Can Cats Have Only One Kitten – What Happens Next?

When cat owners anticipate their cat giving birth, they typically anticipate a litter of kittens. However, there are instances when only one kitten is born, which can be a cause for concern. Let’s explore further to answer the question, can cats have only one kitten?

Sometimes, a cat can have just one kitten. Cats can give birth to a range of 1 to 10 kittens, but on average, they usually have around 4. Most cats give birth to 4-5 kittens, although it is also possible for a cat to have only one kitten.

If your cat has only had one kitten or is about to have one, and you’re concerned about it, we’ll talk about other important things in this post that will help you care for your pregnant cat.

Is It Normal for a Cat to Have a Single Kitten?

It’s not common for a cat to have only one kitten, but it’s nothing to worry about if it does happen. However, it’s important to take notice of this and seek advice from a vet. Cats usually have multiple kittens at once, so if that doesn’t happen, it could be normal, but it’s worth considering other factors as well.

There are other factors, such as genetics, how the fetus grows, and the cat’s age, that can also influence how many kittens a cat has. However, it’s important to take the cat to the vet for a checkup while she’s pregnant and after she gives birth to make sure she’s healthy.

Why Would a Cat Only Have One Kitten?

There are many reasons why a cat might only have one kitten. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the cat is sick, as having just one kitten can be unusual but still normal in most situations.

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However, it’s important not to ignore this, and it’s recommended to give the cat a thorough health check. Additionally, there might be a few natural and physical reasons why the cat only had one kitten.

For example, if the baby cat doesn’t develop completely and correctly within a certain timeframe, it is absorbed by the mother’s body. This is one possible explanation for why a cat may only have one kitten.

How Does Genetics Affect Kitten Count in Cats?

Genetic factors can lead to birth defects in cats. The genetics of a cat determine how its body functions. It is probable that a cat’s body is designed to support the successful birth of only one kitten if it has previously given birth to just one.

It’s also possible that the male cat involved in reproduction has changed genetics. However, this doesn’t mean that the cat will always give birth to only one kitten. If the cat has had one kitten in her previous pregnancy, she might have up to 4 kittens in the next one too.

How Do I Know if the Cat Has More Kittens Inside Her?

Deliveries to homes are quite common and typically go well. Cats can have anywhere from four to twelve kittens, so it’s important to know how many your cat is going to have. If your cat still has kittens inside her, she will show different signs.

The cat will not remain still and may contort her body to allow the kitten to exit the birth canal.

When your cat is giving birth to her kittens and still has more inside her, she may become restless and rub at her labia.

When a cat is giving birth, she usually doesn’t give birth to all the kittens at once. The kittens are born every 10-15 minutes. The cat will lick the birth canal and her kittens as they are being born. She will also keep moving her weight around.

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Can a Cat’s Age Affect How Many Kittens She Has?

The number of kittens a cat has can be influenced by her age. A cat having her first pregnancy may have only one kitten, although this is not always the case. The number of kittens can range from 2 to 3, depending on various factors.

Even old cats that are pregnant may only have one kitten. This can happen because of biological reasons or health issues that come with old age. As cats get older, their fertility can be affected and decrease, resulting in only one kitten per pregnancy.

Usually, cats can start having babies when they are about six months old. As they get older, the number of kittens they have decreases and it can affect their ability to have babies. That’s why many cat owners choose to have their female cat spayed at a certain age to keep her healthy.

What Should You Do After Your Cat Has Given Birth to a Kitten?

After your cat gives birth, she may undergo some changes in her behavior.

Her eating habits and daily functioning can be impacted by this, so it’s important to closely monitor her and ensure she is doing well. If you have opted for a home birth and she has given birth, it is crucial to take her to a vet for a checkup.

If a cat doesn’t like the packed food after giving birth, you can try giving her raw food such as fish or milk. Pay attention to her preferences and make sure to feed her properly to help her recover from labor and provide nutrients for the kitten.

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Things to Consider

Conceiving Multiple Times in a Short Time

A cat that has recently had kittens may become pregnant again in just a few months. However, she may not be able to have multiple kittens because her body may not be strong enough to give birth to more kittens so soon after her previous delivery.

When a cat is expecting kittens, her body undergoes various changes. Additionally, she may not have as much energy as usual because most of her nutrition is dedicated to the growth and development of the embryos.

Incomplete Fetus Formation

Once a cat becomes pregnant, the fertilized egg develops into a fetus. However, sometimes the fetus doesn’t fully form and is absorbed by the cat’s body, leading to the formation of a new fetus. As a result, your cat may only give birth to one kitten even if she was initially pregnant with more.

Breed of the Cat

The breed of a cat is an important factor to consider when discussing the situation where a cat gives birth to only one kitten. The number of kittens a cat has can vary depending on its breed. Some cat breeds can have up to 10 kittens, while others may only have one.

For example, Persian cats frequently give birth to fewer kittens.

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