How Far Can A Cat Hear – Unveiling the Mystery

Everyone knows that cats have amazing ears. If you’re a cat owner, you’ve probably noticed that nothing grabs your cat’s attention like the sound of a can being opened. It doesn’t matter where your cat is, they’ll come running. This makes you wonder, how good is a cat’s hearing?

Cats have the ability to hear sounds from a distance of 720m – 900m. This is about four to five times farther than what humans can hear. However, there are some cats with excellent hearing that can even hear from an even greater distance.

Cats have excellent hearing and can accurately determine the source of a sound from a short distance. We won’t delve into complex scientific explanations in this article to avoid confusion, but if you’re interested in discovering the extent of your cat’s impressive hearing abilities, stay with us until the conclusion of the article!

How Good Are Cats At Hearing

Cats have incredible hearing abilities.

Cats have exceptional hearing abilities compared to other domestic animals.

Scientists often use the example that cats can accurately determine where a sound is coming from when it is three feet away in less than one second.

Imagine this: when you shout your cat’s name from another room, chances are he already knows where you are even before you finish saying it.

Although the previous example is quite scientific, all cat owners are aware of how amazing a cat’s hearing is. For example, when you shout at your cat, it’s as if they can’t hear you at all. They won’t even bother to look at you or acknowledge your presence.

However, if you shake the bag of treats in the kitchen, your cat will quickly come to your side, even if you didn’t hear the sound of the bag.

What Can Cats Hear That Humans Can’t

Cats have the ability to hear things that are beyond the range of human hearing.

When Do Cats Calm Down – Unlocking Their Secrets!

Because cats have more sensitive hearing than humans, they are capable of hearing a wider range of sounds.

Just take a second to stop and think about all the sounds your cat hears and responds to during the day. You might be surprised and say, “How did you hear that?!”

Here are a few examples:

  • Animals such as birds that are located outdoors
  • Cans of cat food or bags of treats from a different room
  • Buzzing of a lightbulb
  • When you open a can of soda or any other fizzy drink
  • Ticking of a clock
  • The noise of the rain hitting the window.

There are certain sounds that we might not pay much attention to or appreciate, but your cat might find them incredibly interesting and captivating!

Some people make jokes about cats being able to detect or hear supernatural beings in the house that humans are unable to perceive, but the more accurate explanation is that your cat is simply picking up on sounds that you either overlook or are unable to hear.

How Far Can Cats Hear In Miles

It’s hard to determine the distance at which a cat can hear.

Cats definitely have sharp hearing, but it’s hard to determine the exact distance they can hear in terms of miles.

It’s pretty unbelievable that a cat can hear from a distance of just half a mile when we consider how far a mile actually is.

Where you are is going to make a difference.

Imagine this situation: Your cat escapes from the house and you’re trying to call him back.

If you reside in a neighborhood or in the countryside, your voice will carry, which means your cat will be able to hear you more effortlessly.

If you reside in a bustling city or a noisy area, your cat may not be able to hear you as well from a faraway distance.

The distance that a cat can hear will also vary depending on the individual cat. A younger cat with excellent hearing will be able to hear a wider range of sounds compared to an older cat that is ten years or more.

How To Call A Cat From Far Away

Despite cats having excellent hearing, it is still important to call your cat properly when you know they are far away.

If your cat is indoors or outdoors, there are several methods you can use to get your cat’s attention from a distance:

    If your cat is misbehaving, he will likely ignore you when you call his name.

  • If you try making a loud noise with a can of cat food, your cat’s stomach might be able to hear it just as well as his ears, especially if he’s feeling hungry.
  • If you crinkle and make noise with one of his favorite toys that makes sounds, you might think it’s not loud, but if he really likes it, he will come to you!
  • Try to make another animal meow or bark. If cats hear another animal from the house, they might be inclined to follow the sound.

Vary the methods you use to call your cat.

Cats are smart creatures, and once they figure out your tricks, they can quickly outwit you!

Cat Vs. Human Hearing Range

Cats possess a remarkable ability to hear. They are capable of detecting sounds from a greater distance and at a higher pitch than humans.

The pitch of a sound determines its octave, which refers to how high or low it is.

People can hear sounds at a high frequency, but there comes a point where the sound is too high for us to hear.

An example that relates to humans is the apps that produce sounds that older people cannot hear. Children enjoy playing these sounds to their parents.

Cats have the ability to hear sounds that are higher in pitch than what humans can hear, potentially reaching up to a whole octave higher.

While we commonly believe that only dogs can hear dog whistles that produce no sound, it is highly likely that your cat will also be able to hear them!

Do Cats Hear Better Than Dogs

It’s not surprising that cats have better hearing than humans, but they also have much better hearing than dogs.

Cats have a superior sense of hearing compared to dogs, although dogs have a stronger sense of smell.

Cats have superior hearing compared to dogs, which is understandable when you consider the facts.

The cats’ ancestors were people, which means they had to have good hearing in order to catch small animals like squirrels and birds.

Of course, dogs originated from wolves, but wolves are bigger than the ancestors of cats, so they were able to hunt bigger prey. Dogs and their wolf ancestors could catch animals without needing to rely on their hearing, so their sense of hearing didn’t need to be as keen.

Cats also have a unique ear shape that helps them hear better.

Although some dogs have ears that stand up, the majority of dogs have floppy ears. On the other hand, almost all cats have ears that are upright and pointed, which allows them to capture sound more effectively than dogs.

You can also check this YouTube video about this topic:

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