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Cats really enjoy playing with small toys, like balls or little stuffed mice. It might even amaze you to see your cat bring back the toy when you throw it! You might have believed that only dogs did that. So, you might wonder, do cats engage in fetch?

Cats have the ability to engage in the game of fetch. While it may not come naturally to most cats, it is possible to train them to play fetch.

If your cat enjoys playing, it will likely enjoy playing fetch as well. Teaching your cat to play fetch may take some time, but it is not uncommon or impossible for cats to engage in this activity. Keep reading to discover more about this unusual behavior that some cats exhibit.

Is It Rare For Cats To Play Fetch

It’s not uncommon for a playful cat to engage in a game of fetch with you.

While fetch is often associated with dogs, cats can also engage in this activity. Although it may be less common than with dogs, cats are capable of playing fetch too!

If your cat enjoys playing, it might engage in a game of fetch with you by chasing after crinkle balls or a piece of ribbon. Although your cat may not bring the item back to you when you call, it will bring it closer to you so that you can throw it again.

Your lazy cat won’t return its toys to you, but your playful kitten will always be eager for a longer playtime. It may surprise you the first time, but your cat will continue playing if you continue throwing!

What Percentage Of Cats Play Fetch

Because cats have to learn how to play fetch, it’s difficult to determine the exact percentage of cats that engage in this activity.

Although some people may believe that certain cats are naturally inclined to play fetch, this is actually not the case. It is possible to train your cat to play fetch, so it is difficult to determine the exact number of cats that engage in this activity. Additionally, while some cats may play fetch frequently, others may only do so occasionally.

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If you want to think about it in terms of percentages, the likelihood of cats playing fetch is pretty low. Not all cats enjoy playing fetch, and it’s not something that all cats do. It’s estimated that less than half of cats would be interested in playing fetch, although there’s no scientific proof to support this.

What Kind Of Cat Plays Fetch

Any cat has the ability to play fetch, but some types of cats are more likely to engage in this game with you.

  • Young cats, like kittens
  • Cats that are active, regardless of their age
  • Cats that feel lonely might be up for playing with you whenever they have the chance
  • Some cat breeds are more energetic than others

Don’t assume that your chubby, older cat will instantly begin chasing balls. Even senior cats can have a playful side.

Most cats I’ve encountered love to play, so it’s important to find your cat’s favorite toy. By throwing their favorite toy, you can increase the likelihood of your cat playing fetch.

Do Siamese Cats Play Fetch

Siamese cats are more likely to engage in the game of fetch compared to other breeds of cats.

When you think of Siamese cats, what do you imagine? Maybe a cat that is lively and smart?

Teaching your cat to play fetch is usually necessary, but Siamese cats are perfect for learning the game. They’re intelligent and enjoy playing, making them an ideal choice.

If you want to get a new cat and you want it to play fetch, think about adopting a Siamese cat.

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With Playing Fetch

Just like a dog, your cat loves playing fetch because it extends the playtime.

Your cat is aware of how much time you will spend playing with them. If you are the kind of cat owner who throws a ball and then leaves while your cat plays with it, the playtime will only last as long as your cat remains interested in that toy.

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When your cat begins to play fetch with you, they depend on you to continuously throw the ball to various areas of the room so they can keep chasing after it.

If your cat enjoys playing, it can easily become an obsession for him. You’ll only be able to stop when he’s finished playing as well!

Can You Train A Cat To Play Fetch

It’s possible to teach a cat how to play fetch.

Like we said before, cats can be trained just like dogs. If you consistently do something around a cat, most cats will start to anticipate it.

Many people think that cats can’t learn tricks like dogs can, but that’s not true. While it may take cats longer to learn tricks like playing fetch, it’s definitely possible for them to do so.

Don’t just limit yourself to playing fetch. Discover your cat’s preferred treats, and you might be able to train your cat to sit, shake paws, and even lie down.

How To Teach A Cat To Fetch

Teaching your cat to play fetch is an easy task, although it might take some time for your cat to learn.

There are various methods to teach your cat how to play fetch. To make it easier, let’s divide it into a few simple steps:

  1. Discover the ball that your cat enjoys the most. Crinkle toys are probably the best choice.
  2. Get your cat’s attention and throw the ball for them to play with.
  3. When your cat starts playing, give him a call.
  4. If your cat doesn’t bring the ball when he comes, just pick it up and throw it again. This will let your cat know that if he gives the ball back to you, he can chase it again.

Don’t worry if your cat doesn’t get it right away. Just keep trying and don’t give up!

Things To Consider

Now that we’ve been discussing playing fetch, let’s discuss some awesome toys you can choose to play fetch with your cat.


If you’ve ever strolled through the toy section at a pet shop, you’ll see that there are many different choices when it comes to something as basic as a ball.

Select lightweight balls that your cat can easily grab. While ping pong balls are popular among cats, they may not be easy for your cat to bring back to you.

Pick these instead:

  • Crinkle balls
  • Fabric balls filled with stuffing
  • Foam balls

String And Ribbon

Some cats enjoy playing fetch with toys such as strings and ribbons.

You might not be able to toss strings and ribbons as far as balls, but these toys will fall to the ground and catch your cat’s attention.

Your cat can also effortlessly pull strings and ribbons around the house and then bring them back.

Mice And Other Stuffed Toys

Throwing any type of stuffed toys, whether they are shaped like mice or not, is also a fun way to play with your cat.

Most cats have a favorite stuffed toy that they enjoy. It’s common to see your cat carrying these toys around throughout the day.

Most cat toys are typically small, soft, and lightweight, allowing your cat to easily bite and carry them around without any difficulty due to their lack of heaviness.

There are some companies that might try to sell you “fetch toys” for cats. Although these toys might be good for cats, they are not the only option available. If you want to play fetch with your cat, you have to find the toy that your cat enjoys the most.

Happy playing!

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