How Much Does it Cost to Own a Himalayan Cat – Pricing & Factors

The Himalayan cat is a distinctive and appealing breed that results from the crossbreeding of a Siamese and Persian cat. As a result, many individuals are drawn to their unique appearance. If you’re curious about the cost of owning one, you may be taken aback by the price.

The pricing of Himalayan cats ranges from $200 to $2500, which is determined by their size, age, and orientation. Due to their popularity, they are considered one of the pricier cat breeds globally.

Despite the high cost of owning a Himalayan Cat, there are several factors that contribute to their popularity and price. In the following paragraphs, we will explore these reasons and provide suggestions on how to acquire a Himalayan Cat at an affordable rate.

Why Are Himalayan Cats So Expensive

The cost of owning a Himalayan Cat is high due to their distinctive appearance, size, and temperament, which cannot be found in any other feline breed. Additionally, their fur is a significant factor that contributes to the higher price, and breeders find it desirable.

The Himalayan Cat was created by combining the features of a Persian and a Siamese, which first occurred in the 1930s. This combination was eventually recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and is now classified as a sub-breed of Persians. In recent years, the CFA has started to categorize Himalayans as a sub-breed of Persians.

Due to their Siamese heritage, Himalayan cats have a distinctive seal point coloration with creamy white fur and cool grey extremities, as well as striking blue eyes that make them highly desirable. Their fur is also incredibly fine and silky, often compared to cashmere.

The pricing of owning a Himalayan Cat can vary based on multiple factors that we will explore. Typically, the cost of this breed ranges from $200 to $2,500, and sometimes even higher. However, the final price is influenced by various elements such as the cat’s age and the breeder.

Factors Affecting Cost Of A Himalayan Cat

Himalayan cats are highly desirable due to their friendly nature and stunning fur. As a result, the pricing for these felines tends to be on the higher side.

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● Coat- their coat is the first thing you notice on these cats. They are gorgeous creatures with very soft fur. The siamese colors combined with the Persian fluffiness are highly sought after. Taking into account their stunning blue eyes makes a powerful statement of beauty.

Himalayan Cat ownership requires finding a trustworthy breeder who takes excellent care of their kittens and ensures the perfect breeding match. The CFA enforces strict ethical codes that all breeders must adhere to, so it’s crucial to find a breeder who does their job well.

The cost of a Himalayan Cat is influenced by its age, with kittens being more expensive than adult cats due to higher demand for their cuteness.

One of the crucial factors that determine the cost of owning a Himalayan Cat is its mixed breed, which requires significant time and expertise to produce a successful litter. Breeders must conduct extensive genetic testing to ensure that the kittens are free from any health issues.

When it comes to Himalayan cats, their cost can be affected by their health, as kittens with deformities or health issues may be less expensive than a healthy cat, as exemplified by the experience of owning a purebred Bengal with a bone deformity that was given for free due to its disqualification from shows despite its beauty.

Age Highly Preferred Breeder General Breeder Great Coat Coloration Good Health
Kitten Most expensive  More Expensive More Expensive More expensive
Adult More Expensive Moderately expensive Expensive Expensive


Age Highly Preferred Breeder General Breeder Poor Coat Coloration Poor Health
Kitten Most expensive More Expensive Less Expensive Less expensive
Adult More Expensive Moderately expensive Less Expensive Less expensive

 If you’re looking to own a Himalayan Cat, the highest cost would be for a kitten from a reputable breeder with exceptional health and a beautiful coat.

Choosing a Himalayan cat from a non-specialized breeder with a bone abnormality can be a more affordable option, but it’s crucial to prioritize the specific characteristics you desire.

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Which Breeders To Get A Himalayan From

The CFA has a registry of cat breeders for all recognized breeds, including Himalayan cats which are listed as a sub-breed of Persians. This is not an exhaustive list of reputable cat breeders, so a quick Google search can help you find one near you. However, when meeting with the breeder, there are some key questions to ask.

  1. Enquiring about the breeder’s experience by asking “how long have you been a breeder?” can provide insight into their level of expertise, and while being new doesn’t necessarily equate to being inadequate, further questioning may help assess their competence.
  2. If the breeder has specialized in Himalayan Cats, they are likely knowledgeable about the breed, but if they have a variety of cats, it may indicate a kitten farm where cats are bred and sold without proper care.
  3. For how many years have you been involved with the Himalayan Cat breed? – It’s acceptable to make changes occasionally, but if a breeder frequently switches breeds, it may indicate a lack of genuine interest in that particular breed.
  4. Being aware of potential genetic defects in the Himalayan Cat breed is crucial information for prospective owners, and it also reflects the breeder’s expertise.
  5. The number of Himalayan cats raised per year can indicate a lack of passion or experience if it’s too few, while too many could suggest kitten farms or inadequate care.
  6. Participating in cat shows is crucial for breeders to gain knowledge about Himalayan cats and demonstrate their commitment to the craft.

Be cautious of the following warning signs:

When it comes to providing information about the Himalayan Cat, they may not be able to answer basic inquiries regarding its health, genetics, or other related details.

● They struggle to respond or may remain silent when asked a question

The cost of owning a Himalayan Cat is determined by its appearance rather than its health.

The care you would provide as the new owner is not a concern for them.

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Adopting A Himalayan Cat

In comparison to buying a cat, adopting a Himalayan cat is usually more affordable as it only involves paying a fee that covers the expenses of taking care of the animal while it was waiting for a new home, and this fee also helps to ensure that only those who are truly interested in providing the cat with a new home adopt it.

Acquiring a Himalayan Cat can be quite costly due to their selective breeding based on specific criteria.

Regardless of where you acquire your Himalayan Cat, it is likely that breeders or shelters will ask about the level of care you plan to provide for your new pet, and some may even conduct a home inspection and require an initial application, so it’s important to ensure that your home is adequately prepared and that you have conducted thorough research.

When I adopted a large orange tabby cat, the shelter required me to complete an application process and interview before making any payment, which demonstrated their dedication to caring for the cats.

Costs Associated With Raising A Cat 

When owning a Himalayan Cat, the most expensive initial costs will be for a new kitten, which may include expenses such as shots, spay/neutering, food bowls, water bowls, litter boxes, toys and more. These initial costs can easily amount to several hundred dollars, and if you are purchasing a purebred cat, the cost will be even higher depending on the specific breed.

On a yearly basis, the Himalayan Cat ownership cost can range from 500 to 1,000 dollars, which covers expenses such as food, litter, toys, and yearly health check-ups. However, the amount may vary based on the type of food purchased and any medical conditions that require attention.

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