Do Cats Eat Lizards – Surprising Facts Revealed

Cats have a natural instinct to hunt, so if they spot a lizard scurrying around, they will probably attempt to catch it. However, are cats known to consume lizards?

Yes, cats eat lizards. While it’s usually okay, it’s not a good idea for your cat to eat a lizard. Lizards can be harmful to cats and can cause symptoms like foaming at the mouth, vomiting, shaking, and being unresponsive.

Your cat will naturally want to eat lizards, so it’s important to understand the dangers. In this article, we will explore why it’s not always ideal for your cat to eat a lizard. We will discuss the consequences and provide tips on how to keep your beloved pet safe!

What Happens If A Cat Eats A Lizard

Cats are born hunters. They enjoy chasing and devouring anything that moves, including lizards. When a cat consumes a lizard, it may not cause any harm, but there is also a possibility of danger. Certain lizards are toxic, and your cat might struggle to digest the lizard.

Even if your cat stays inside, lizards can still find their way into your house. Indoor cats view lizards as exciting toys to play with, and both indoor and outdoor cats are likely to devour them.

The ideal situation is when the cat just enjoys a delicious treat. They gobble up the lizard and continue with their day.

There are two potential worst-case scenarios. The first scenario is if the lizard is poisonous, which could lead to symptoms of toxicity such as:

  • Tremors or shakiness
  • Coma or unresponsiveness
  • Drooling 
  • Strange bathroom habits
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Pale or yellow gums

Another situation that could happen is when your cat eats a lizard, it may also consume parasites that are living on or inside the lizard. These parasites can lead to significant problems with your pet’s digestion.

These organisms are known as liver flukes. They are frequently found in the United States and Hawaii. It takes approximately 8-12 weeks for them to reach maturity, during which they can migrate to the gallbladder and liver. Ultimately, they result in significant inflammation of the liver.

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Do Cats Die After Eating Lizards

Regrettably, there is a chance that a cat might pass away if it consumes a lizard. It is not certain that it is safe for a cat to eat a lizard due to the potential toxicity and presence of parasites inside the lizard.

If poison and toxicity are not addressed promptly, they can be fatal. Liver flukes, if left untreated for 12 weeks, can also cause death. Liver flukes can lead to the failure of the liver.

If you see your cat eating a lizard and they start to look sick, bring them to the vet right away. But if they seem fine and don’t show any signs of being unwell, you can assume they’re okay.

Can Cats Get Salmonella From Lizards

If your feline has eaten a lizard, the most common issues that may arise are liver fluke and toxicity. Another potential problem is Salmonella, which cats can get from consuming lizards.  Salmonella infection. 

Salmonella is a type of bacteria that can lead to stomach problems. However, it can also enter the bloodstream, depending on how severe or strong it is. Similar to humans, cats can get salmonella by eating raw food.

It would be quite strange to witness a cat cooking a lizard before devouring it, so this qualifies as a serving of uncooked food. Pet cats can be particularly sensitive to uncooked foods since they primarily consume dry and wet food.

These are the indications that a cat may have salmonella:

● Intense vomiting

● Cats experiencing diarrhea with small spots of blood

● Laziness, absence of energy

● Fever

● Not being interested in food or having a reduced appetite

In general, cats can defend themselves against salmonella. However, it’s crucial to bring them to the veterinarian if they show any signs of sickness. Fortunately, it’s uncommon for a cat to succumb to salmonella.

Can A Lizard Survive A Cat Bite

Usually, when a cat bites, scratches, or plays with a lizard, it can be deadly for the lizard.

If you decide to have lizards, geckos, or other scaly buddies as pets, it’s important to keep them away from your cat. Once again, cats have a natural instinct to hunt. A small creature will definitely trigger their urge to pounce!

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Lizards can die from bites and scratches due to various reasons. One reason is that their wounds take a long time to heal. It takes a lot of time and space for lizards to fully recover from injuries. Additionally, cats can transmit diseases to lizards, which can be harmful to their health. Lastly, small animals like lizards are prone to getting easily stressed, and this stress can lead to other illnesses that can be fatal.

If you want to have larger reptiles as pets in your house, it’s crucial to keep them separate from your cat. It’s not unusual for fights to happen between different species!

If your cat is hunting lizards outdoors, there isn’t really anything you can do to stop it. Just make sure you are keeping your pet safe. If your cat caught a lizard or bit it, it is likely that the lizard died soon after.

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Live Lizards 

Cats that have a balanced diet may hunt for enjoyment, which provides them with mental stimulation and physical activity. If your cat brings you a live lizard as a “gift,” it’s a sign of their affection for you!

Cats have their own way of expressing affection, which is different from dogs or guinea pigs. While they may be seen as independent and sometimes distant, this doesn’t mean they don’t love. Cats genuinely care for other creatures, they just have their own special way of demonstrating it.

Cats express their love by looking out for you and expressing gratitude by offering you meals. They feel a sense of responsibility towards the family and want to demonstrate their appreciation for your care and support.

If cats see you struggling to catch prey, they may perceive you as an ineffective hunter and try to assist you by teaching you how to hunt.

No matter the reason, it’s still a way for your cat to show love and affection. You should feel special that your cat loves you as much as you love them! They just express it in their own unique way.

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How Do I Stop My Cat From Bringing In Lizards

To prevent your cat from bringing you live (or dead) creatures, just consider it as a way of showing love.

When you get angry at your cat or reject them, they believe that they have not met your expectations. Cats are perfectionists and always strive for excellence. They have a “go big or go home” mentality, so if you don’t value their affection, they will seek out something more significant and superior for you.

Begin by demonstrating your appreciation for their present. Give them a nice pat and a few smooches and let them wander off. At this stage, you can remove the creature without your cat noticing.

Additionally, recognize their role as the guardians of the home. Some cats enjoy demonstrating their hunting prowess and their capacity to safeguard their family members. Once again, this behavior is an expression of affection. Just acknowledge and appreciate it.

Another reason, which happens less often, is that cats may not be getting sufficient nutrients from their food. If you suspect this might be the situation with your cat, it’s best to seek advice from your veterinarian. Ensure that you consistently provide your cat with a diet that is rich in nutrients and engage them in plenty of playtime.


It’s important for cats to steer clear of eating lizards because it’s not good for their health and safety, as well as the lizards’. Lizards can be harmful to cats and can pass on diseases like liver fluke and salmonella.

If your cat is bringing home live lizards, it’s because they have affection for you. It may be a little disgusting and annoying, but it’s crucial to recognize their affection. Once they feel valued, they will probably begin to express their love in different ways.

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