Can A Ragdoll Cat Have Short Hair – Fluffy Fur & Fun Facts

Ragdoll cats are well-liked due to their unique characteristics, such as their ability to go limp like a ragdoll when picked up. They are also recognized for their stunning bright blue eyes and long, silky fur. If you are considering adopting a Ragdoll cat but are unsure about dealing with excessive fur, you may be curious if they can have short hair.

Ragdoll cats are unable to possess short hair. Ragdoll cats are recognized for their hair that ranges from medium to long and has a smooth feel. Nevertheless, Ragdoll cats that are a result of crossbreeding may exhibit shorter hair.

A ragdoll cat that is purebred cannot possess short hair and will consistently exhibit medium-long hair.

What Kind Of Hair Does A Ragdoll Cat Have

One distinguishing characteristic of a ragdoll is its fur, which is noticeably longer even in their kitten stage compared to most other cats, making it easy to identify a ragdoll.

Ragdoll cats will consistently possess a medium-long coat that is luxuriously smooth. Although the length and texture of their fur will remain unchanged, there are numerous variations in the color of their coats. Several distinct ragdoll coat colors have been recognized, including chocolate, blue, lilac, red, and the most prevalent, cream.

There can also be differences in these patterns that result in multiple colors appearing in their fur. Usually, these differences will result in a different color being present on their paws, the ends of their tails, or their faces. Some ragdolls also possess a coat with a tortoise coloration, which enhances the beauty of their long fur.

If a ragdoll cat is born with short hair, it is a clear indication that it is not a purebred. Even in the case of non-purebred ragdoll cats with some ragdoll genes, their hair tends to be slightly longer than average due to the strong influence of these genes. For a ragdoll cat to have naturally short hair, it would need to be mixed with highly dominant short hair genes. Therefore, if someone is attempting to sell you a shorthaired ragdoll, it is highly likely to be a scam.

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Should I Cut My Ragdolls Hair

Ragdoll cats do not require haircuts as their hair grows naturally and falls out during shedding. Even in warmer climates, there is no need to trim their hair as their fur assists in regulating their body temperature, allowing them to manage it on their own.

It is not recommended to shave your cat’s fur as they have delicate skin that can be easily injured during the process. Additionally, cats do not require shaving as there is no valid reason to do so. In the case of Ragdolls, shaving can alter the color and patterns of their coats. Owners of Ragdoll cats have observed that their fur grew back darker and some patterns changed after shaving, although it remained equally soft.

If your ragdoll cat’s hair becomes matted or something gets stuck in it, you may need to consider trimming it. This is especially important if your cat goes outside, as various small objects can become trapped in their fur. Additionally, if their fur is not properly maintained, it may start to mat. In such cases, it is advisable to only trim the affected area without removing more than necessary. Afterwards, clean the area and ensure proper care as the fur regrows.

Is Ragdoll Fur High Maintenance

The length of a Ragdoll cat’s hair requires more maintenance compared to other cats. While they groom themselves, they still require assistance to maintain their fur’s softness and shine. It is advisable to brush a Ragdoll cat’s fur twice a week.

Fortunately, Ragdoll cats are famous for their affectionate nature and enjoy receiving attention, making it quite simple to groom them by gently brushing their fur twice a week. It is advisable to use a brush with soft bristles instead of metal ones to prevent any discomfort or irritation to their skin, ensuring their utmost comfort during regular grooming sessions.

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Other than that, there isn’t much else you have to do! Cats are quite independent and dislike being dirty, so they will often groom themselves. If your cat goes outside, you might consider adding a bath to their regular routine to remove any dirt from the outdoors.

There are numerous brands available for bathing cats, and among the most popular options are baby wipes for cats. These wipes are incredibly convenient as they don’t require water or soap. Simply use the cloth to gently clean their fur, leaving them feeling refreshed.

Are Ragdolls More Likely To Get Hairballs

If you decide to bring a ragdoll cat into your home, be prepared for a higher occurrence of hairballs compared to other cats. The length of their fur greatly influences the frequency of hairballs in cats. This is due to their regular self-grooming habits, where they use their tongues to clean themselves, resulting in the ingestion of some hair.

If a Ragdoll cat has a thick coat, it will result in them ingesting more fur. Additionally, having long fur increases the likelihood of the ingested fur becoming tangled in their stomachs.

As cats get older, they tend to develop more fur and become better at grooming themselves, which makes them more susceptible to hairballs. However, hairballs are a natural occurrence and not a cause for concern. While an increase in hairballs may require more cleaning on your part, it won’t harm your cat.

Fortunately, cats typically have a higher occurrence of hairballs during periods of increased shedding in the warmer months. Therefore, it is only during the summertime that their hairballs may seem excessive, while the rest of the year should be relatively easy to manage!

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Things To Consider

If your Ragdoll cat has short hair, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian to gain more knowledge about its breed. The presence of short fur indicates that it is a mix of another breed, and understanding this other breed is crucial for proper fur care. Additionally, a veterinarian can confirm the cat’s breed, providing certainty especially if you suspect it to be a purebred.

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