Do Cats Attack Possums – A Surprising Tale?

It’s not common to come across a possum in your neighborhood, so it would probably surprise you if you did. When you see their shining eyes staring back at you, you might start to wonder what kind of creature is lurking outside. Fortunately, possums are generally peaceful animals. They might hiss at you in an attempt to scare you off, but if you approach them, they will likely pretend to be dead until you leave. However, if you have a cat and you allow it to go outside, you might be concerned about whether the possum would become aggressive towards them. So, do cats attack possums?

In general, cats don’t usually attack possums. Because possums are generally calm and gentle, cats can become friends with them. However, there are rare cases where a cat might see young possums as prey and attack them.

Usually, your cat won’t attack a possum. However, if they feel scared or protective of their territory, they might attack in self-defense. But your cat won’t actively seek out a possum to attack.

Do Cats Scare Away Possums

Cats are great at scaring off possums. Possums are gentle animals that usually try to avoid fights. Cats have a more predatory nature, and other animals can sense it. If a possum gets close to a cat, it would likely pretend to be dead and hope the cat goes away. Similarly to cats, possums also hiss to warn off attackers and try to frighten them away.

Some websites suggest using cat fur as a deterrent for possums. If you notice possums frequently visiting your home, you can collect some fur from your cat’s brush and scatter it outside to frighten them away. This can be particularly effective if the possums are causing damage by chewing on different parts of your home. By placing clumps of fur in those areas, the possums will likely seek another location, thus preventing further damage. Instead of discarding your cat’s fur when you brush them, consider saving it for situations like this.

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Can Possums Make Cats Sick

It’s important to keep cats and possums apart because possums can transmit diseases to cats. Possums have been found to carry:

  • Eptospirosis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Relapsing fever
  • Tularemia
  • Spotted fever
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Coccidiosis
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Chagas disease

There is a chance that your cat could get sick even if they don’t directly interact with the possum, as some diseases can be transmitted through urine. If your cat goes outside and there is a possum nest nearby, they might accidentally step in the possum’s urine and end up ingesting it while cleaning themselves.

In addition to these illnesses, possums are typically plagued by fleas, ticks, mites, and lice, which can easily transfer from one animal to another. If these pests latch onto your cat, they could also infest you and your home. To ensure the safety of your cat, it is advisable to keep them away from possums. It is also recommended to administer flea and tick medication to your cat as a preventive measure against infestations.

Will Possums Kill Kittens

Possums do not usually kill kittens. While they might attack a kitten if they feel endangered, it is uncommon for them to actually kill them. However, in extreme circumstances where there is no other food available, a possum might resort to killing and eating a kitten as they have been observed to consume small animals for their own survival.

Possums are clever eaters. They prefer to go for things they are confident they can obtain. It would be too difficult for them to attack a cat, and they would rather not exert the extra effort to catch their meal. Possums typically consume fruits, grasses, insects, small mammals, certain birds, and fish.

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Do Cats Get Along With Possums

Usually, cats and possums don’t get along. Maybe if your cat is super friendly and sociable, they might like a possum, but it’s still better to keep them separate. Stray cats and wild possums seem to have an understanding to avoid each other.

Possums possess sharp claws and teeth, allowing them to effectively protect themselves. Cats also have sharp claws and teeth, but they generally have a more aggressive demeanor. It is probable that a cat would engage in an attack on a possum to establish dominance, while the possum would pretend to be lifeless.

Possums are generally peaceful animals, except when it comes to fighting over food. A mother possum is more protective of her young and more likely to engage in attacks. Apart from these situations, possums tend to avoid conflicts.

How To Keep Possums Away From My Cat

The easiest way to prevent possums from bothering your cat is to keep your cat indoors. When cats go outside, there’s a higher chance they might get into a fight with a possum or catch a disease from them. It’s always safer for your cat to stay inside your house.

If you often have possums near your house, you might consider taking some precautions to prevent them from causing damage to your property. One effective method is to leave your cat’s fur outside, as possums generally avoid interacting with cats. Another option is to install motion sensor lights or sprinklers, which can startle possums as they pass by without causing them harm. Additionally, there are sonic repellents available that emit an unpleasant noise to deter possums from entering the area.

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To prevent possums from accessing your trashes, make sure they are properly secured. Over time, they will realize they can’t get to them and will search for a different spot. Avoid leaving any debris in your yard that could serve as a hiding spot for them. Also, refrain from leaving pet food outside as it will always attract them. Consider purchasing a repellent from a store to enhance the security of your property.

Things To Consider

Keep in mind, animals can behave differently based on where they are, what’s happening around them, and how the other animal they’re dealing with acts. Possums are usually calm and not prone to aggression. Getting attacked by one is uncommon, but it’s still possible. If they’re extremely hungry or frightened, they might just lash out.

If your cat is aggressive and initiates the attack, possums may retaliate in self-defense. Cats should ideally not have the inclination to attack possums, but it varies from cat to cat. It is important to exercise caution and keep your cats separated from possums to ensure the safety of both animals.

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