Can Cats Get Dizzy – Unexpected Symptoms & Causes

When you’re having a good time with your family and playing games with your cat, you might observe that your cat doesn’t always walk in a straight line or seems dizzy after an intense play session. This can be worrisome and not enjoyable for your cat. So, can cats experience dizziness?

Indeed, cats can experience dizziness. This occurs when they spin around and lose their balance. If a cat frequently feels disoriented, it could be a sign of vestibular disease, which should be diagnosed by a veterinarian.

Although it might require more effort for a cat to become dizzy compared to a human, it is still possible for them to experience dizziness. Now, let’s examine some of the specific aspects related to cats getting dizzy.

Do Cats Get Dizzy Like Humans

Yes, cats can experience dizziness just like humans. As mentioned earlier, it might take more time for a cat to feel dizzy compared to a human. Think about it; it doesn’t take much for an average person to spin around a few times and end up stumbling when they try to walk.

Have you ever tried entertaining your cat with a laser pointer? It’s a popular toy that can make cats feel dizzy. Cats love chasing laser pointers. If you move the laser pointer in a circular motion, your cat will instinctively chase after it.

If they run around in circles for an extended period, you might observe that they appear unsteady on their feet and disoriented when they begin to communicate. This is because your cat is experiencing dizziness.

What Happens When A Cat Gets Dizzy

If a cat becomes dizzy, you will observe similar behavior to that of a human. They may stumble and struggle to walk in a straight line, appearing as if they are intoxicated.

We all know cats are experts at staying balanced, so it’s easy to notice when something is wrong. You might observe that they’re not leaping as they normally do or that their eyes are struggling to focus.

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How Can You Tell If A Cat Gets Dizzy

It’s simple for us humans to recognize when a cat is feeling dizzy. Because cats are experts at maintaining balance, you’ll observe that they appear unsteady on their paws.

If you see your cat having trouble with their usual jumps or moving around, they might be experiencing disorientation. A cat that feels dizzy may appear drunk.

If you see your cat acting dizzy, it’s important to bring them to a vet for a check-up. A cat getting dizzy could mean that their balance is not right, and one common reason for this is an infection in their inner ear.

Your veterinarian will perform tests and check your cat to determine the cause and severity of your cat’s dizziness.

Do Cats Like Being Spun Around

There is a debate about whether cats actually like being spun around. Since cats can’t talk, we may never know for sure if they enjoy it or not.

If you decide to give your cat a whirl on the floor, you’ll soon find out if they’re into it or not. Some folks claim that their cat enjoys being twirled around on smooth surfaces.

Some people have mentioned that they twirled their cats on the ground and got hissed at and scratched soon after. Cats react differently when they feel disoriented.

I recommend avoiding spinning your cat in general as it might make them feel uneasy. Since your pet can’t communicate their discomfort, it’s best to prioritize their safety.

Is Making Your Cat Dizzy Bad

Just like when you spin your cat around in a chair, there is no scientific evidence to prove whether it is good or bad for them to get dizzy. Since cats can’t communicate their preferences, it’s probably best to be cautious.

Some cat owners claim that their cats enjoy the sensation of being dizzy, but it can be difficult to determine for certain. However, it is much easier to recognize if your cat dislikes being dizzy because they will likely exhibit signs of distress. They may hiss at you or attempt to scratch and escape.

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The challenge of making your cat feel dizzy is that they lack the ability to understand what’s going on and why. Unlike children, we can’t explain to cats why they feel dizzy, what triggers it, or when it will go away. It would be amazing if cats could talk and we could communicate with them!

Can Cats Get Vestibular Disease

Absolutely, cats can definitely experience vestibular disease. Vestibular disease usually occurs suddenly, and some people may call it vertigo. It’s not a condition that slowly develops over time, so you’ll quickly notice if your cat has it.

If you see your cat starting to stumble or tilt their head, it’s likely that they have vestibular disease. You might also notice their eyes moving quickly from side to side.

Experts are not completely certain about the main cause of vestibular disease in cats. However, they believe that ear infections can be a significant factor since many issues can originate from the inner ear.

If you’ve ever experienced an infection in your inner ear, you’ve likely experienced some dizziness. Problems with your ears can disrupt your balance, causing a disorienting sensation. It’s an unpleasant feeling. Now, imagine being a cat and not being able to comprehend what is going on with them.

Your veterinarian will assist in finding ways to ensure your cat’s comfort during the recovery process. In many instances, you will notice significant improvement within 48 hours. The veterinarian will likely prescribe antibiotics to address any infections and provide medications to alleviate any feelings of nausea.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Stroke In A Cat

If your cat is experiencing symptoms similar to those of vestibular disease, it could also be a sign of a stroke. That’s why it’s crucial to take your cat to the vet for examination and tests to determine the cause of their symptoms.

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In a stroke, you will usually observe a cat with a tilted head, walking in circles, struggling to maintain balance, experiencing vision difficulties, and falling over. However, seizures and problems with facial movement are symptoms that distinguish it from vestibular disease.

Similar to humans, cats can experience difficulty in facial movements due to a stroke. You might observe that your cat is having trouble fully closing one or both of their eyes, as well as experiencing difficulty in moving their lips.

If your cat shows signs of having a stroke, your vet will probably want to take images of their brain. Along with other tests like blood work and possibly collecting spinal fluid, this will help the vet make a correct diagnosis.

The great thing about cats and strokes is that they tend to recover quicker and more effectively than humans. Usually, you’ll notice the symptoms they experienced lessen within a week or two, and the cat will be on their way to normal life again.

Ultimately, it’s your choice whether you want to make your cat dizzy by spinning them in a chair or doing other activities. However, if you observe your cat showing signs of dizziness without any apparent cause, it’s important to take them to the veterinarian.

However, what we can say with certainty is that cats are capable of experiencing dizziness!

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