Do Cats Get Jealous – Uncovering Feline Emotions

After a great day at work, you returned home feeling happy. You wanted to play with your adorable cat, but suddenly something else grabbed your attention. As a result, you unintentionally ignored your cat for a little while. However, you noticed that your cat started behaving oddly after being neglected for a few hours. You and your cat seem to have a unique bond that is hard to explain. But this peculiar behavior of your cat makes you question: do cats experience jealousy?

Indeed, cats experience jealousy. Cats demonstrate their jealousy by showing anger, engaging in fights, acting distant, and asserting dominance over other animals and people. Cats become jealous when they are consistently left out or excluded.

In this article, we will talk about the signs you should look for to know if your cat is feeling jealous. We’ll also provide answers to common questions about cats and jealousy. So keep your eyes on the screen as we delve into the various reasons why cats can get jealous.

How Can You Tell If A Cat Is Jealous

Cats can be quite difficult to comprehend. The reason for this is not hard to figure out. Cats are naturally distant and silent. It takes a keen eye to truly understand them.

When a cat is mad or pleased, they display subtle indications. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to understand the significance of those indications. We will explore seven typical indications that cats use to demonstrate their jealousy. These indications encompass:

● They become aggressive

● Strange, overly attached behavior

● Scratching

● Opting for the floor instead of the litter box

● Hiding

● Not making eye contact

● Hissing and howling

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of these signs to understand how they can affect your cat’s behavior in the long run.

They Become Aggressive

Cats can exhibit aggression for various reasons, and one of the main factors behind their aggressive behavior is jealousy. This is particularly evident when there are multiple cats residing in the same household.

For instance, if you have two cats at home, they might start feeling jealous of each other and even develop a strong dislike for one another.

As you may be aware, when cats feel intense dislike, it can lead to violent behavior. Typically, the older cat tends to be the one who displays more aggression. This can manifest in destructive actions within the household. Through their aggressive behavior, they assert their dominance over other cats and their surroundings.

Unusual Clingy Behavior

Cats can also show jealousy by being extra clingy, just like how a jealous partner in a human relationship might become clingy.

Similarly, when cats get jealous, they tend to become excessively needy. If you have a cat and you’re not giving them the same amount of attention as before, they may become clingy in an attempt to regain your attention. Therefore, an unusual clingy behavior is another indication of jealousy to be aware of in cats.


Cats have various personalities. When they feel jealous, these traits become more noticeable. Scratching in cats can be caused by jealousy, miscommunication, or it may be something they have learned.

Cats may scratch when you attempt to alter their position or relocate them, as it is their way of expressing their discontent. If left unaddressed, excessive scratching can cause significant damage to various household items.

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If your cat has a scratching problem, you might want to think about getting a scratching box.

Using The Floor Instead Of The Litter Box

Cats are naturally clean animals. They have an instinct to keep their living space tidy, which is one of the reasons why we adore them. However, if a cat is feeling unhappy or jealous, they may express their dissatisfaction by pooping on the floor instead of using the litter box.

It’s really annoying when cats don’t use the litter box and instead go on the floor, especially since we know they’re usually very clean.

Cats may not intentionally avoid using the litter box to annoy their owners, but it’s important to be cautious. If your cat is not using the litter box, it could be a sign of underlying health issues. If you notice any unusual behavior from your cat, it’s advisable to take them to the vet for a medical examination.


Cats often hide when they are feeling jealous. This behavior is especially noticeable if your cat is usually quiet but becomes jealous.

Some cats who are jealous may not only hide from others, but they may also refuse to eat their meals. To address this behavior, it is important to maintain your regular routines with your cat. There could be various factors contributing to your cat’s jealousy.

Cats often feel jealous when their owner gives more attention to other pets. It’s important to always show your cat love and give them the attention they need.

Not Making Eye Contact

Most cats are naturally timid due to their personality. They struggle to look directly into the eyes of unfamiliar people and sometimes even their owners. If your cat suddenly avoids making eye contact, it could be a sign of jealousy.

Cats often feel scared or intimidated when we make eye contact with them. We also noticed that cats who haven’t been properly socialized tend to experience more jealousy.

Cats often struggle to maintain eye contact with humans. However, if your cat is not shy, they may occasionally give you intense eye contact when feeling jealous.

Hissing And Growling

When a cat gets jealous, it often shows signs like hissing and growling. This behavior can be aggressive and the cat may hiss and growl at everything.

Usually, when cats hiss or growl, it’s a way for them to warn others before they become aggressive. Experts have determined that cats tend to hiss or growl when they feel threatened or scared.

If you notice your cat hissing on and off, it’s a clear sign that something is seriously bothering your cat.

Do Cats Get Jealous Of Significant Others

Yes, it’s true! Cats can get jealous too! If you start ignoring your cat in favor of your partner, your cat might start feeling left out and become jealous. They might try to get your attention by being extra clingy and wanting to sit on your lap.

If your cat is the aggressive type, it might start biting and scratching you to let you know that it wants attention too. This behavior can be really annoying!

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We can’t fault cats for behaving this way; it’s just their natural territorial instinct. They don’t like anyone encroaching on their space. A jealous cat can cause a lot of damage, so it’s crucial for you to find ways to prevent this disruptive behavior in your cat.

To put a stop to this jealous behavior, you need to figure out why your cat feels jealous. Once you understand the reason, you’ll be able to provide better assistance.

Do Cats Get Jealous Of Their Siblings

Cats often experience jealousy towards their siblings, which is a common occurrence. Based on our research, it seems that cat siblings generally have a better relationship compared to introducing a new cat into the household.

Even though cats who are siblings can get along, they still experience jealousy towards each other. This can occur when you give more attention to one cat than the other. Cats have some similarities to humans, and unfortunately, jealousy is one of those traits.

In addition, cats who are siblings may have different personalities that can impact their relationship. Cats are naturally dominant and territorial, often engaging in fights to defend what they perceive as their territory. It is also typical for the other siblings to feel jealous of the dominant cat.

Do Cats Get Jealous Of Phones

Cats get really jealous when their owners start using their phones. Cats are the type of pets that despise anything that might take away the love and attention they receive from their owners.

Cats are naturally intelligent. If you’re on a phone call and your cat is in the room with you, he might get jealous because you’re not giving him the time and attention he wants.

Many cats tend to sit on their owners’ laps while they are on the phone, which is a common way for them to cope with their jealousy. Owners often stroke their cats without realizing it, which reinforces this behavior caused by jealousy.

If you want to stop your cat from bothering you during a phone call, you can keep him busy with a toy.

Do Cats Get Jealous Of Kittens

Cats definitely experience jealousy towards new kittens, particularly when they sense that they are not receiving the same level of attention and care as before. It is quite common for cat owners to introduce a kitten as a companion for their older cat.

As we mentioned before, cats naturally establish their own social order. So, an older cat might view a kitten as a potential danger. The older cat could feel jealous because the kitten is receiving all the focus and attention.

One good thing is that an older cat’s jealousy doesn’t last long. Over time, the older cat will come to accept the kitten as part of the family. When there’s a new kitten in the house with an older cat, their relationship might start off cold, but it usually turns out fine.

Do Cats Get Jealous Of A New Cat

Cats can feel jealous when a new cat enters their territory, especially if the new cat is a different breed. While cats are generally known for being less social than other pets, scientists have discovered that they are actually quite social within their own groups.

Cats form groups with other cats from the same family. So, if you bring a new cat that doesn’t belong to their group, they see it as a danger. If you start giving more attention to the new cat instead of the older one, it can make the older cat feel jealous.

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Cats are the type of pets that don’t seek out new friends. They prefer to be independent and value their alone time. We shouldn’t criticize them for this behavior, as it’s completely natural for them.

If you want to know if your cat can handle having another cat in the house, keep an eye out for certain signs. We noticed that cats who like to play often get along well with other cats.

Are Cats Jealous Of Their Owners

The answer to this question relies on how much attention the owner is giving to their cat. If a cat owner spends enough quality time with their cat, the cat has no reason to feel jealous.

However, if that’s not the situation, a cat can get jealous. If you have a cat, you should be aware that they are aware of their surroundings. If you used to spend a lot of time with your cat, giving them love and attention, but now you have a new job that takes up most of your time.

Due to this situation, a dog can feel jealous or even hold a grudge in extreme cases! A seemingly playful cat might begin to feel sad when you are nearby. Another typical indication is that it may become hostile towards you, nibbling on your fingers or even swiping at you.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Being Jealous

A great way to prevent your cat from feeling jealous is to not reinforce their jealous behavior. This means not giving in to their demands or allowing them to get their way when they act jealous.

If your cat isn’t the type to get aggressive, you can easily divert their attention with a toy or relocate them. However, if your dog tends to be aggressive, you’ll need to take some practical measures to prevent your cat from feeling jealous. These measures include:

● If your cat shows signs of jealousy and becomes clingy by unexpectedly leaping onto you, avoid giving him attention or stroking his back; allow him to return to the ground.

● Give your cat some treats to promote nonaggressive behavior.

● Avoid giving your cat catnips

● If your cat’s aggressive behavior caused by jealousy is escalating, it’s important to make an appointment with a veterinarian.

Another way to address jealousy in cats is for cat owners to subtly reinforce the dominance and hierarchy of their cats if territorial problems are the reason for excessive jealousy.

An easy and practical way to handle this situation is to make sure you feed the older cat first. This sends a clear message to the older cat that they are still in charge!

You can also check this YouTube video about this topic:

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