Do Siamese Cats Shed – A Furry Mystery?

Cat owners really dislike finding cat hair everywhere in their house and on their clothes. You might be searching for a cat that doesn’t shed, but it will take some time to find one. If you come across a gorgeous Siamese cat, you might wonder, do Siamese cats shed?

Siamese cats do shed. However, they have fine hairs and shed much less than other breeds. During the Fall and Spring seasons, most Siamese cats shed a lot. It’s important to note that Siamese cats are considered hypoallergenic.

Even though Siamese cats do shed their fur, it’s rare to find a cat breed that doesn’t shed at all. However, shedding can still be controlled, so continue reading to discover more about Siamese cats and how they shed.

Is It Normal For Siamese Cats To Shed

Yes, it’s totally normal for Siamese cats to lose their fur.

Siamese cats are considered hypoallergenic because they produce fewer allergens that could potentially cause allergic reactions in people with allergies.

Just because a cat is hypoallergenic doesn’t mean it won’t shed. Except for maybe hairless cats, there are very few cats that don’t shed at all.

Even though hypoallergenic cats will still shed like any other cat, it’s not the cat fur that causes your sneezing. It’s actually your cat’s saliva that contains a substance called Fel D1, which gets stuck to the hair. When the hair falls off, the Fel D1 compound goes along with it.

If you don’t have allergies and don’t want to deal with cat hair, you’ll still come across some cat hair tumbleweeds in your hair. The Siamese cat does shed, although maybe not as much as other cat breeds.

How Much Does A Siamese Cat Shed

Siamese cats don’t shed as much as other cat breeds, but you might not always notice it because of their hair texture.

The length of your cat’s hair will determine how much fur you discover in your home.

In my personal experience, it appears that cats with shorter fur tend to shed more compared to cats with longer fur. This could be because their fur has a tendency to cling onto objects.

Typically, the hair of a Siamese cat is more delicate than that of a short-haired cat. Because long fur is thinner, it can be more difficult to spot on your clothing. You might not even realize there is cat fur on your clothes until a big clump of it gets stuck to you.

Do Siamese Cats Shed A Lot Of Hair

Siamese cats don’t shed much fur. However, you’ll observe that your Siamese cat sheds the most fur during warmer weather.

Siamese cats shed a significant amount of hair during the warm weather, although cats in general shed hair throughout the year.

Siamese cats don’t lose all their fur in the summer, but it does become less thick compared to the winter.

In the summer, your Siamese cat will still shed its fur, and even more than usual, to stay cool.

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If you’re a cat owner, whether your cat has long fur or short fur, you’ll definitely be dealing with a lot of hair around your house. It’s just one of the not-so-fun things that come with owning a cat if you’re not a fan of cleaning.

Do Seal Point Siamese Cats Shed

Indeed, Seal Point Siamese cats do shed. While the markings on a seal point Siamese cat might be more distinct compared to other Siamese cats, they still shed.

Even if you’re not familiar with seal point Siamese cats, you’ve definitely seen them before.

Siamese cats with seal point markings have a body that is light in color and a snout that is dark brown. Their paws, ears, tail, and nose will also be this same brown color.

Seal point Siamese cats have clearer markings compared to other Siamese cats, but their fur color doesn’t prevent them from shedding. Your seal point Siamese cat will still shed its fur.

Do Short Hair Siamese Cats Shed

Siamese cats that have short fur do indeed shed.

If you’re searching for a Siamese cat, you might be interested in finding one with the shortest fur.

Even a Siamese cat, even with its short fur, still sheds. Sometimes it feels like their short hair ends up in even more places.

In general, the amount of fur a cat has doesn’t determine how much it sheds. It’s mostly determined by the cat’s genes and breed.

Like we mentioned before, Siamese cats are less likely to cause allergies compared to other cat breeds, but that doesn’t mean your Siamese cat won’t shed at all. Likewise, the length of your cat’s fur won’t affect how much it sheds compared to other Siamese cats.

Do Long Haired Siamese Cats Shed

While many Siamese cats have short hair, shedding is still a common occurrence, even for Siamese cats with long hair.

Siamese cats are popular because they have short hair, which means they don’t shed as much as other cats.

While Siamese cats may have slightly longer fur compared to other breeds like ragdolls or Maine Coons, it’s not as long as theirs. Although this longer fur might be more noticeable within the Siamese breed, you won’t have to clean it up every day.

Reasons Your Siamese Cat Sheds

Siamese cats shed due to various factors, and here are six common reasons why you might observe your Siamese cat shedding:

The Weather Is Changing

One of the main reasons why your cat begins to shed is because the temperature is rising.

During the winter, cats develop a thicker coat to stay warm, and when the weather improves, they begin to lose this extra fur.

As soon as spring begins in the United States, this occurs in an average climate.

During the winter season, you’ll notice that your cat sheds less and their fur becomes thicker. They might appear a bit heavier, but it’s actually just their undercoat growing.

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Their Diet Changed 

If you change what your cat eats, it might lose hair and shed. This usually happens when your cat isn’t getting enough nutrients from its food.

If you switch up your cat’s food and see any bad reactions in their fur, it might be a good idea to go back to their old food.

They Are Nervous Or Stressed

Cats that are feeling nervous or stressed will begin to lose their fur.

When your cat experiences negative emotions, it can have a harmful impact on their body, which typically begins with their fur becoming thinner.

When cats are stressed or nervous, they can shed a lot of fur quickly, so it’s important to recognize this and not mistake it for a weather-related change.

They Are Sick

Sickness can also lead to hair loss.

If your cat is sick and losing hair, you might see it falling out in clumps instead of the usual shedding pattern.

However, it’s crucial to observe your cat’s behavior in order to provide proper care and improve their well-being.

They Have A Thick Undercoat

Some cats have a thicker layer of fur underneath their topcoat compared to other cats. This might indicate that your cat is more likely to shed hair than your other cats.

If your Siamese cat is shedding, you can determine if it’s because of their undercoat by observing that their fur is typically lighter and thinner compared to the visible fur on their bodies.

They Are Not Eating Enough

It’s important to consider both the type of food your cat eats and how much they eat.

If a cat is very choosy, it might not be getting the necessary nutrients to keep itself healthy. As a result, its fur coat may be one of the first things to be affected.

Can I Shave My Siamese Cat

If your Siamese cat has a medical problem or is not happy with its fur, it is okay to give it a shave. However, it is generally recommended to only do so in these specific situations.

Some folks claim that shaving cats is mean. Although I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s mean, it’s not necessary to shave a cat.

Cats don’t require regular grooming like dogs do, so you can’t use that as an excuse to avoid getting your cat groomed. Cats take care of their own grooming, so they should naturally keep their fur clean.

If you decide to give your cat a shave, your cat might experience itchy skin when its fur begins to grow back.

How Do I Get My Siamese Cat To Stop Shedding

Although you can’t completely prevent your Siamese cat from shedding, there are things you can do to control it.

Brushing your cat is a great way to reduce the amount of fur they shed.

Whether your cat has long or short fur, brushing it regularly will remove any loose fur that could otherwise end up on your floor, couch, and clothes.

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You can use any brush you have lying around to groom your cat, but you can also purchase specialized brushes designed to assist with shedding. It’s not necessary to use these dense brushes constantly, but they can be beneficial to use occasionally.

Feeding your cat a nutritious diet will also improve the condition of their fur.

Although it won’t completely prevent your cat from shedding, it will reduce the amount of fur that comes off your cat.

Things To Consider

Because it’s impossible to completely prevent cats from shedding, let’s discuss various ways to manage and clean up cat hair.

Vacuum Or Sweep Regularly

It’s important to remember to regularly vacuum and sweep your house.

If you think your apartment or house isn’t too messy, you might consider skipping a day or two of cleaning. However, it’s important to remember that the mess will only become more severe.

If you clean regularly, it will also make your cleaning tasks easier.

Keep A Lint Roller Handy

Some days, you might want to be able to clean yourself like a carpet with a vacuum.

Make sure to have a lint roller close by for whenever you might need it.

If you care about the environment, using reusable lint rollers can help reduce waste because they don’t need to be used after every use.

If you’re anything like me, I always have a lint roller at home, in my car, and even in my bag.

Feed Your Siamese Cat A Healthy Diet

If you give your cat good food, their fur will be healthier too.

Feeding your cat a good diet won’t stop them from shedding. They will still shed, but they won’t lose fur for other preventable reasons.

If you’re unsure about how to make your cat’s diet better, it’s a good idea to have a chat with your vet to figure out the best diet for your cat’s health.

Limit Where Your Cat Goes

Preventing your cat from accessing certain areas of the house can be a simple way to reduce the amount of fur in your home.

If you don’t want cat fur in your bedroom, you should prevent your cat from entering it.

Sometimes you might bring in a lot of cat fur just like your cat, but it could reduce the amount of fur.

Dealing with cat hair can be a challenge, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Every cat owner has to face this issue.

Always remember: don’t be embarrassed if you have white cat hair on your black pants!

You can also check this YouTube video about this topic:

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