Can You Adopt Cats At Petsmart – Cost, Process & More Info

If you are considering adopting a pet for the first time, a cat could be an ideal choice as they are generally low maintenance and make great companions. Alternatively, if you already have pets and want to add another feline friend to your household, you may be wondering where the best place to adopt a cat is. While it may seem convenient to visit your local pet store such as Petsmart, you may be curious about whether or not they offer adoption services for cats.

It is possible to adopt cats at Petsmart, and the cost may differ depending on the location, but usually falls within the range of $75 to $100 per cat. The adoption process involves completing necessary paperwork, and once a cat is adopted, it cannot be returned.

Petsmart regularly has cats that are visible and can be studied. They also organize numerous adoption events annually, providing you with a wide range of choices. Additionally, you can purchase all the necessary items for your new feline friend. In terms of cat adoption, Petsmart is a one-stop-shop!

Are Cats Available For Adoption At Petsmart

Cats can be adopted at Petsmart. You may have noticed a room with cubbies for cats to hang out in behind a glass wall. These cats are kept there during the day so that potential adopters can view them through the window and request to see them. However, not all Petsmart stores have this area or may not currently have cats available for adoption. If you’re interested in adopting, you can always ask an employee who can direct you to someone at their adoption center.

Petsmart frequently organizes adoption events where they showcase several cats in carriers at the front of their store to attract potential adopters. By subscribing to their email list on their website, you can stay informed about upcoming events and never miss an opportunity to attend.

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If you are interested in adopting a cat from Petsmart, you can visit to check out the available cats for adoption in your locality, which is the most dependable way to find the cat you desire. You can complete the entire process of application and adoption from your home’s comfort and then schedule a pickup to bring your new feline companion home.

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Cat From Petsmart

Cat adoption fees at Petsmart differ depending on the store’s location, and occasional discounts may be available during special events. To determine the exact cost of adopting, you can check online for upcoming events and choose the most suitable time.

If you are eager to adopt a cat and don’t want to wait for an event, you have the option to inquire about adoption prices by sending an email or making a call. The price may vary depending on the rescue or shelter that Petsmart partners with. To find the most suitable price, it is recommended that you research some of these shelters and their partnership with Petsmart. Alternatively, you can directly contact these shelters through phone or email for a prompt response.

The cost of adopting a cat from Petsmart may vary depending on your level of preparedness to take care of the new pet. While some shelters may provide donations to help you set up, not all do, so it’s advisable to be ready with your own supplies such as food, litter box, litter, and carrier. Additionally, you may want to consider getting treats, toys, beds, and other accessories for your furry friend.

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Additionally, adopting a cat from Petsmart requires you to be financially prepared for regular vet visits and potential emergency expenses. Although most shelters provide cats with up-to-date shots, it is still advisable to anticipate the cost of various tests and exams. In case of any unfortunate incidents, you must also have enough financial stability to handle an unexpected visit to the vet.

5 Steps To Adopting A Cat From Petsmart

1. Determine if You Are Prepared to Adopt

Deciding to adopt a cat should not be taken lightly as you will be responsible for the well-being of a living creature. It is crucial to assess whether you are prepared for this responsibility and capable of providing everything your feline companion will require.

Step 2: Go to the Petsmart Website

Petsmart provides all the necessary information for cat adoption on their website, including details about available cats in your area and the charities they are associated with, as well as upcoming adoption events near you.

Step 3: Get Ready by Going to Petsmart

If you plan to adopt a cat, it is recommended to visit Petsmart beforehand to purchase all the necessary supplies and receive valuable guidance from their staff regarding the best food and litter options. The employees can also assist in ensuring that you have everything required for your new feline companion’s arrival.

4. Apply For Adoption

When adopting a cat from Petsmart, you have the option to choose your desired feline online and submit an adoption application either through their website or the partnered charity’s website. Alternatively, if you prefer to visit in person, a representative will assist you with the necessary paperwork for adoption, which typically involves a payment of approximately $100 that varies depending on location.

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Step 5: Take Your New Feline Companion Home

After completing the necessary documentation and payment, you can bring your cat home from Petsmart and gradually help them adjust to their new surroundings, as they may initially be hesitant.

Can You Return A Cat You Adopt From Petsmart

You cannot take back a feline you adopt from Petsmart. The store does not accept surrendered cats from anyone. If you try to give up a cat, you will be refused and pointed towards other options. So, if you get a cat from Petsmart, you won’t be able to return them there. If you, unfortunately, have to relocate your cat, you will need to find another home for them yourself, or you can surrender them to an animal shelter or rescue.

Things To Consider

When you bring your cat home from Petsmart, they may need some time to adjust to their new surroundings and the unfamiliar person taking care of them. Your responsibility is to ensure that they feel as comfortable as possible during this transition period. However, most cats tend to bond with their owners quickly, and before you know it, it will seem like you’ve had them for a long time.

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