Do Cats Have Eyelashes – Here’s The Facts!

Regarding the facial characteristics of a cat, their striking eyes and lengthy whiskers often catch our attention. Apart from the initial fur that covers their face and ears, one may observe small strands of hair surrounding their eyes. Although we are aware that cats can close their eyes, it raises the question – do they possess eyelashes?

It is true that cats possess eyelashes, but they are typically inconspicuous as they blend in with the fur surrounding their eyes, and unlike humans, cats do not have lengthy and prominent eyelashes.

It is probable that your cat possesses eyelashes, although they may not be visible unless you observe them closely. We will explore the timeline of when these eyelashes grow from kittenhood to maturity, as well as which breeds are more prone to having them.

Do Cats Have Eyelashes

It is a fact that most cats possess eyelashes, with only a few exceptions. Nevertheless, these lashes are frequently intertwined with their regular fur, making it difficult to spot them on a cat in certain situations. Similar to humans and other mammals, the function of cat eyelashes is to safeguard their eyes by preventing water and small particles such as dust or dirt from entering them, which could cause irritation. Additionally, other parts of the cat’s body serve a similar purpose, including their fur, whiskers, and third eyelid.

Do Kittens Have Eyelashes

Similar to adult cats, the majority of kittens possess eyelashes, which may or may not be visible and can easily blend in with their fur surrounding the eyes, depending on their genetic composition and appearance.

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What Breeds Of Cats Have Eyelashes 

Every cat with fur possesses eyelashes, although some breeds may have more noticeable ones than others. For instance, long-haired felines are prone to having longer and more prominent eyelashes compared to short-haired ones. Breeds such as the Maine Coon, Persian Cat, and Ragdoll are examples of long-haired cats. However, some owners of medium and short-haired cats also assert that their pets have prominent eyelashes. Ultimately, it all depends on your cat’s genetic composition and physical appearance.

With the exception of the Sphynx cat, which is mostly hairless due to a genetic mutation affecting their hair growth, cat species typically have eyelashes, but Sphynx cats may lack both eyelashes and whiskers, although they may have a thin layer of peach fuzz-like hair.

Can I Cut My Cat’s Eyelashes? 

Typically, cats do not require their eyelashes to be trimmed as they grow to a specific length and shed naturally, much like human eyelashes. However, if your feline has an eye-related medical issue, it is crucial to seek veterinary attention for proper care of the eyelashes.

Do Cats Have Eyelids

It is a fact that cats possess eyelids, and each eye of domestic cats has several eyelids. The purpose of these eyelids is to safeguard the cat’s eyes from dirt and assist in removing any debris that may enter the eye. This membrane is known as the “third eyelid” and will cover the eye when the cat blinks.

When a cat‘s eyes are open, their third eyelid should not be noticeable, and if it is visible, it may indicate a medical issue that needs to be addressed by a veterinarian.

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Do Cats Have Eyebrows

While some cats may have markings that resemble eyebrows, cats do not possess eyebrows like humans because their faces are already covered in fur, eliminating the need for additional hair above their eyes for protection.

While cats may not have eyelashes, they do possess eyebrow whiskers that serve as a sensory tool to navigate their environment and provide additional safeguarding for their eyes.

Can Cats Have Problems With Their Eyelashes

Abnormal growth of eyelashes can cause eye irritation in cats, and there are three distinct conditions that can lead to this problem with their eyelids.

When it comes to cats and their eyelashes, there are other factors to take into account, such as the possibility of cats experiencing issues with their lashes. Cats may encounter three types of eyelash conditions, namely Distichiasis, Ectopic Cilia, and Trichiasis.

In this article, we will discuss the dissimilarities among three eyelash disorders in cats, the indications of eyelash problems in felines, and what triggers them. Let’s take a look at some essential points regarding cat eyelashes.

Distichiasis is a condition where cat eyelashes grow from the inner rim of the eyelid instead of the outer rim, while ectopic cilia happens when they grow inward instead of outward, and Trichiasis is when they grow in different directions.

Why Do Some Cats Develop Problems With Their Eyelashes? 

When there is an issue with the development of cat eyelash follicles, it can lead to any of the three conditions affecting their eyelashes. The reason behind this occurrence in cats remains unknown, and while most affected felines are young, older cats may also experience sudden eyelash problems.

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Symptoms Of An Eyelash Problem In Cats

Abnormal growth of cat eyelashes can cause eye irritation as they tend to brush against the eyes frequently, resulting in various symptoms associated with eyelash problems in cats.

● Red or pink eyes 

● Cats may experience a discharge from their eyelashes.

● Abnormal or frequent eye blinking

● Cats may exhibit behavior such as pawing at their eyes or rubbing them against objects.

● Stiff eyelashes 

● Evident sores present on or in the vicinity of the cat’s eyes

If you suspect that your cat is experiencing discomfort due to eyelash-related issues, it is advisable to promptly seek veterinary care to alleviate their pain.

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