How Much Do Calico Cats Cost – Prices & Considerations

If you desire to own a Calico cat, you will need to conduct a thorough search, similar to those seeking other cat breeds. Moreover, if you intend to purchase a purebred Calico cat, be prepared to pay a considerable amount. Regardless of the price you pay, I am confident that your Calico cat will become your closest companion! Therefore, what is the cost of owning a Calico cat?

The cost of buying a Calico cat ranges from $400 to $2,000, while adopting one costs between $60 and $125, with the price being influenced by factors such as age, sex, and breed purity; male Calico cats are more expensive than females due to their rarity.

Calico cats, like any other breed, are more expensive as kittens than adult cats. However, what sets them apart is that male Calicos are rarer and therefore pricier than females. If you develop a fondness for a Calico cat, be aware that they come with a high price tag. In this article, we will discuss the cost of Calico cats, the reasons behind it, and what expenses you can anticipate as a cat owner.

What Do Calico Cats Look Like

The Calico feline is easily recognizable due to its predominantly white coat with patches of black and orange fur, which contributes to its high cost. Breeders acknowledge the popularity of this breed among cat enthusiasts, making it a desirable purchase.

Even if you haven’t seen one before, you can likely imagine what a Calico cat looks like. These cats are predominantly white, but their distinctive feature is the patches of black and orange fur that set them apart from other breeds. Unlike other cats, these patches are frequently solid colors, with no blending of the black and orange hues.

It has been observed that Calico cats can have either long or short hair, and it appears that the breed does not require a specific fur length unlike most cat breeds which have a uniform fur length throughout.

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Are Calico Cats Worth Money

Calico cats have value due to their unique breed and attractive appearance.

It’s important to note that the price of a Calico cat may vary slightly depending on its age and gender, with kittens typically costing more than older cats and male Calicos potentially being more expensive than females.

Take a look at the following tables to get an idea of the prices you may have to pay for a Calico cat.

Kitten Calico Cat:

Gender Price
Male $1,000-$2,000
Female $750-$1500

 Adult Calico Cat:

Gender Price
Male $750-$1250
Female $400-$1000

How Rare Is A Male Calico Cat

Calico cats that are male are less common than their female counterparts, resulting in a higher price for those looking to purchase one.

Upon encountering a cat in your vicinity, you may instinctively assign it a gender of either male or female. However, have you ever come across a Calico cat and immediately assumed it was female? While this may be due to its striking appearance, it is worth noting that the majority of Calico cats are indeed female.

The fur color of a Calico cat is determined by its chromosomes, with female cats having XX and male cats having XY chromosomes. The Calico fur color is typically exclusive to female cats due to this chromosomal difference. For further scientific details, additional research may be necessary.

Regardless of the scientific explanation, it is important to note that male Calico cats are rare, with only a few thousand existing due to their chromosomes.

Are Male Calico Cats Worth A Lot Of Money

Calico cats with male gender are considered rare, hence they have a high monetary value.

Due to the difficulty in finding male Calico cats, their cost is higher as demand exceeds supply. As with any scarce commodity, prices tend to increase. Although it may be surprising, owning a male Calico cat comes at a premium due to their rarity.

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To save money on a male Calico cat, adoption is the best option, but there’s no guarantee of finding a purebred one.

Why Are Calico Cats More Expensive Than Other Breeds

As with any other purchase, the cost of an item is influenced by its rarity. In the case of Calico cats, their scarcity makes them more expensive.

Male Calico cats have distinct genetics that are not found in other breeds, making them predominantly female. As a result, acquiring a male Calico cat for breeding or as a pet will come at a higher cost.

The cost of Calico cats will continue to be high as long as there are buyers willing to pay the expensive price for this breed.

Where To Find Calico Cats

When it comes to getting a calico cat, individuals can either adopt or purchase, but the methods may vary.

When considering adopting a Calico cat, adoption shelters are likely to be your first choice, although with the advent of the internet, you may come across individuals offering their cats for adoption.

If you want to acquire a Calico cat, you can opt to buy one either through physical or online means. To find a Calico cat in person, you may need to visit various breeders, while searching online could also lead you to a breeder and an eventual face-to-face meeting.

If you’re in the market for a Calico Cat, websites like PetFinder are an excellent place to begin your search!

Costs Of Cat Ownership

When it comes to Calico cats, owning one is not a single expense as there are recurring costs involved, except for the initial adoption or purchasing fee and spraying or neutering fees. It’s important to be financially ready since you’ll be spending a considerable amount of money on your feline companion.

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Costs for a Kitten:

Item Price
Adoption/Purchasing Cost $50 (for adoption) to up to $2000 (to buy)
Spaying/Neutering ~$50-175 (Based on where you go)
Other Necessities (Cat litter, beds, toys, etc.) $50/month (May be more with more cats)
Food ~$20/week
General Vet Services ~$250/year

Prices of Adult Calico Cats:

Item Price
General Vet Services ~$250/year
Food ~$20/week
Other Necessities (Cat litter, beds, toys, etc.) $50/month (May be more with more cats)
Potential Grooming Costs ~$50/month (Not a necessary cost)

Do Calico Cats Have More Costs Than Other Cat Breeds

Owning a Calico cat does not necessarily result in higher expenses compared to other cat breeds.

Considering that your Calico cat is most likely a purebred, it’s important to prioritize routine grooming and veterinary check-ups. Typically, those who invest in a purebred animal are more committed to ensuring their pet’s health and upkeep.

In addition, due to the fact that the majority of Calico cats are female, you will incur a higher cost at the veterinarian for their sterilization. Although spaying is more complex than neutering, this applies to all cat breeds and not just Calicos. The only difference is that you are more likely to have a female Calico.

While the cost of a Calico cat may exceed your initial budget, the aesthetic appeal that this feline companion brings is priceless. With its distinctive coat pattern, your Calico cat is sure to receive admiration from acquaintances and loved ones alike. It might be wise to keep the expense of acquiring a male Calico cat from your parents.

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