenses will increase. Additionally, if you have multiple cats, you should anticipate spending more on litter each month.

Cat Litter Price Comparison Chart

To get a better idea of how much cat litter costs, I made this handy chart. It shows different types of cat litters, ranging from cheap to fancy. It also compares different features like scented or clumping.

Cat Litter Type Average Price Range
Bargain Litter $8.30
Medium Litter $18.45
Luxury Litter $36.32
Clumping $10.57
Crystal $32.67
Scented $9.52
Unscented $10.36

If you prefer visuals, check out this handy chart that shows the information mentioned above. Take a look at it below!

How Much Cat Litter Do You Go Through In A Month

It’s hard to say exactly how much cat litter a cat will use, but a good estimate is around 15 to 20 pounds per month. However, there are many factors that can affect the amount of cat litter you’ll need.

Firstly, the cost of cat litter per month varies depending on the number of cats you have. If you only have one cat, a reasonable estimate would be around 15 to 20 pounds. However, if you have multiple cats, you will need to use more litter and therefore incur higher costs.

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There are other things that can impact how much cat litter you use each month. These include how full you fill the litter box, how often your cat goes to the litter box, the kind of litter you use, how well and how often you clean the litter box, and how often you prefer to change the litter.

How Much Cat Litter Should I Use

The quantity of cat litter you use is a matter of personal choice, but generally, using around 2-4 inches is recommended. You can try using 2 inches first and then try 4 inches to see if your cat has a preference.

Cats prefer the litter to be at a reasonable height, but there should still be sufficient litter in the pan for them to fully cover their mess without exposing the bottom. If there isn’t enough litter in the box, cats will quickly seek out alternative spots in your home to relieve themselves.

How Long Does A 25 lb. Bag of Cat Litter Last

Generally, a 25 lb. bag of cat litter should ideally be sufficient for around 6 to 8 weeks. However, this is just a rough estimate as the duration it lasts depends on various factors. For instance, if you have two cats, it might only last half as long. On the other hand, if you have a single cat, you can use 2 inches of litter in the litter box instead of 4 inches, and with a good filter scoop and daily scooping, it might last longer.

The amount of time cat litter lasts depends on how committed you are to making it last. A general guideline is around six weeks. It’s important to keep the litter box clean and change the litter regularly to maintain the health of your cat and other household members.

What Is The Best And Cheapest Cat Litter

Popular choices that offer good value for your money include Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Cat Litter and Frisco Multi-Cat Clumping Litter. These litters are made of clay and have received many positive reviews. There is a wide variety of litter options available at various price points for you to choose from.

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Although there are cheaper options available, these two litters in particular offer several high-quality advantages, including reduced litter tracking, effective odor control, minimal dust, and good clumping. Each litter performs differently, and while there is no ideal choice, you can experiment with various types to find the one that suits you and your cat the most.

Is There An Alternative To Cat Litter

Yes, there are a few other choices instead of cat litter. You can try putting in a cat door and allowing your cats to go outside when they have to go to the bathroom, just like dogs.

Another choice is to teach your cat how to use the toilet. There are toilet training kits that can be found online to assist in this process. These kits typically involve a 2-3 step system, starting with a small litter box placed on the toilet. The next step is a ring with litter, followed by a smaller ring (included in some kits), until finally, the cat is using the toilet directly.

Another factor to consider is alternative options for cat litters. Many individuals typically opt for clay-based litters as the primary choice due to their widespread availability. Nevertheless, there are various cat litters available that are composed of different materials, such as:

  • Wheat
  • Newspaper or paper
  • Corn and cassava
  • Sand
  • Bamboo
  • Grass
  • Coconut
  • Wood
  • Tofu
  • Other plants

If you’re not happy with the dusty, clay-based litter, you can explore other options, including different types of litter bases.

What Might Add To The Cost Of Cat Litter

There are several factors that can make you spend more on cat litter. The most obvious one is the number of cats you have. The more cats you own, the more litter you will need.

The cost of cat litter can be influenced by the type of material used. Clay-based litters are typically the most affordable choice, while “natural” options like corn, cassava, or bamboo may come at a slightly higher price.

On the opposite side, crystal cat litter is created using silica gel and is pricier due to its capacity to soak up smells and moisture. It is also a more convenient option for individuals with asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems.

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Clumping litter is more expensive than non-clumping litter because it is easier to scoop, and scented or unscented options may have different prices depending on market trends. Currently, unscented litter is popular due to sensitivities and allergies. However, if the litter is associated with a well-known brand like Gain or Febreze, it may be slightly pricier.

With that being said, you might just be shelling out more money for the brand name alone or even the fancy packaging.
There are several factors that can contribute to the price of your cat litter.

10 Ways To Save Money On Cat Litter

Ultimately, cat litter is a product that your cat will utilize and get rid of. Therefore, why not find ways to save money on it? Here are 10 straightforward methods to cut down on your monthly cat litter expenses!

1. Purchase in large quantities or from farm supply stores. These stores cater to people who have many animals, so the cost per unit is often lower, giving you a good deal.
2. Look for cat litter coupons in newspapers or even in coupon books located near the cat litter section. Ask your friends and family to save any cat litter coupons they find.
3. Use clumping litter along with sifters or litter boxes that strain out waste.
4. Be mindful of how much litter you use.
5. Clean the litter box daily using the sifter.
6. Select a litter brand that offers reward points, which can be redeemed for free litter boxes or bags.
7. Consider using a subscription service that offers a discounted price in exchange for your subscription.
8. Opt for a more affordable cat litter option.
9. Purchase cat litter online.
10. Train your cat to use the toilet or to go outside.

You can also check this YouTube video about this topic:

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