Can Siamese Cats Be Black – A Rare Mystery?

Siamese cats are a special kind of cat breed that you can’t ignore. They have a distinct dark color around their face and nose, along with striking blue eyes. Typically, these cats are found in colors such as white, brown, and lilac, but is it possible for Siamese cats to be black?

Siamese cats have the potential to be black, but their black color is only present in certain parts of their body. The cooler areas of a Siamese cat’s body show darker colors because of the Himalayan gene’s partial albinism. Although Seal Point Siamese cats are genetically black, their fur color appears lighter in different areas.

This article will provide more information and answer other questions to help you fully understand the topic.

Is A Black Siamese Cat Rare

A black Siamese Cat is very uncommon. It is known as a Seal Point Siamese Cat. You can easily identify a Seal Point Siamese cat by its black eyes, which are different from the piercing blue eyes of other Siamese cats.

But it’s important to remember that these black Siamese cats aren’t exactly the same as the traditional Siamese breed. As mentioned earlier, they are actually Seal Point Siamese cats.

If you want a black cat like the Black Siamese, the Oriental cat is pretty similar in terms of how they look and act.

The Oriental cat is basically a Siamese cat, but it lacks the dominant Himalayan gene.

Can A Siamese Cat Be All Black

A Siamese cat cannot be completely black.

The reason for this is because of a strong Himalayan or Albino gene. This gene makes cats have partial albinism. Additionally, this gene is affected by heat, so the colder it is, the darker the cat’s color will be.

This gene decreases the amount of melanin produced when a part of the cat’s body is exposed to temperatures above 95 degrees F. As a result, the warmer regions of the cat’s body appear lighter in color.

So, even though these Siamese cats with Seal Point markings should technically be black, the presence of the Himalayan/Albino gene prevents it from happening.

Can Siamese Cats Be Black And White

A Siamese cat can display a combination of black and white fur.

However, this can only happen if a Siamese cat that is purebred mates with a cat that has no Siamese genetics at all. However, the color that appears black is not actually black and can sometimes be a dark brown or deep tan.

If you frequently spot a cat that is black and white and think it’s a Siamese cat, you might be mistaken. The Oriental Shorthair breed, which is closely related to the Siamese, can also have a black and white coat.

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The only noticeable distinction between the two of them is the color of their eyes. Siamese cats are well-known for their striking blue eyes, while Oriental cats have green eyes.

Aside from the color of their eyes, both of them are identical in terms of their nature – they are curious creatures, just like any other cats!

Why Is My Siamese Cat All Black

If you have a cat that is completely black, it might not be a pure Siamese cat but a mix of different breeds. This is because Siamese cats typically have darker and lighter areas instead of being entirely black.

The Siamese cat’s color is affected by the Himalayan or Albino gene. The protein called tyrosinase, which produces melanin in our bodies and in Siamese cats, determines our skin color.

To make it easier to understand, melanin is made up of two parts. The first part is called Eumelanin and the second part is called Pheomelanin. Eumelanin creates black and brown colors, while Pheomelanin creates brighter shades like yellow or red.

Therefore, if a Siamese cat is in a colder area, it is highly probable that the tyrosinase enzyme will produce more pigment, resulting in a darker fur color.

However, it is highly likely that a cat that is completely black is a mix of different breeds or possibly a domestic shorthair cat.

How Much Is A Black Siamese Cat

Because it’s true that finding a black Siamese cat is uncommon, you should expect to pay a higher price if you’re looking to buy one. A black Siamese cat is considered to be a special breed, so they typically range in price from $1000 to $2500.

The cost can increase based on the breeder and how old the cat is.

Siamese cats, in general, have different prices. The cost depends on the color and type of their coat, as well as their age. Although most Siamese cats have stunning blue eyes, they are typically available in four specific colors:

● Siamese cats with a seal point coloration

● Siamese cats with blue points

● Siamese cats with a lilac point

● Siamese cats with a chocolate point coloration

A Siamese kitty will set you back about $600 to $800, while a Siamese cat will cost you around $600 to $1200.

Can Siamese Cats Change Color

The color of Siamese cats is fascinating because it constantly changes. Siamese cats undergo color changes because of the Himalayan or Albino gene they have, which causes their fur to alter its color based on the temperature outside.

So, when it’s hot, their color gets lighter, and when it’s cold, it gets darker. Siamese cats are born white because they are in their mother’s warm uterus.

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As they experience varying temperatures, the fur on their bodies tends to alter its color.

So, when Siamese cats are young, they are either white or cream, but as they grow up, their fur color changes to dark brown or grey due to a decrease in their skin temperature.

If you’ve bought or taken in a Siamese cat when it was a little kitten, you’ll start to see changes in the fur color of your furry buddy over time.

Black Siamese Cat Personality

The personality of a Black Siamese Cat is the same as that of a regular Siamese cat.

As mentioned earlier, it is not possible to find a Siamese cat that is completely black. Genetically, these cats are meant to be white, but the presence of the Himalayan or Albino gene alters their fur color based on the temperature.

Here are a few characteristics that describe the personality of a black Siamese cat:

● Siamese cats are known for being outgoing and friendly.

Siamese cats are very outgoing, friendly, and enjoy being around people. They are one of the most sociable cat breeds and love to engage in conversations with humans.

Perhaps that’s why Siamese cats can be quite demanding and crave attention. Some owners even find their clingy nature irritating.

But the main way a Siamese cat develops its personality is when it is a kitten. So, if you have a Siamese kitten, you need to give it lots of love, attention, affection, and care. That’s the only way it will grow up with the right personality and be able to interact with others.

●     Intelligent

Siamese cats that are black are amazing. And, of course, they are curious by nature. This deadly mix enables them to quickly acquire new knowledge. This is also why it’s easy to train Siamese cats.

If you are patient and keep trying, you can be confident that your cat will learn how to behave.

●     Love to Cuddle

Siamese cats enjoy being close and affectionate. They adore spending time with humans and make great cuddle partners.

However, similar to how they enjoy snuggling, this type of cat is also very energetic. Therefore, you will need to have plenty of cat toys to keep your furry buddy’s mind engaged. Additionally, it is essential to give them regular exercise or take them for a pleasant walk.

●     Good With Kids

The Siamese cat is an ideal family pet because they can be trained easily and enjoy being around people, making them great for kids as well.

The only thing you have to make sure of is that your pet cat is properly trained to interact with children, and your children are old enough to handle your pet cat gently.

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●     Gets Along Well With Other Animals

If you’re a pet lover and have multiple pets, Siamese cats are a great choice because they enjoy socializing.

Siamese cats are famous for their friendly nature, and they even get along well with pet dogs.

●     Require Attention

Siamese cats need a great deal of care and cannot be left by themselves for a long time.

So, if you’re someone who spends a lot of time working and doesn’t have anyone at home to keep your pet cat company, you might want to reconsider getting a black Siamese cat or any Siamese cat, for that matter.

Additionally, Siamese cats are not suitable for being outside and should primarily be kept indoors.

Things To Consider

Black cats possess not only elegance, mystery, and superiority in their physical traits, but they also excel as domestic pets due to their friendly nature and ability to provide companionship. They move around the house resembling small black panthers, displaying remarkable beauty, stealth, and grace.

While black cats are seen as unlucky in certain cultures, they are seen as fortunate in others. For instance, in Japan, having a black cat as a single woman can attract potential partners. Black cats also bring good luck and protection in certain locations.

One great thing about black cats is that their genetic mutation makes them less likely to get sick, such as HIV.

Siamese cats also have a stronger immune system compared to other cats, which means they are generally healthier and less likely to get sick.

Just like humans get grey hair as they age, cats also experience this. Black cats tend to show this grey hair more noticeably because of their dark fur color.

Contrary to popular belief, black cats are often misunderstood as being sneaky and wicked, but that’s far from the truth! In reality, they are extremely relaxed, perceptive, and love to have fun.

Black cats are known to be more affectionate, friendly, and outgoing compared to other cats. They crave attention from their owner and enjoy meowing frequently.

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